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Citrine: The Stone of Abundance

Updated on October 9, 2011
Citrine, the stone of abundance
Citrine, the stone of abundance | Source

Law of Attraction

Have you been trying to use the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance and aren’t seeing results? Sometimes it’s hard to maintain your intent on what you want when so many negative things are screaming for your attention, and it helps to have something tangible to focus on when trying to attract wealth and prosperity. Citrine crystals can help you maintain that focus while simultaneously healing other areas of your life. It is truly a magical stone!

What Does Citrine Do?

Citrine is one of the few self-cleansing crystals, so no special care of it is required. It transforms whatever negative energy it absorbs into positive energy and releases it into the universe. It is an energizing stone that can cleanse all the chakras and bring mind, body and spirit back into balance. Citrine helps promote self-esteem, courage and creativity and dispels negative energies in your life. Removing the negativity frees you to focus on your dreams and manifest your desires. Because citrine also increases intuition, you’ll be aware of opportunities to prosper and know which ones to use to your advantage.

My Experience

The first thing I ever did with citrine was place two tumbled stones on my solar plexus chakra while meditating. I immediately felt their energy working on me and decided to do some more research on this stone that made me feel so balanced and energized. When I read that they help manifest abundance, I decided to try a little experiment.

While holding one stone in each hand, I silently thanked the universe for everything in my life that was going well. Then I asked for the one thing I’ve needed for a while: more money. I focused on infusing the stones with my intent for a few minutes and put them back in their little drawstring bag. At that moment, my intuition told me to write down my desires on small pieces of paper and put them in the pouch with the stones. I wrote something general about making more money, but I also asked for a few specifics, such as more eBay sales, higher-paying writing assignments, and more Tarot clients.

That night, I got the feeling I should sleep with the bag of stones under my pillow just to feel their energy. Before I drifted off, I made sure the last thing on my mind was my list of desires. I slept so well and had such great dreams that I started sleeping with my crystals every night, making sure I expressed my gratitude and thought about what I wanted to manifest before going to sleep.

I decided to take the experiment further by trying Feng Shui with some new stones. I put one tumbled citrine stone in my wallet to help me hold on to the money I have and bring in more, and I put another stone in the wealth area of my house. To locate this spot, pretend you’re looking at a blueprint of your house with the front door at the bottom of the page – the wealth area is in the upper left hand corner. In my house, the stone ended up in my kitchen pantry!

The Results

Within a few days of starting my experiment, I was promoted to a higher level on one of the websites I write for, which increased my per-word rate significantly. Within a week, I had acquired a new Tarot client and a new Reiki client, and I sold several things in my eBay store. The week after that, my bank changed my credit card from secured to unsecured and gave me back my $300 deposit.

I was amazed at the results, and there was no doubt in my mind that the daily rituals with my citrine crystals were paying off. Because this exercise has been so powerful for me, I am careful now about what I ask for and make sure I really want it. I regularly re-evaluate my desires and sometimes add or remove written requests from the pouch.

An Object of Focus

Manifestation is all about intent, and it’s so much easier to hold that intent with something concrete to focus on. I’ve found citrine stones to be the ideal objects to absorb and hold that powerful energy long enough to attract good things into my life. I encourage you to give citrine a try to see if it works for you!


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