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Cleaning Dowsing Tools

Updated on April 29, 2015

If you own dowsing rods or pendulums, you probably understand that they work the best when they are kept clean and charged with your energy. If you are new to dowsing, perhaps you know that they need to be kept clean, but don't know how to do this. The following is a short primer on cleaning dowsing tools so that they will work for you when you need them to.

Mini dowsing rods.  Photo by GerberInk.
Mini dowsing rods. Photo by GerberInk.

Step One: Washing the Tools

If your tools have not been made with glue, such as Elmer's or other types of sticky glue, you can simply wash your tools in warm, soapy water. This will remove oils and dirt that may accumulate on your tools from your hands. You don't need to soak the tools to achieve this, but you may want to use a soft washcloth to speed up the process.

If you have tools made with wood and glue, the best way to cleanse your tools is to use a moist cloth to remove dirt and oil. Simply prepare a bowl with some soap and water, dip a soft washcloth in the mixture, and wipe away any signs of dirt.

The final step in the initial cleansing process is to dry them with a soft cloth.

Step Two: Re-energize Tools

Now that you have physically clean tools, it is time to re-energize them. To do this, lay them outside (when it isn't raining) under a full moon. Alternatively, some people prefer to do this at the beginning of the lunar cycle under the sun. Either way is fine. You only have to do this for one night, or for one afternoon.

Step Three: Infuse Tools with Your Energy

Your tools have been cleansed and re-energized, but they will work best when infused with your own energy. To do this with dowsing rods, keep them in close proximity to you as often as possible during the day. At night, sleep with them under your pillow or place them on a nearby table. If you have a pendulum, you could slip it in a pajama pocket, if it has a button to keep it closed.

Step Four: Cleansing Negative Energy

This particular step does not need to be used all of the time, rather it is a step to take if someone other than you has handled your dowsing tools. While the person may not have intended to transfer any negative energy, it may happen just the same.

To do a quick cleansing of your tools you'll need sea salt and a plastic zipper bag that will accommodate your particular tool. Simply pour about ¼ to ½ a cup of sea salt in the bag, add your tools, and zip shut. Shake it up a little and allow the item to sit in the bag overnight. Remove your tools the next day, shake off the salt, and wipe with a clean, soft cloth to remove any residue.

Your tools are now ready to use again!

Sharing Dowsing Tools

As a side note, there are two schools of thought on sharing dowsing tools.  One is that it is okay to share your tools, the other, don't ever share your tools.

I'll let you, the owner, decide whether or not you should share your dowsing tools.  If you believe that your tools can pick up other people's energy, and you notice that your tools just don't work the same after sharing them, by all means, don't share them.

Personally, I have two sets of rods that I carry around with me- after all, most dowsing rods are inexpensive.  This way I have one pair that I can share or show people how they work, then they can handle them, and the other pair I keep exclusively for my own use.  If you find that people just have to grab them and "try them out" when you're dowsing (which always happens to me), just keep an extra set on hand to teach with.  Problem solved!


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