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Clearing Up Those Cleches About Christians

Updated on May 18, 2014

Sometimes it seems people "read and repeat" things they've never really thought all the way through. - Or sound off the same ol' cliche's (Is it a woman or a man…more bad jokes coming.) that are only backed by assumptions or misinformation that is as strong as wet toilet paper. (And that stuff is not too strong. So I’ve read! – Or did I hear?)

People, who are passionate about a subject, can turn in a minute, and a friendly debate can turn into a personal attack, insult and even hate. Is there a need for this? Have you experienced this?

I'm a Christian (Some people wouldn’t believe it, I have left the toilet seat up from time to time and even have had a beer here or there.) and in recent times have been interested in apologetics, early civilizations and religions of all types. I've read, Joseph Campbell, Gregory Koukl, Lee Stroblel, Erik Von Daniken and others. I've become obsessed with the points of view on creation, early civilization and in short, why! (Admittedly, I’m a professional amateur in all of these areas!) But, I've remained a Christian and in doing so have encountered some major abuse from some non-believers. (Note I said “some.”) While I am disappointed in their behavior, I’m thankful that they help fulfill the prophecy of the persecution of Christians.;)

So below are some of my pet peeves and issues I’ve encountered when I speak to some non-believers or comments I’ve just overheard. Now, let me add, I've also had great conversations with non-believers and people of other religions. They respected me and I respected them, and that's what made the difference.

Side note, if there’s one statement I could set on fire, make bold and italicize in regards to even the brightest humans knowing our origins, the universe, etc., it would be: “Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. The idea backs the thought that fragile, flawed, human minds will never put “it” all together. – Ever! - Now, onto the Christians and what I’ve heard about those folks.;)

The Clichés

There are a ton of clichés and not well-thought-out assumptions about Christians, Christianity and God that I hear (and most people hear/say) all of the time. So I'd like to name a few and give my 25 cents (inflation people).

1. "Christians are All Hypocrites"

This one is always a good one; because everyone is a hypocrite to some degree wouldn't you say? I mean if I am a parent telling my child not to get drunk on the weekends and I'm at home getting hammered with my friends, that is hypocrisy (Christian or not.) Likewise, logically speaking, if I am an atheist telling Christians, "Nobody should be telling people how to live their life!", again, that very statement is hypocritical. There are so many different degrees of hypocrisy and everyone is guilty of it. - Not just Christians!

2. "More Wars Have Been Fought Over God and Christianity. - Just Look at the Crusades!"

Actually, this is more misinformation and just simply not true. Furthermore, an attribute of Christ is not violence, people maybe, but not Christ. Lack of Godliness, or at least morals, have cost more people their lives. Deaths under Stalin are measured as low as 20 million but as high as 60 million. Khrushchev cost millions more people their lives, And of course Hitler, you will find different figures for this guy, but approximately 6 million Jews and 11 million people total. - And it doesn't stop there! Regardless, Christianity and Christ don't stand for killing and violence.

3. "Christians are so Judgmental!"

About now I'm starting to want factual numbers from usually non-believers who are great fans of science (me too!) First off, merely stating that "Christians are so judgmental!" is well, “judgmental”. - But, back to the scientific piece (I'm definitely not an Einstein or Tesla), so please show me your scientific data that Christians are hypocrites and "so judgmental?" - Or more so than anyone else.

Christians may not agree with your point-of-view, values, lifestyle etc., but it doesn't mean we have “judged” you OR that we hate you. - Although this is frequently assumed. For example, if a Christian doesn't agree with homosexuality, it is often assumed that they must “hate” gay people. Wrong! Most people look at Matthew 7:1-5 thinking that this verse means simply don't judge, or have any type of opinion at all, that is not the context of the Bible verse.

Now, do I think every Christian is always "Christ-like"? Hell no! (Get it?)

4. "Those loving Christians!" (Said sarcastically)

This is one that gets me and I've witnessed. This is the poster child for the word "irony". Think about it, a non-believer, is disrespectful of Christians but wants respect, judgmental of Christians but is an advocate of being non-judgmental, is one who denounces being prejudice, but is prejudice of Christians.

So I Ask…Why Do You Care?

Another question I have for non-believers, and keep in mind, I honestly don't mean for any of my questions or views to insult anyone. I'm just stating my experiences and what I've noted. - But, why do you care so much about disproving a creator that you don’t believe in anyway? (said in a nice tone of voice…with a smiley face.)

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