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Colour Therapy - How to Select & Use Colour for Healing

Updated on April 16, 2014

Colour - A Healing Energy

Colour is very important in our lives, imagine life without it! Babies are drawn to colours and small children recognise colour and use it to distinguish between different objects, which is how we learn with colour codes. As we get older we have our favourite colours, and colours we steer clear of or avoid, and these colours are personal to us and very significant. With colour therapy and colour healing, this specific topic of personal taste is considered to be very important in providing us with valuable information about our personalities and well-being.

Humans are among a small group of species, including tortoise and octopus, that see the world in colour, and it is very important to us. Colour radiates energy, just like light or sound does, and it feeds our emotions and can have a strong influence over our mood. And like the energy from heat, colour also affects us on a physical, cellular level. Colour, as a source of energy, can be used to control and improve on your surroundings, as well as enhancing your mood. Colour is a healing energy and can be used by anyone.


What's Your Favourite Colour?

Well you're going to have a good idea of your own personal taste, the colours you are drawn to and enjoy, and the colours that you stay away from and avoid. These personal choices reveal alot about you, and they can give you valuable information about how you live your life, how you act, your strengths and weaknesses, your ideal career paths, and how you react in this world. Because of the energy colour omits, your own personality and energy will be drawn to certain colours an repelled by others. Sometimes we can have too much stress in our lives, and red and oranges are busy, energetic colours, so you may find if you live a busy, streesful life that you are drawn to blues or greens, which have a more calming and soothing effect. And this is probably why blue seems to be the most popular colour in the western world! But your body unconsciously tries to balance out your energy and restore well-being. Therefore, your personal choice of colours are important in telling you about yourself, but you can also make a conscious choice of what colours to incorporate into your life, to enable you to benefit from the energy that is created.

Orange Food - Oranges

Green Food - Broccoli

Different Coloured Flowers


How Can You Bring Colour Into Your Life?

As we know, if you change the colour of a room, or your hair, there is an immediate difference of energy and mood. But you don't have to go and paint your house completely blue, you can use small but effective changes. It takes time to experiment with colours to see how you react to each one and which colour works best with your own energy. Introduce colours slowly into your life and get a feel for which colours you enjoy or would prefer to stay away from. If you look in your wardrobe and you see it's made up of all mainly one colour, you could try bringing some colour into your clothes, as this will have an impact on your mood throughout the day.

Different coloured stones such as amethyst or emerald are also great to use for color energy healing. In your home you could try different coloured candles (but be very careful!!!), cushions, flowers and plants, or paint a wall of a room. Or try cooking with different coloured foods and spices, such as oranges or broccoli. Another great way is through coloured bulbs that can create a whole different atmosphere in a room. This is also how colour healing is often done, using coloured light beams that shine through the body, with the frequency of the light and time exposure being crucial.

Another great way to use colour for healing is with solarised water, and it's a method that has been used for years . Take a glass of distilled water, cover it with a coloured filter, and place it in full sunlight. The sunlight that passes through the filter charges the water with the energy of that particular colour, and can be sipped throughout the day to reap the qualities of the colour energy. You can also mix in equal parts with vodka or brandy to preserve it, and use as a tincture.

If you don't have any money to buy anything new then shut your eyes and visualise the colours! Think of them as glowing balls of coloured light or a rainbow, whatever you like, look at a picture for inspiration. Visualisation is as powerful tool as any, and is possible for everyone. It may not always come naturally, but you can improve your visualisation skills with practice. Whatever way you bring colour into your life you don't have to go mad, just start off slow and see which colours work best for you.

Use random choice also, by asking a question in your head, such as, "what colour do I need today for good health?", or "what colour will ease this back pain?", and randomly pick a colour out. This will be your unconscious being to drawn to the specific colour you need that you were focusing on. Your mind and body are extremely clever machines and know what you need, so trust them!

The Chakras - The Energy Field of the Body

Chakras are believed to be an energy system of rings that spin around us, protecting us and radiating our energy, some would call it our aura. The Chakra system is an ancient Indian tradition, and they believe that each Chakra coincides with a particular colour, depending on the energy frequency, and that these Chakras control the functioning of different parts of our body and mind. There are many Chakras circling our bodies but it is believed that the most important are the seven that are arranged down our spinal column. These seven Chakras control the main energies of the body, and they reflect on your health and well-being. Understanding the Chakras can help you heal with colour, using different colours to stimulate or soothe your energy, and live your life fully.

The Base or Root Chakra

This is the first Chakra that is found at the base of the spine. The root Chakra is represented by the colour red, and it is important to issues such as survival and motivation. The base Chakra gives energy to the systems of our body, it gives our lives definition and stability, and helps us to keep a grounded and realistic approach to life. The colour red stimulates the root Chakra, and it's opposing colour, green, relaxes it.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral Chakra can be found along the spine in between your navel and the top of your pelvis. This Chakra is concerened with the energy flow within the body, and it is linked to the colour orange. The sacral Chakra effects our creativity, sexuality and enjoyment. We are encouraged to feel our emotions and senses by the sacral Chakra. Orange will stimulate the sacral Chakra and blue will soothe it.

The Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is situated just underneath the ribcage, and is represented by the colour yellow. The solar pleaxus is concerened with organisation, in every aspect of our lives, and it encourages clear thinking, maintaining personal power, and it also helps us to digest information, as well as our food. If the solar plexus is disturbed it can cause digestion problems, upset stomachs, over-sensitivity, low immune system and a poor memory. The solar plexus is activated by using the colour yellow, and it's relaxed by the colour violet.

The Heart Chakra

This Chakra can be found in the middle of the chest. The heart Chakra is represented by the colour green and it's role is to balance out the whole Chakra system. The heart Chakra is linked to relationships, acceptance and understanding, and helps us to gain personal growth and direction, purpose and a healthy balanced mind and body. Green will activate the heart Chakra whereas it's opposing colour, red, will focus your energy away from other people and onto yourself, bringing about the qualities of the root Chakra.

The Throat Chakra

This Chakra is situated at the base of the throat, and is connected to the colour blue. The throat Chakra is concerened with communication, expression of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Like the sacral Chakra, the throat Chakra promotes the energy flow of the body, but an outward flow as opposed to the inward flow of the sacral Chakra. If you are experiencing any problems to do with communication, use the colour blue to restore balance. To relax the throat Chakra use the colour orange, which will bring about the qualities of the sacral Chakra.

The Third Eye or Brow Chakra

The third eye is found at the centre of the forehead and corresponds with the colour indigo. The most spiritual of the Chakras, the third eye is concerned with understanding the world and ourselves. This Chakra is linked to imagination, intuition and perception. When out of balance, it can cause you to become delusional and un-realistic. The colour yellow, of the solar plexus, will help to organise and clarify your mind.

The Crown Chakra

The crown Chakra can be found at the top of the head, and corresponds to the colour violet, and the colour spectrum as a whole. The crown Chakra is the control centre of the Chakra system, and connects you to all the universal energies. The crown Chakra is concerned with focusing consciousness and fine energies in the physical body. Orange calms the crown Chakra whereas violet stimulates it.

The Chakra system works as a whole, and if one part is disturbed then they are all affected. All colours are needed to restore balance to our minds and bodies, but we can use colours and Chakra healing to improve on our strengths and diffuse our weaknesses. Certain colours and Chakras will be used at specific times, as and when you feel the need.

Oak Flower Essence

Rosemary Essential Oil

All The Colours Of The Rainbow


Ok, so black isn't technically a colour, but it represents the absence of colour. Black makes up one half of the symbol we know as Yin-Yang, showing us the balance of black and white. Neither one can exist, or be seen, without the other. For some, black represents emptiness or evil, but for others it can represent safety or be impersonal.

Physically, black absorbs all forms of energy, which could be a help or a hindrence, depending on the situation and the way in which the colour black is used. Wearing black clothes can be a way of forming a protective shield, to not stand out or attract unwanted attention. If colour is added anonymity ceases, and the black can help enhance appearance.

Emotionally, black can be seen as a safe place to withdraw, reminding us of the safety and comfort of the womb. This can be used for healing for a short period of time, to access deeply set emotions that have been bought to the surface to deal with. When we experience a painful situation in our lives, emotions are often stored and locked away into what is often called our "dark-side". Working with black crystals can access these painful memories to enable you to work through them.

Mentally, black shows us the thoughts that unconsciously direct our lives from the hidden depths of our minds. Black represents the quiet time of reflecting inwards to your "dark-side", letting thoughts come and go without any conscious influence. This is to experience black on a mental level, and can help us to discover our hidden thoughts and feelings.

Spiritually, black represents the exploration of the depths of the mind. By allowing black into your everyday life can help your mind greatly, by having no fear of the emptiness of the mind, or of thoughts that arise, and having a deeper understanding of the mind and it's power of thought.

To balance the black energy in your life, try sitting quietly on your own, and practice "being" rather that "doing" or thinking of "doing".

Black crystals such as smoky quartz, obsidian and black tourmaline can also be used to enhance black energy.


Throughout history, red is considered to represent all things sacrad, and life itself. Warning and danger signs are also represented by the colour red, warning of the possible loss of life. Fire, a red energy, can be seen as a life-saver or a life-destroyer, and this is the same in our daily life experiences. Too much red energy can be harmful or exhausting to us, making us become overly concerned with the material world, whereas a lack of red can cause low energy levels, and make the world seem like a threatening and dangerous place to be.

Physically, red relates to the blood circulating around the body, that provides the cells with oxygen and nutrients. Red energy is present when we eat well and excersise regularly. If we don't eat enough, or constantly exhaust ourselves, we put stress on the adrenal glands. These glands release adreniline in survival situations, increasing senses and reaction times. Overstretching ourselves, physically and mentally, can cause the complete shut-down of this process. Red energy excersises usually mainly involve the lower limbs, such as walking, jogging, running, swimming or cycling. One of these excersises carried out for 20 minutes will increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to our cells. If none of these excersises are possible, you could also try massaging your legs and feet, this will create the same energy. You can also increase red energy by eating red foods, and food rich in minerals, which will give you more physical and mental energy.

Red is linked to any direct emotional rection or expression. Anger and passion are both commonly represented by the colour red, as well as blushing. We have often heard sayings that reinforce this belief, such as "red in the face" or the "red-light district". Red emotions are known to be strong, immediate and short lived, and many of these emotions are looked down upon, or not accepted by society. This can cause people to feel guilty about their anger or their passion. Wearing red clothes or carrying red crystals can help counteract feelings of guilt, or stop you denying your passion. You could also try introducing something red into the living area, i.e. cushions or flowers. Flower essence such as scarlet, pimpernel, red rose, hazel or oak will also create a red energy.

Mentally, red is linked to the drive to start new plans and projects, such as starting new businesses. When mental energy is low, visualising red, or eating red foods can help. Coffee and tea create red energy, but these are only temporary "fixes". Too much can cause irritability and create addictive behaviour.

Red reminds us that no matter how spiritual we are, we are always dependent on our physical body, it's survival and well-being is vital in order to express that spirituality. Our connections to the material world can be reaffirmed by wearing red, eating red foods and foods rich in minerals, exercising, releasing strong emotions and occasionally acting on impulse.

To increase or balance red energy in your life wear red clothes, eat red foods, exercise, and carry red crystals such as garnet, red jasper and rubys. Essential oils such as ylang ylang, frankincense and black pepper will also create red energy, as well as the flower essences mentioned above.


Brown energy is the colour of soil, and represents earth and all aspects of the natural world. The color brown is linked to the solid background or foundation of our lives. The primary colours red, yellow, and blue make brown, and it's a familiar and comfortable colour to us.

The colour brown makes us feel safe, and encourages us to be practical in our lives. Introducing brown into activity in your life occurs through nature-based pastimes such as gardening, walking in woodland, or working with wood or clay. Wearing brown allows us to remain stable and grounded.

All shades and tones of brown have a calming effect on the emotions, and can help us feel more self-reliant. Like black, brown can be impersonal, and can help us to blend into the background and to remain detatched from strong emotions. When worn as a main dress colour, some people find it to be non-threatening, and it can make the person wearing it look more approachable. Chocolate is well-known as being used as a comfort food, but too much can become addictive. To stabilize emotions you could try eating other brown foods such as nuts, that will promote brown energy but without the short-lived sugar-rush.

Brown energy helps turn ideas into reality, so brown is an excellent colour for studies or libraries, or anywhere associated with long-term study and logical thought processes. Because of browns need for stability, and its love of routine, brown can eventually suffocate the flow of creative thought, so counteract this with the use of sunlight in that area. Carrying brown crystals, such as tiger's eye or dark citrine, can help start new routines. Hazel nuts can be eaten at times of study or thought.

Spiritually, brown encourages us to be content with where and who we are, and to be free from unrealistic wishes, but this can take time, patience and effort.

Increase the brown energy in your life by wearing brown clothes, using wooden furniture in your home, and eating brown foods such as nuts, seeds and brown rice. Brown crystals such as tiger's eye, dark citrine, staurolite and iron quartz can be carried. Activities that will balance brown energy include gardening, walking, pottery and woodwork.


Orange is made up of equal parts of red and yellow, and has two main qualities of release and creativity, that relates to all levels of our being.

Physically, orange is linked to the lower abdomen in general, but to the large intestines and reproductive organs in particular. The reproductive organs deal with fertility and the large intestine deals with the release of waste from the body. If the body was not able to release waste products then it would become constipated and toxic. Orange foods such as oranges, carrots and apricots, eaten with foods such as brown rice, oats and natural roughage, can help to eliminate such problems. Symptoms can also be relieved by massaging the lower abdomen and back with oils that have an orange energy, such as neroli or sandalwood. Like with brown energy, the colour orange helps us to turn ideas, dreams and inspirations into reality. Musicians, artists and dancers use alot of orange energy. When creative energy is blocked, eating orange foods, wearing orange, or massaging "orange" oils, will all help. Flowers such as marigolds or mock orange could also be used. When any system within the body stops or slows so does creativity, and constipation increases. If physical symptoms persist, it may be necessary to work on underlying emotions linked to the colour orange.

Emotionally, Orange is linked to the opposing feelings of fun and pleasure and shock and trauma. Orange can be an uncomfortable colour to anyone who has shut out the enjoyment of life, for whatever reason. Any repression of personal pleasure, desire and enjoyment, will cease the flow of orange energy throughout the body. This will cause blocks of energy in the body which causes guilt on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. The same reaction can be felt if we ever experience trauma or shock in our lives, even more so if we felt powerless. Orange reminds us that something needs to be dealt with, which is why the colour can be difficult to settle with in these circumstances.

At times when we aren't able, or we aren't willing to release problems or painful memories, an emotional constipation can occur, with blockages of energy and excessively tense muscles. These can lead to physical problems in the body such as constipation, urinary problems, or a tenderness in the back or lower abdomen. If orange is slowly introduced, in any form, it can encourage the healing that is needed.

Orange can enhance creativity, and gives the artist the ability of turning ideas into reality in a way that gains much appreciation from others. This works through any medium, as long as it brings relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment.

Spiritually, orange is sometimes referred to as the etheric layer, which is the part of the aura that is closest to the physical body. The etheric layer contains the blueprint of our physical body, and if our emotional, mental or physical bodies are harmed then so is the etheric layer. Pain can continue, or the body may never mend if the etheric isn't healed. Any use of orange will help to heal the etheric by maintaining the flow of energy, which will help the physical body to heal and release stress effectively.

