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Coast to Coast AM

Updated on September 18, 2009

Coast To Coast Talk Radio Show

Coast To Coast AM is a talk radio show that deals with things from the paranormal to politics and social issues.
Coast To Coast AM is a talk radio show that deals with things from the paranormal to politics and social issues.

Why I Love Coast To Coast

History and Hosts:

I've been listening to Coast to Coast since the summer of 1995. I remember the first show I heard was one where the shows host Art Bell was interviewing a guest about a project called HAARP that was stationed in Alaska and the man had written a book called Angels Don't Play This HAARP. The technical side of the show and how this antenna array in Alaska was heating up the ionosphere and being used for everything from finding and communicating with subs in the ocean to weather change had me hooked! I was listening to something ground breaking, this wasn't reporting on something obscure, this was live and not only that but people were calling in to talk to the man being interviewed. The man being interviewed was a Dr. Nick Begich and he now runs Earthpulse Press. Shows ran the gambit from UFOs ,crop circles, cattle mutilations, to ghosts, demons and other such paranormal phenomena.

Art Bell the original host of Coast To Coast and his spin off show Dreamland retired after a series of personal hardships with the death of his wife Mona and his marriage to his new wife and baby girl. At times he has returned to host the show from his home in the Philippines and also from his old home in Nevada. Art's passion to be at the leading edge of his field of radio lead him to be passionate about hosting the show and his personality was part of the reason people like myself loved to listen. His strong voice presence and his ability to relate to the average person made him the perfect pioneer in a field dominated by conservative political shows, and shows either about sports and medicine.

In 1997 George Noory took the helm of Coast To Coast and filled in the hole left after Art Bell had retired. Noory brings a soft heartedness and open mind to the show he is welcoming and compassionate and in a sense he seems driven to understand things outside the box. He is like a kid that needs to know everything and that enthusiasm resonates in the way he hosts and his daminer is refreshing.

Other Hosts:

Ian Punnett brings a young voice to the coast family in that he brings a sort of freshness that beams from him. His sense of humor and fun attitude seems to act as a buffer when those guests that talk of doom and gloom are on. He can make you feel as though no matter what the person is saying that everything is going to be okay... which makes sense since he is attending seminary and that he's a man of God.

George Napp is a veteran news reporter from Las Vegas and a 14 time emmy award winning News Caster. He is also a veteran of the paranormal being thrust into the UFO field while reporting on such things as Area 51 and the Phoenix Arizona lights. Napp is a serious reporter and brings a hard edge that I find reminiscent of Art Bell.

Show Guests and Topics

The Coast show brings on new guests to show new fields and ideas from that of the fringe and also has regular guests on the show, some more regular than others. Some the fixture guests include Linda Moulton Howe a researcher of cattle mutilations and other strange earth changing events, Richard Hoagland an ex-NASA engineer now turned NASA conspiracy theorist, Major. Ed Dames a retired remote viewer from the military now heading up a school for remote viewing for the private sector, Whitley Streiber a writer who wrote the now famous Communion book about alien abductions.

Some of the shows guests return less frequently than others but the topics can range from the end of the world, to alien worlds that are going to hit earth, astronomy and quantum physics, pharmaceuticals and health, terrorism, illuminati conspiracies, the economy, war, spirit contact and ghosts, demonology, cryptozoology like Big Foot and the Loc Ness Monster, and alien abductions and UFO sightings.

Why Listen?

The Coast to Coast website is a rich and great way to get introduced to the Coast to Coast AM family and there you will find links to guests of the show, Host bios, news articles about the paranormal and much more. Visit the site, find out where on the dial the show airs in your area and give it a listen... it may open your mind to the possibility that what you see isn't all that is there.

Coast to Coast


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    • By Lori profile image

      By Lori 

      6 years ago from USA

      oh OK you do listen to Coast. Naturally I never found this until I had already asked you about it !


      I was thinking of doing a Hub on them too because I admire their show and the topics !

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Enjoyed the article, I too am a Coast fan from teh Art Bell Era


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