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Collective Consciousness and Soul Education: Part 1

Updated on September 28, 2012

Soul Karma: Spiritual Growth and Development

We are all 100% LOVE but our memory of this is very diminished in the earth plane. We do not connect with our infinite, spiritual aspects easily because as souls we chose to individuate and seemingly separate permanently from our Source (Divinity) .

Christianity's creation story shares a version of the individuation process by discussing the original seven days that birthed the world and its inhabitants. The first man and woman were named Adam and Eve and they were made in the likeness of Source. The happy couple were the first to know seduction which happens through the senses. Satan in the form of a sleek serpent convinced Eve to betray Adam (and subsequently God) with that delectable piece of forbidden fruit. Adam bit and the rest is Biblical history.

As the human race, we have become enamored with those very senses and their reactions to the planet and universe. The material world is a persistent illusion. It is condensed vibration that deceives our physical bodyminds that are also just condensed vibration.

Source is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Therefore, no true separation could have ever existed between our Divinity and us. We are One Love. But from the perspective of the physical realm, this feels and looks like a falsehood. Modern day science can corroborate some of this. Energy healers and yogic gurus can verify some of it. Old religions and spiritual belief systems hint about the rest of it. Eventually, we will reconcile the various parts of our eternal lives.

Jesus came to re-bridge all souls to their maker via the Holy Spirit. There is much more about this metaphysical phenomena. I will cover that in a later blog.

Currently, there are numerous consciousness levels penetrating the earth. It is this way because each soul has a unique path and purpose. But each soul is also a part of what I call the Body of Christ. So there is a collective component to every soul as well. I visualize this ultimate unity as the comprehensive cosmosphere. I saw a constellation once that strongly resembled a brain cell. As an artist, I correlated the two images.

Now, where does karma come into this? Well, according to the "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce, Source created all that is. When Source did this, It realized that people needed to be totally free; and in order to keep people from imploding into chaos, there had to be a backup system to prevent endless negativity, rebellion and violence. So Source created a built-in spiritual compassion response. This is our souls' education system, otherwise known as karma. Karma acts in the material realm as the Newtonian third physical law of action-reaction.

Looking at some of the lives of Edgar Cayce, karma played out like this: There was a pharaoh in Egypt and a high priest called Ra-Ta. Ra-ta had a wife and daughter. Then a dancer entered on the scene. Ra-Ta got involved with her. The pharaoh got involved with her. Then the pharaoh heard of Ra-Ta's involvement with her and he banished everyone except the daughter. He kept her as an "emotional hostage."

Years later, Ra-Ta reincarnated as Cayce. The pharaoh reincarnated as Cayce's oldest son, Hugh Lynn. "Mrs." Ra-Ta chose not to reincarnate that lifetime. The daughter reincarnated as Cayce's stenographer and close family friend, Gladys Davis Turner. The dancer reincarnated as Mrs. Cayce.

Mrs. Cayce always had a love for dancing. Hugh Lynn had an odd closeness to his mother and he liked to dance with her. Gladys Davis Turner and Cayce had a distinct closeness as well. Turner was a young woman when she arrived to work with Cayce. Cayce did readings involving his various lives. He chose to overcome some of his previous karmic "hiccups" by exerting his will in the direction of his higher path.

Reincarnation research shows that souls incarnate in groups. The incarnations we all manifest as are always about growth and development and the workings of the built-in compassion system. Each one of us must experience what we have done to others and what they have done to us. It is the Way.



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    • violetheaven profile image

      Jessica Ellen Holbrook 5 years ago from Newark, DE, USA

      :) I enjoyed reading this. can't wait for part two.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting.