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Collective Consciousness and Soul Education: Part 3

Updated on October 2, 2012

My Life, My Choice, My Co-Creation

This may be a foreign concept to most people, but I believe that we all create our lives in conjunction with our Source (our Divinity). Therefore, all that we go through in life was once a deliberate decision by our soul. In other words, we---at a soul level---decided who we would want to become as our Highest Self. God took/takes care of the rest, the details of life.

I am sure you as the reader have heard that people want to determine whether life is free choice or a Divinely orchestrated destiny. It is a little bit of both; but ultimately, life is malleable. We just need to understand the tools that will help us to carve out our visions rather than keep us as "stagnate ponds" of immobilized living.

Several years ago, the movie The Secret was released. It focused on the Law of Attraction [i.e., Like attracts like]. I thought the film was OK but it was very "marketing" oriented. I am a researcher. I wanted to understand the Law of Attraction better. I located a speaker and author named Esther Hicks who channels a spirit guide named Abraham. [They are often unified as Abraham-Hicks].

The baseline belief for Abraham-Hicks is to go with the flow. Never try to resist or "swim upstream". Abraham-Hicks emphasizes staying in the present moment versus shifting into a perspective of future or past orientation. Furthermore, Abraham-Hicks suggests using an emotional guidance scale [see image below] to help people create what they want out of life. The scale dictates how things are made manifest. For example, a joyful experience will cause manifestation to readily occur. A depressed experience will delay or completely curb a manifestation. Moving up the guidance scale from depression toward joy will shift the process in the direction of rapid manifestation.

What does all this mean? It means that our emotional system creates our reality. The material world is a realm of heavily condensed vibrational illusion. Love is the highest frequency in terms of vibrational energy. By focusing on love thoughts, the emotional system shifts into a loving vibration and the speed of creation is increased. This is why daily affirmations are extremely important. Thoughts are things. Every thought we have designs our emotional system every moment of everyday.

This is contrary to how most people relate to the world. In general, people think what they see they get. Every creation concept is saturated with an "external to man" viewpoint. Therefore, people can get distraught. They often feel hopeless and victimized by life. But life is microcosm to macrocosm and vice verse. Metaphysical experts and healers discovered quite some time ago that everything on the planet originates at the energy level. So that is where change also occurs.

So what is prayer then? I learned while dating my ex-boyfriend who adeptly practiced magick, that prayer is the thought, the emotion, and the Divine avenue that causes super quick healing and manifestation. An example of this is a miracle. Prayer is a direct communication line between mankind and its Source. It is more than that. It is Divine transformation energy, a kind of capsule where God provides pure love through seamless grace to help mankind cope with its perception of life.

When people send out a prayer, if it is in alignment with God's love, it will be "answered" quickly. If there is less clarity or alignment, the request often takes more time. If a prayer has no alignment to God's heart, the response will usually be some sort of "no". Source created two pathways of direct communication: prayer (talking to God) and meditation (listening/hearing/seeing/feeling/tasting God). If a person needs a supernaturally speedy response from Source, the best way to manifest this response is by moving into his/her heart and getting focused on pure love in relationship to his/her need.


Emotional Guidance Scale



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