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Cloud Bursting - How to Disperse a Cloud With Your Mind

Updated on September 14, 2012

Cloud Watching

Pay attention to the clouds while you are outdoors and practice shaping and dispersing them.
Pay attention to the clouds while you are outdoors and practice shaping and dispersing them. | Source

New Interest In Cloud Bursting

Curiosity about dispersing clouds, "cloud bursting," has become popular again. Cloud bursting was mentioned in the quirky movie The Men Who Stare at Goats, starring great actors such as Ewan MacGregor, Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, and Kevin Spacey. In the movie, George Clooney's character is driving a car through the desert and staring up at a cloud. With the power of his mind, he broke up the cloud in front of the unbelieving eyes of Ewan MacGregor's character.

Dispelling Clouds in the 1950s

During the scientific interest of the power of the mind in the 1950s, dispersing clouds was often brought up. Dr. Rolf Alexander was shown in a series of photographs breaking up a cloud that he was concentrating on. A British television program was also reported to have filmed a cloud dispersal in June of 1956.


Cloud bursting is a form of telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to move or change things by thought. No visible or known, "normal" force is moving the object.

"Mind over matter" has been scientifically studied off and on since the 1930s. Many experiments were conducted with dice. Many gamblers feel that they are able to influence how the dice lands and scientific studies have shown better than chance odds with some of these gamblers.

You see this same type of use of the mind with the lottery today - people will try to mentally force their numbers to be drawn. The only problem with this is that there are thousands of other lottery players who are also trying to force a drawing of the numbers they picked.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare At Goats
The Men Who Stare At Goats
Oodles of fun and satire for the geeks among us, you will either love or hate this movie. It includes mention of cloud bursting, as well as remote viewing.

Changing Cloud Shapes Exercise

As a child, I would lay out on the grass and stare up at the sky. Looking for shapes in the clouds was a fun way to kill time for me and my friends, but sometimes I would feel the need to shape the clouds to my liking.

To do this exercise, you will be using the power of your will to shape the cloud you are focusing on. First, choose a cloud. What does it look like? What could it look like? Use your will and focus on the outlines of the clouds, pushing a bit of the cloud this way, and tucking a piece of the cloud another way. Practice this exercise over and over. Whenever you see a cloud in the sky, begin to shape it. If it already looks like something, like a rabbit's head, for example, concentrate on making the ears longer or shorter. Try and shape a cloud into a circle or a heart.

If you fail to shape the cloud to your will the first few times, do not give up. Keep on trying to shape the clouds. Eventually, you will succeed in shaping a cloud and, like bicycle riding, once your learn how to do it, you will never forget.

Dispelling Clouds Exercise

Just as you forced clouds to take on new shapes, with cloud dispersing, you will focus on breaking up the cloud. There are a number of ways you can do this. Some people can just stare, concentrate on a cloud and, with the inner intent or will of making it disperse, they can make the cloud break apart.

My personal method is to stare intently on a cloud and, in the back of my mind, I visualize myself blowing on the cloud and making it break a part with my breath or the wind.

Another method is to visualize drying up the cloud. Vaporize the cloud with thought. You can vaporize it around the edges, working inwards, or concentrate on vaporizing up the entire cloud at once.

As with cloud shaping, don't expect to be able to do this on your first try. Continue trying over and over until you do succeed.


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    • profile image

      Daniel Lehmann 

      5 months ago

      I have noticed that when i stare at the clouds they stop. I once even stared at an airplane and it stopped in mid air. I thought i was tripping or imagining things. Now that i read this im positive what i saw. Freaking awesome.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      7 years ago from Summerland

      I used to be able to break clouds up with my mind every time I looked up in the's more difficult for me to do now. I feel like maybe I've lost my touch. I never knew anyone else could do this, except for my husband...he and I used to stare at clouds and break them up and shape them together. I thought for awhile that I was merely imagining it...but it wasn't imagination...awesome hub. Glad to know other people believe and see this.

    • lindacee profile image

      Linda Chechar 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      I have never seen the above mentioned movie nor heard of cloud bursting. Very interesting and thought provoking Hub. Thanks for sharing this version of telekinesis with us!

    • rfmoran profile image

      Russ Moran - The Write Stuff 

      7 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Fascinating. I never heard of this before. Thanks for bringing it into the open.

    • GoGreenTips profile image

      Greg Johnson 

      7 years ago from Indianapolis

      I enjoyed reading your hub. Have always been interested in the paranormal. Interesting comment about the lottery, wonder how many people are trying to use telekenisis right now to win? I hope you aren't trying to break up the same cloud that I am?


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