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Collective Consciousness and Soul Education: Part 4

Updated on October 3, 2012

Rehashing the Information

So our soul's education is quite involved as you might expect. But, it is important to know that we are not random occurrences and we are co-creators of our life with our Source. Each incarnation is an expression of our soul.

I heard recently that if we only understand karma we only have half of the metaphysical picture. We must also know dharma. [quoted by Kevin Ryerson] According to Wikipedia, dharma is, "ideas such as duty,[3] vocation, religion and everything that is considered correct, proper or decent behaviour. The idea of dharma as duty or propriety derives from an idea found in India's ancient legal and religious texts that there is a Divinely instituted natural order of things (rta) and justice, social harmony and human happiness require that human beings discern and live in a manner appropriate to the requirements of that order. Dharma states that there are guidelines or rules that must be obeyed varying from place to place . The source of any individual's dharma lies in the nature of each individual and is part of their customs and practices. [4]" []

Basically, we must focus on our traditions and our daily practices to create a life that is ideal. By paying attention to our daily experiences, we assure ourselves of minimal karma. We are creating our life like a set of rosary beads. We create one bead (one experience) at a time. Before you know it, you have assured yourself a simple existence that is in harmony with all that is. It is kind of like the childhood story of the Little Engine that Could.

One other concept to understand regarding the the Collective Conscious and a soul's education is the psychic network between all peoples and all things. It is contrived of energy, symbols and archetypes. Everybody has the ability to tap into this bank of universal information. Unaware people often tap it spontaneously and unconsciously through their opened chakras. But, people can, also, purposely create a running line of energy from the Universal Energy Field (UEF), through the Human Energy Field (HEF), down through the core of the earth that subsequently allows people to deliberately connect to the information.

It is not mystical. It is methodical. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. Peoples' knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) are much greater than mankind's historical KSA's.

By tapping the Universal Consciousness [Christ Consciousness, Collective Consciousness, etc.], one can begin to make connections to the part of life that most people consider out of reach. Some people think this is the devil's work. It has nothing to do with an evil entity. It has to do with our energetic systems, our role in One Love, and Source's inherent sense of perfect organization. The universe is ordered. Chaos exists but it eventually becomes ordered. Life is cyclical. In fact, as order becomes chaos and chaos becomes order, that in and of itself is a form of order.

Healers use the energetic line to become grounded and connected to Source.

Some religions see this practice as sacrilegious. It is not. It is no different that any other type of scientific or medical procedure in action. We are all energy. At the energetic level, life can be healed or reordered so that everything is harmonious and healthy. Metaphysical practitioners understand that setting intentions, or directing the breath of life (chi, prana, life force) via focused thought creates the reality for a person's bodymind and soul. There are various healing modalities available in the world today but they all stem from perfect LOVE [grounded connection to Source and all that is].

I'll discuss the energy, symbols and archetypes in another hub.



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