To increase or balance orange energy in your life you could try wearing orange clothes, or eating orange foods such as oranges, carrots, apricots or peaches. There are other foods such as brown rice, oats, sesame seeds, vitamin C and zinc, that can be eaten that will have the same orange effect. Carrying orange crystals such as carnelian or dark citrine can also help, and other crystals that work in the same way like dark opal, Herkimer Diamond and selenite. Orange essential oils can be effective for healing, you could try neroli, mandarin or cedar, or marigold and Californian poppy flower essences. Creative activities like dancing, music or any kind of art, will help the flow of orange energy.


Gold is created when a larger part of yellow is mixed with red, and the colour is mostly associated with wealth, status and power, showing us how colour association and reactions to colour is prevalent within today's society. The mineral Gold has been fought and sought after for years, because it's rarity signifies worth and value, qualities that any powerful person would want.

The colour gold can be used visually, or be shone onto the body to calm and sooth nerves, and to encourage relaxation. Tiny amounts of gold are needed in order for the nervous system to function. Gold is linked to the skin, and creams made from gold-coloured flowers such as chamomile, marigold or evening primrose, and gold-coloured natural oils such as vitamin E, are used to help keep the skin supple and repair any minor damage.

Emotionally gold brings about the feelings of contentment and comfort. Wearing gold makes us feel aware and confident, and gets us noticed. Worn in small amounts, gold can show wealth and good taste, but too much gold suggests the need to impress. If gold energy is balanced it can create a lazy, but comfortable and secure emotional style.

Mentally gold is associated with natural leadership - great leaders have the skills of carrying the weights of inevitable attention, but without letting the ego take over. If gold is unbalanced then an egotistical dictator will be created, who would deny others of gold qualities such as happiness, relaxation and contentment. Gold energy encourages taking time out for fun and relaxation.

Gold suggests a serene, well-rounded and wise personality, on a spiritual level. But that doesn't mean that someone with gold energy has nothing more to achieve. Gold shows us that working hard on self-development does pay off, but it never ceases.

To increase or balance the gold energy in your life start by having something gold in colour within your immediate vicinity. Eating foods that warm the body such as spicy foods or ginger will encourage gold energy flow. Being out in the sun has a gold effect, as does wearing gold jewellery, or amber, rich citrine or gold topaz. Herbs and nutrients like vitamin E and dandelion will also help balance gold energy.


Yellow has an energising effect compared to that of the relaxing gold, and is linked to the ability of making decisions with the information at hand. The greatest source of yellow we have is from sun-light in the main part of the day, and if we exclude it from out lives we exclude ourselves from one of the most powerful healing sources.

Physically, yellow is linked to our digestive, immune and nervous systems. These systems rely on the correct information being available and the correct choices being made. Our digestive system chooses which nutrients to absorb from the food we eat, for our health and growth. If the digestive system didn't make the correct choices, we would suffer from digestive problems. The nervous system is used to relay information to the brain, where it is selected, stored and acted upon when and if necessary. If the nervous system could no longer prioritise, confusion and fear would grow. The immune system identifies and decides which cells are harmful to us and destroys them. When the immune system fails to make these vital decisions, it doesn't fight off viruses, bacteria, and other harmful cells that can be connected to such things as allergies. In extreme circumstances our immune system can attack our own healthy cells, which are called auto-immune diseases. Extra yellow is needed by many of us living in the today's world. Yellow in the home, yellow foods, food supplements and herbs linked to yellow like vitamin B, evening primrose oil, vitamon E and St. John's Wort can all be helpful.

Physical imbalances of yellow can cause us to become mentally and emotionally stressed. Working in artificial light or near electrical machines can decrease yellow energy. Your mind will suffer the more your body gets stressed, and thinking patterns will begin to fail. Yellow energy helps us to study, concentrate and remember, and helps the ability to judge or discriminate what is needed. Emotionally imbalanced yellow will make us strive for an unrealistic ideal, rather than accepting our best efforts.

Spiritually, yellow helps us to know who and what we are, and deflect unwanted energy from others or machinery within our environment. We become powerless and weak if we allow ourselves to become dominated by things outside of ourselves, which is what happens when we cannot differentiate between ourselves and our surroundings.

