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Cleansing your Core

Updated on August 6, 2014

A damaged Core can impact your mental, spiritual and physical health. If your Core has become damaged, cleansing it is the most important gift you can give to yourself.

Before reading this Hub, it is recommended that you read my Hub on “Understanding your Spiritual Self” in order to better understand the role that your Core plays in the Mind Body Spirit (MBS) connection and how that connection governs your life.

Respect yourself...

The power that created our planet, humankind, the animal kingdom, and all the beauty that exists in our world created you. Inside you lives love, joy, laughter, dignity, grace, compassion, and acceptance in its purest form. You are uniquely beautiful and you should never doubt this, for it is as real in its existence as any tangible aspect of your world.

Sadly, humankind’s perception of beauty is wrong. True beauty only exists on the inside, because true beauty is Spiritual Beauty. Your weight, complexion, hair, or the clothes you wear have nothing to do with your true beauty. These are all superficial and silly gimmicks created by mankind to serve the needs of the human ego.

When we are born, our Spiritual Beauty is pure, however, life’s challenges cause most of us to doubt our beauty and question our right to be accepted for who we are. We allow the opinions of others to influence how we see ourselves and as a result, we become participants in an act of disrespect towards our own Spiritual Self by challenging our Spiritual Beauty with negative thoughts and energy.

If you are having difficulty connecting with your Spiritual Beauty, it is likely that your Core has become cluttered with negative energy. You must clear your Core of negative energy and restore balance to your MBS.

Step 1 - Remove the source…

Always exit toxic relationships. To successfully cleanse your Core and restore your Spiritual Self to its original beauty, you must remove yourself from the negative source(s).

If a relationship is causing you angst on a daily basis, respect yourself enough to take a break. It is okay to step away and clear your head so that you can properly evaluate the relationship to determine if it is in your best interest spiritually. If the judgment or demands placed on you by another person are stifling your Intuitive Voice and causing you to ignore your gifts and passions, then you should carefully evaluate your obligation(s) to that person. This also applies to jobs and other commitments in life. Any source that inflicts constant stress or negativity in your daily life, should be evaluated and reconsidered.

You are only “stuck” if you allow yourself to be. Give deep and truthful contemplation through quiet reflection, meditation or prayer. Then, if you desire to make a change, open your mind to alternative possibilities. Just as the Polarity of Life presents you with challenges for spiritual growth, it presents you with opportunities for enlightenment.

Step 2 - Stay strong…

Even separation from toxic relationships can elicit mourning. Let yourself mourn, but keep yourself strong by praying or meditating to revitalize your Spiritual Self and rebuild the Mental Fortitude that you incarnated with.

Whether you choose to morn alone, or with the help of loved ones or a support group; if you believe in the goodness inside you, and your right to live a life that you find joyful and meaningful, then you will emerge from your period of reconditioning victorious.

Step 3 - Retrain your brain…

Memories are permanent fixtures in your life. You cannot erase them but you can discredit them so that they no longer affect you in a negative manner.

Meditation can be a very effective resource for discrediting negative emotions associated with painful memories.

Cleansing Visualization

  1. Inhale positive energy, slowly and deeply, while visualizing that breath as a white cleansing breath.

  2. Quickly exhale the negative energy as you would if blowing out a candle. As you exhale the negative energy, ask the Universe to transform that energy into positive energy that can protect someone else from experiencing the same hurt that you did. Tip: Create a mantra for this process like “bless this energy” or “energy change”. A mantra will replace you having to repeat a wordy statement.

  3. As you exhale, visualize the dark breath twisting as it leaves your body, and when the breath comes out of the twist it becomes white, like the positive energy you just inhaled.

Congratulations, you have just reclaimed control of your Core, and your Spiritual Self has done something amazing. It has harnessed the power of the Universe to transform negative energy into positive energy while programming that energy to seek out someone struggling through similar circumstances, so that it can attach to that person in a protective manner.

Step 4 - Let go…

Your anger and emotional distress may be justified, but it will only hold you back, and you deserve a better life than that. When you hold on to negative thoughts, it continues to harm your Core and prevent you from fully embracing a joyful life.

Every day that you hold on to negative thoughts, the negative energy associated with those thoughts will contaminate your Core and you will endure a day of diminished spiritual existence, unable to fully appreciate the beauty within you and around you.

Let happiness be a governing factor in your life. Always embrace your true self without fear of ridicule.

You create the energy that you share with the world, and that energy comes from your core. So what you think of yourself has tremendous impact on that energy.

Self-worth is key to every aspect of happiness because nothing good can occur without it. Without self-worth, you cannot believe in your ability to accomplish anything that brings you joy, nor will you believe in your right to own such happiness.

If you choose to fill your Core with self-doubt and loathing, then that energy will produce a life befitting such logic, and those around you will come to treat you accordingly. They will consider you to be as unworthy of happiness and a joyful life as you do because that is what your energy is conditioning them to think.

Protect your Core…

As you move forward in life, be sure to protect your Core. To do this you simply have to believe in yourself. The Great Creator would never send you here to have your unique beauty attacked or destroyed. You are here to share your beauty with the world.

Always remember that if someone lashes out at you in anger, they are damaged. Someone hurt them and they let that pain into their core. They allowed anger from someone else to diminish how they see themselves. And until they are whole again, their opinions should not be viewed as a truth – for if they cannot see their own truth, they cannot see the truth in others. If they were able to embrace their own Spiritual Beauty they would want to share that with the world – to inspire people, not hurt them. So dismiss their attacks and condemnation with the same grace and dignity you would harness to deal with a child or anyone with a limited intellectual capacity.

Once your Core is cleared, go forth and present yourself in a beautiful manner to the world. Let the beauty within you serve to inspire those around you. Use your knowledge and experience to lead others out of the shadows of fear, ridicule, and self-doubt so that they can also lead a joyful and happy life. What a beautiful Karmic Ripple to set in motion among humankind.


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