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Clover Of Four Leafs

Updated on May 7, 2014
Beautiful Four Leaf Clover
Beautiful Four Leaf Clover | Source


Red Clover, Trifolium pratense L., is of the pea family...Leguminosae. How lucky can one be when they step into a patch of green clover and easily spot the 4 leaf? This Vermont State flower has been deemed for centuries as the symbol of the 3 great entities. To the Celtic, it is known as the Three Bridgets or the Three Morgans (meaning Mother Hearts). To the Arabic, in which comes the name Shamrock, it is known as Shamrakh...emblem of triple lunar Goddess of pre-Islamic times. To the early Christians, it is known as The Trinity. However, the Christian community was not so acceptable of the clover symbol because of the Pagan connotations, but the four leaf clover was considered very holy and a representation of the four cardinal directions and the cross.


A Holy Plant

Just as the Pagans believed that the clover plant was associated to the female, so follows suit that the Early Christians looked at not the three leaf, but the four leaf clover as a symbol of Virgin Mary. This symbol developed out of the Maltese Cross and for the praise and glory of Mary.

The four leaf clover has a recessive gene that creates the fourth leaf and is very rare, which is why it is considered lucky. No matter what culture or faith, the four leaf clover became a world known lucky charm and still revered as such today. The Quatrafoil, an outline of the four leaf clover, is a world symbol for good luck. It represents the four directions, East, South, West and North, as well as the four elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

I found another one!
I found another one! | Source
.....and another one!!!!
.....and another one!!!! | Source

And God Saw All He Created And Said It Was Good!

The clover plant as a whole, has many healing properties. Not only does the leaves and flowers have medicinal powers, but so do the roots. This green low growing plant can sooth coughs, help the symptoms of colds and treat sore throats, as well as aid the body in restoring body balance.

In the Bible, the clover was what the sheep grazed upon, taking in the high nutrient values. However, the clover did not take on popularity in recent time until the Church ordained a monk by the the name of Patrick. The four leaf clover became the symbol for St. Patrick and his work of saving some of the old Irish lore by recording the stories of Celtic prisoners during his watch. It is said he had a vision, an angel came to him and told him to record these Irish tales for they would be worthy of the People some day and that this is what God wants.

This is an Irish Angel's prayer, colored in green.
This is an Irish Angel's prayer, colored in green. | Source

Am I Lucky?

Luck is often thought of, as starting with the Irish, but cultures who harvested and knew the plant recognized the rarity of a 4 leaf and often associated it with luckiness in finding one. I find them all the time, wherever I go. So am I lucky? That all depends on how one may view it. Is it luck or is it simply putting faith into a talisman? Faith can be a strong force!


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      William 2 years ago

      It may be a hybrid but like everything else the four leaf clover (seeds) can be found at Hobby Lobby......way more fun to find them wild!!!