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Energy Clean Up "Cards"

Updated on April 10, 2012

Find a quiet place to work. Be open. Recite each verse or selected verses with intent.


I am calm. I am clear. I am grounded.I am balanced.

I am in control of my mind, body, spirit, and energy.

I am connected and welcome Universal Energy, inspiration, sage advice, welcome healing and loving exchange.

I am protected and I will not be adversely affected by outside influence.

Blessed Be. (or Amen) (or another comfortable closing comment)


All energetic, emotional, psychic, physical bonds

and all beings that are attached to me,

In any form,

By me or another,

Through word, thought, or any other force of energy,

Whether known or unknown,

Is now dissolved, released, and removed.

As the bonds exit they are forever destroyed.

All residue of these bonds or any bonds is now healed.

Blessed Be.


I invalidate, terminate, and delete

All contracts, commitments, and relationships

That I have made at any time in my existence

Which are limiting my Wholeness or Soul’s True Path.

They no longer exist on any level or in any time.

All supporting arrangements, frameworks, and networks

are now obsolete and are forever destroyed,

Blessed Be.


I now let go of worn-out things,

futile relationships,

hopeless conditions,

and all limitations that no longer serve me.

I now let go of all thought patterns,

overwhelming emotions, and useless ideas

that do not reflect the Wholeness or Truth of my being.

I am free of all past burdens and false responsibilities.

Blessed Be.


Any action, thought, or energy,

real or imagined,

that has harmed me and now binds me,

I forgive and release.

Every being,

including myself,

that has harmed me and now binds me,

I forgive and release.

All past offenses and holds are now cleared.

Blessed Be.


Right order and right timing are now established and maintained

in my mind, body, spirit, and energy.

I am open to learn, will make good choices

and flow with right actions.

I will nurture beneficial relationships, cultivate stable finances,

and sustain harmony in all my affairs.

I am free from all bonds, contracts, and other holds.

I flow with and trust the process of life.

I am connected.

I love and am loved.

Blessed Be.


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    • donnaisabella profile image

      Donaisabella 5 years ago from Fort Myers

      This is new but not so new. As Christians sometimes we meditate like that and I believe it is wholesome and very important to do it. Better than roasting with stress, negative feelings and emotions. Oh our souls sometimes need so much cleaning!