To increase or balance the yellow energy in your life try wearing yellow clothing, or introduce yellow into your surroundings. Eat yellow foods such as bananas, grains or citrus fruit, or foods rich in vitamins. Supplements such as vitamin B and E, St. John's Wort and Evening Primrose Oil will also help. Carrying yellow coloured crystals such as lemon quartz, yellow citrine and yellow fluorite can be beneficial. Flower essences from yellow flowers like daffodil, crocus, marigold, chrysanthemum and hypericum can also be used. Any time spent in the sun will increase the flow of yellow energy.


Green is related to nature and trees and plants. Green is found in the middle of the visible spectrum and signifies balance and harmony. Our eyes are particularly sensitive to all different shades and tints of green.

In the physical world, we see green in the spring when there are new shoots and plant growth. This is part of the natural cycle of birth and death that we can sometimes find difficult to accept in our lives. In order for new life and growth to occur, the death of a cycle had to take place, so that another can occur. This is how balance is created. When we have difficulties in accepting this natural cycle, a walk in a forest or park, or by the sea can help. In our physical bodies, green is linked to the heart, lungs, the arms and hands. The heart and lungs are organs that work in a rhythmical cycle of expansion and contraction, that we depend on to live. The arms and hands are used to pull things or others towards us, to hold or relate to, or to inspect closer. On the flip side they are also used to push things or people away when we feel we don't need or want them in our lives any more.

Emotionally, green helps us to relate to everything and everyone in our environment. It is vital to balance personal needs with the requirements of others. In personal relationships this situation is forever changeable. Feelings constantly change, we can never expect our or others emotions to stay the same at all times. In relation to the heart and lungs, the cycle of letting go and holding in is an ongoing process that never ceases. You cannot achieve security emotionally, as feelings naturally differ so often. Knowing who we are, life-experience and practice can help us to deal with this natural process. When we feel emotionally overwhelmed and the oppurtunity to be outside in natural surroundings isn't available, essential oils such as rosemary, lavender or pine can be very helpful to create green energy and a sense of personal space.

Mentally, green energy is linked to the thought cycles of our minds. When we are young we follow behaviour methods from those in a role of guidance who set the rules. This helps us to become comfortable and feel secure in our homes and surroundings, which is good and necessary. As we mature though we reach a point where we must set our own rules and boundaries of behaviour, and let go of the childhood patterns in order to accept the new responsibilities and grow into an independent adult. This is not always an easy thing to do, as some of us have difficulty in accepting the natural process of cycles that occur in our lives. At these times of "breaking away" wearing green can be very helpful. Eating green food for a few days can also encourage changes in our thinking.

Spiritually, green encourages us to be ourselves and do our own thing, regardless of what others may say or do. This confirms our uniqueness rather than being purposefully eccentric or rebellious. Only we can live our own lives. We can listen to advice but we are always responsible for ourselves. Accepting this can bring a sense of freedom, which also gives the opportunity for other people to free themselves from any feelings of duty of care they had for that person. It allows everyone to move on and grow.

To increase or balance the green energy in your life wear green clothes and eat green foods, such as apples, pears and leafy vegetables. Crystals such as aventurine, emerald, green jasper, jade and tourmaline can be carried for green energy. Flower essences made from tree flowers such as lime, maple and willow will also help. Being outside in the countryside, around trees or even in your garden will have a green effect.


Turquoise is created when blue and green are mixed together, and gets its name from the Turks who decorated their buildings in tiles of this colour. Most people are attracted to this colour and find it has a calming effect when it appears in nature. An easy flow of energy throughout the body is created by the colour turquoise, which helps us to relax, physically and emotionally. Turquoise works mainly on the upper body, helping to deepen breathing and soothe and relax tense muscles in and around the upper back and shoulders. The functioning of the thymus gland benefits from this, which in turn helps the immune system.

Emotionally, turquoise helps us to express our personal feelings, which reflects on our individuality, and some people can find this difficult to deal with. If you find self expression difficult then wearing turquoise coloured clothes, or introducing the colour into the home, can help.

