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Collective Consciousness and Soul Education: Part 2

Updated on September 28, 2012

Christ: The Alpha and the Omega

I spent 34 years as a Christian. Seven of those years, I was charismatic. My last eight years I have been a Syncretic that believes in One Love---that we are all One, held together through perfect, pure unconditional LOVE. I believe that each of us must understand our psychic overlays in order to supersede our biases as much as possible.

I believe the Christ was fully man and fully God as preached in Christianity. I believe His life was basically as portrayed in the Protestant Scriptures. I do think much of His life was recorded but either lost or destroyed. Recently, anthropologists discovered a piece of Egyptian papyrus that indicated Jesus had a wife. As a Christian, I would have dismissed this possibility but now I know too much about the Church and its politics to do so. As far as I am concerned, anything is possible.

I am enamored with the Christian creation story. I read something from an Indian guru named OSHO about five years ago that stated any good parent understands reverse psychology. What God did in Eden with Adam was reverse psychology in action. Say a "no" and watch a child figure out how to make that "no" become a "yes." I loved this. It really resonated with me. However, God's reverse psychology entailed two beings split from the same body and the same soul. Eve was formed from the rib of Adam. They both were birthed from the dust of the earth---from Mother Gaia. Furthermore, there is evidence that a Lilith existed before Eve. Many connect Lilith to the very serpent called Satan. My background is shallow in that respect so I'll leave that to your research and/or imagination.

Now fast forward to the passion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Adam and Eve feel like a myth compared to the horror story of the Christ. The blood and gore of the Christ's passion was/is sobering. Some would say Adam and Eve's banishment from Paradise is similar. Rather, I have always felt it was far removed from my life. Jesus, on the other hand, was just like me. He lived and breathed on a broken planet filled with lots of pain and suffering and just a bit of wonder...enough to keep the souls of the earth captivated.

My reality is such that Christ did die on Golgotha. He did cry, suffer, and sweat blood in Gethsemane prior to his crucifixion. He did completely comprehend His role in the cosmosphere prior to that death sentence handed out from Pontious Pilate. And He chose---for all of Creation---to go through His Holy Father's plan. This was excruciating. He overcame the constraints of the physical and metaphysical universe by obediently following through with His passion: His perfect LOVE for all that IS/Was and Will always be.

I am presently still studying the metaphysics of Jesus Christ. What I do know is that in Christ's ascension, consciousness expanded into all its fullness. Man was brought back in direct touch with the Holy Father.

The Jews have a rich Biblical history. They have had a strong hierarchy throughout time and space. There were priests who could enter the inner sanctum of God called the Holy of Holies and there were a variety of different social and religious classes reaching the most basic levels of humankind. Prior to the birth of Jesus, mankind had all sorts of rituals and forms of worship to bring it into the grace of God. Not all humans were Jewish. There were multitudes on the planet who used other means to reach some aspect of Divinity.

The Old Testament of Judeo-Christian heritage has been a focal point of the Western world. The New Testament fulfilled the Old Testament according to Jesus Christ. But this is just one part of the earth. The Eastern half has brought just as much to the spiritual growth of mankind. Christians try to proselytize this part of the earth. I was one such Christian. Jews purify themselves of such extravagant Eastern Ways. Their focus is on remaining faithful to the Old Testament Yahweh. They see themselves as separate from the rest of the world. They do not recognize Jesus as their Messiah. They wait patiently for their King. Christianity fervently tries to win the world over to Jesus. They call this Salvation. To them, there is but one Way: The Truth and the Light.

I believe that one Way is much broader in scope and message. I believe the Truth and the Light are the Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness envelops all of Creation. The environment, the people, the Web of Life, the spiritual destiny, the final frontier of pure LOVE all co-exist in our Source. Our Source is magnificent. It fulfills the concept of Paradise. All resonates with all in Christ's Consciousness. There is separation and no separation. There is karma and no karma. There is duality and polarity. Everything is One Love. Love is eternal.

"So above. So below."


Christ Consciousness


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    • carriethomson profile image

      carriethomson 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      consiousness of soul is really very important and one should listen to his conscious ness which is most important should listen to his instinct

      thanks for sharing such information and guiding