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Close Encounters of the Unexplained

Updated on September 30, 2011


all rights reserved, permission of artist given
all rights reserved, permission of artist given

Strange Encounter

In 1973 I was a new teacher in a high school. I have always been very responsible and as a teacher, I took my job seriously and tried to be professional in all situations. I was always early on the job at school and late in leaving after work. I spent a lot of time planning for my kids and wanted to be the best possible teacher for them. I had been at work in my new school for about three weeks, and in that time, I had a kid that was a behavior problem. He seemed to be a leader, and I decided that if I could turn him around in his behavior and improve repoire with him, then maybe he could help me in our overall classroom relationships. I learned that he liked to hunt and the new dove season was fast approaching the following Friday. I asked a farmer nearby, if we could hunt om his property, and got his okay on this. The young man's mother approved for him to go hunting with me that Friday afternoon and as soon as school was dismissed, I left and picked up my hunting supplies. I went over to the boy's house and picked him up and we drove to the farmland where we were to hunt that afternoon.

Upon getting there, we had to exit the car three times, in order to open and close gates that led to the pasture and forested area, we were to hunt. We finally got to the right spot. I parked my car on a small road adjacent to the fence row, where we entered to walk, and began to look for doves in the area. We saw several birds in the distance and headed in their general direction. I was using a twelve gauge pump shot gun and the boy was carrying a twenty gauge single shot. I tried to emphasize safety and cautioned the boy about handling his firearm. As we walked across the big field, I saw a lone house at the other end, that seemed to be sitting out by itself. As the birds began to fly over, we took a few shots and missed. Then everything seemed to go haywire. A big flock of black birds flew over and the boy aimed his gun in their direction, as he got ready to shoot. Suddenly, as I looked in the direction of the birds, I saw four silver disks in the blue sky. At first thought, they appeared to be wing tanks on a jet, however it did not move in the sky. I realized that these were four silver disk shaped vehicles in the sky, sitting motionless, and I cautioned the boy not to fire his gun at the birds, which were in a direct line with the disks. Just as I said,"don't shoot", I saw a fifth silver disk hovering above the ground, and near the house at the other end of the field. It appeared to move in our direction and I shouted for the boy to come on and for us to get out of there fast.The craft seemed to be mainly flat shaped with a small raised center and looked like it was gaining on us very quickly. I set a bad example for the boy, because I started to run, with him right behind me. We made it to the fence and I tore my shirt, as I climbed underneath it, I took his gun. I laid my gun on the ground under the fence and picked it up on the other side. He was right behind me, when we got to near where the car was parked, I turned to look in the direction of where the fifth disk had been sighted. What I then saw, has baffled me for a long time. There out in the field about twenty yards away, stood a fifty foot tall white column of smoke or a cloud about five yards wide and it remained motionless. We both got into the car and I drove out of that area as fast as I could safely move in my car.

Shaken and upset at what we had just witnessed, I drove straight to the local sheriff's station, and reported to him what we had just seen in the farmer's field. The sheriff told me not to feel like the lone ranger in this and that several witnesses had seen many odd red orbs at night in the area. He said that he got a report to come to a lady's home and there was a large red light hovering overhead there. She had become upset and called for help. He told me that as he approached the home and the strange light, It suddenly rose up higher and shot off into the darkness at an unbelievable speed. Later, several of my students witnessed the red light. One was with an adult as they drove a combine in a field harvesting crops. When the strange light came near and would not leave, they jumped from the big tractor and it crashed into the woods, unmanned. Another told of a red pulsing light in the back yard one night, as she and another student were babysitting for friends in town. They looked out the window, expecting a fire truck and were frightened to see a red orb shaped light sitting in the back yard and blinking on and off. The girls called their mom and she came to pick them up and hurriedly drove away from the house. Another student and his family were in their back yard having a picnic, and saw a large star like object break into five separate orbs, and fly away in separate directions. Later they returned and reassembled, back into one bright light and then they flew away.

Another strange thing happened after the sighting that I had made in the field. During a two week period, I was late to school by thirty minutes and my principal was very angry because I had been tardy during this time. I had always prided myself in being early to work, and I had been unable to sleep during that time. I slept with a loaded gun also and could not account for my reason in my doing this. I felt very upset and fearful during this time. After two weeks, everything returned to normal and I resumed going to my job early, as before. A week later, a strange visit by a man wearing a white shirt and tie, made me wonder what in the world was going on at the time. He claimed to be looking for another man, but I was the only one renting that house. No one, other than a family member, that the owner's knew, had lived there in the past. So this was either a mistake, or an attempt to meet me and gather some kind of information, that may have been a possible reason in the visit that I had received. I've heard of "Men in Black", but this was definitely unusual in the way it was carried out.

Over the years, I was constantly seeing strange lights and unexplained sightings , usually in the night sky. Even when I got married, a few years later, my wife and I had a very close and unexplained encounter in her mom's front yard. The object, or I should say craft, hovered almost motionless above our heads and then moved very slowly, later. You could make out vent tubes and strange shapes and several apparatus, hanging beneath the craft, as it moved over head, and it seemed as though you could reach up and touch it, it was so close to us.The black oval shaped ship had pulsing lights that blinked all around its outer edge, and as we moved inside, it could be viewed, as it slowly moved over neighboring houses in the community. My wife's sister was there with us also, and strangely, we all forget about the incident. We were only to remember it exactly seventeen years later, and this was proven with a call by her sister , who reminded us of what we has all seen on that date. My family had all witnessed strange lights in the sky for several years and about 1990, the sightings seemed to stop altogether. There are many strange things in our lives, that we may never know the answers to, as to why they occurred. Perhaps, we should not pursue the reasons in every instance and let things go. I believe we were not meant to know all the answers, but this does not mean that we should stop looking. That's what makes us who we are.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      You may live your entire life and then one day, suddenly a very strange event, and one that leaves you baffled, takes place and turns your entire perspective around about this world we all live in and why?

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      Thank you for sharing these strange experiences. I have never seen anything like this but I know people who have. There really must be something to these accounts.. there are just too many of them. Voting up and thank you again for sharing :)