Mentally, turquoise can help to see old ideas in new and useful ways. If you feel there is an issue that you need to take a stand over that you feel passionate about, or when it feels difficult to fit in, turquoise is a great colour to wear.

Spiritually, turquoise is known to be protective, and the mineral has been used for centuries for its protective and healing properties. Turquoise can be worn as jewellery or a piece in its natural form can be carried.

To increase or balance turquoise energy in your life wear some turquoised coloured clothes, or wear turquoise jewelry or carry some with you. Also try to say how you feel rather than what you think is expected of you.


The colour blue, whether it be light like the sky on a clear sunny day or dark like at nighttime, makes us appreciate and be in awe of the universe and the vastness of space. Blue suggests the flow of energy which could be in the form of love, data or communication. A flow of information from one person coming from a higher state of intensity, to another that is lower, is linked to the colour blue. This could be for example, a teacher or a tutor teaching someone with less knowledge than themselves.

Physically, blue has a relaxing effect on the body. Inflammation and swelling in joints and other tissues, has been reduced by shining a blue light onto the body, but this should only be used for short periods as too much can cause blue to become cold and depressive. Blue represents communication in all aspects, verbal, being language, speech, singing and laughter, and body language too. Frustration or disappointment can build if communiction of any form is stopped, as this will also stop the flow of energy. The colour blue is linked to the ears, nose and throat, and if the energy is stopped, the physical reaction could be a sore throat, earache or a stiff or sore neck. If you experience any of these symptoms try wearing a blue scarf around your neck, or carry blue crystals which can help. The flower Arnica has been used for centuries for bruises, sprain and trauma, as it acts as a blue energy, bringing back the flow to an area that has been stuck through shock.

Emotionally, blue has a calming effect, and can be very effective when used in any painful situation. The flower Aconite, which is bright blue, is often used as a great remedy. The colour blue has been associated with objects or people of worship, such as the Virgin Mary or Krishna for centuries, and is also used in stained glass windows in many old, different places of worship.

Mentally, when blue energy flows it brings knowledge and understanding. Blue is linked to learning and teaching, particularly in philosophy, religion and further studying. Wear blue if you want to help the confidence in others, or if you want to be seen as reliable and trustworthy. Blue helps us to realise and follow sudden ideas or intuitions we may have that can flow from an infinite or divine source, that can change our lives.

Spiritually, blue is related to the flow of information from one source to another, but more on an unwordly level than everyday conversations and communication. The darker shades of blue are linked to mediumship skills, and the ability to receive information from a higher source. To secure and stabilise this kind of talent, the corresponding colours orange and red are both required.

To balance or increase the blue energy in your life, allow yourself time to look up at the blue sky on a clear day or the starry night sky. Wear blue clothing and start incorporating blue into your surroundings. Essential oils such as rosemary, lavender and blue chamomile, and flower essences like bluebell, harebell, forget-me-not and scabious will have a blue effect. Blue crystals such as celestite, blue topaz, sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite and azurite will also be effective if carried in the pocket, worn as jewelry or used in meditation with the Chakra system.


In the present day, violet is thought to be the most spiritual of all the colours, mostly based on it's use in history, although all the colours are needed for our well-being, and none are thought to be any more important than the next. Centuries ago, the upper class, the clergy and the wealthy were the only people who could afford purple and violet dyes as they were very expensive. The link between violet and healing comes from the fact that it is a mix of blue and red, which are at the opposing ends of the visible spectrum. This makes violet unique as the body can take whatever energy it needs for its well-being, in any given situatuion.

Physically, violet is linked to the head, and it's essential mix of the colours blue and red represent the opposing sides of the brain, and the different functioning of the left and right hemispheres. The left side of the brain is ruled by logical thought and outward expression, whereas the right side is linked to creativity and the digestion of information. The degree of balance between the left and right hemispheres is visible in an individuals physical coordination, and other motor skills that require both sides of the body to work in harmony. Amethyst, diamond and fluorite can all be helpful in these situations. Amethyst can cure or ease the onset of migraine or headaches when placed on the head.

Emotionally, violet is linked to sympathy, empathy and the ability to see other people's point of view. These emotions however, can easily and quickly become negative traits, as helpers can often see others as more vunerable and deserving, so sacrifice themselves. A more balanced approach is to help others as much as you can but to also look after your own-well being in the process. Being as violet is linked to imagination and creativity, it would be a good idea to also use some of violets opposing colour, yellow, as it has a grounding effect to stop the positive effects of violet turning into fantasy and delusion. Creating balance requires all of the colours and concentration on one will cause the balance to tip.

Spiritually, violet is linked to bringing spiritual aspects of life into our everyday lives. Many teachers and gurus have pointed out that it is a waste of time having high ideals and opinions if we can not incorporate them into our every day-to-day lives. Bringing the spiritual and everyday lives together can be done through some kind of ritual, such as praying, attending a place of worship, or simply being grateful and giving thanks for the things you have in your life. If it is done from the heart it is very powerful.

To increase or balance the violet energy in your life wear violet clothes or use violet crystals such as amethyst, sugulite, violet fluorite, diamond or charoite. Using essential oils like lavender and violet, or flower essences such as violet, pansy, petunia, lavender and gentian, can also be very effective.


Pink is a mix of red and white, but some shades do have a hint of blue. The amount of red present represents the amount of practical energy that red is linked to. Red represents our personal motivation whereas white states that anything is possible.

In the Western world, pink is considered to be worn by a female, yet in many Eastern cultures, red represents the female energy and white represents the male. Pink is a very underestimated color, as it balances polarities such as male and female, Yin and Yang, and expression and reception. A piece of rose quartz in a room can be very effective in harmonizing the energies of the environment. It would need to be cleansed regularly though. Pink clothing, pink crystals in jewelry, or bringing pink into your home will also help.

Deep pink, such as magenta, has been known to soothe aggressive behaviour if used for short periods of time, i.e. 10 minutes, as longer use can have more of a red influence, causing agitation. Pale pink is linked to our personal attributes, such as self-worth, self-esteem and self-tolerance. It is often easier for people to express love for others rather than themselves, and forgiving others is often easier if we have to forgive ourselves first, and the paler shades of pink can help with this. Self-acceptance becomes easier once we recognise and face the fears we hold about ourselves. Rose quartz is said to be very useful for healing, yet an emotional release may be required in order to be able to deal with any kind of pink healing.

When we imagine ourselves as a single unit, separate from the world, we tend to hold ourselves in a negative light. It is very common for people to undervalue themselves and their skills in today's society. Visualising pink can be very beneficial. Visualise pink around yourself to ease difficult situations, or visualise the colour pink around others who you may feel threatened by.

For some people, pink represents unconditional love, which, if we're really honest with ourselves, can be very difficult to express. However, compassion is different, as it allows for human weaknesses. The red and white of the colour pink represent compassion, and the strength that is required. It takes a very strong person to be able to not rush in and want to fix everything, and to allow others to find themselves, and to accept what "is", with all the pain and joy it can bring.

To increase or balance the pink energy in your life you can wear pink clothes, or use pink crystals like rose quartz, rhodonite and rhodocrosite. Essential oils such as rose and rose geranium, and pink flower essences like flowering current, geranium and red campion will also help.


Like black, white is technically not a colour, but it occurs when the whole spectrum of light is seen in unity, or when red, yellow and blue light is combined. Everything is visible in white, there are no hidden secrets. White is thought to have both cold and hot qualities, cold like snow, and hot like burning metal. Either one can be a threat to life. White is also associated with purity and holiness. White is often used in ceremonies, symbolising beginnings and ends, or births and deaths, and the cycle of life.

Some people can find white an uncomfortable colour to settle with because of it's openess and honesty. It has a mirror-like effect, reflecting emotions back to the originator. Wearing white can isolate you from, or give off a sense of being above others, which could make it difficult for other people to approach you. The use of another colour, even in a small amount, can make a huge difference to how others respond to you.

White is direct and impersonal, and is linked to quick or complete transformation and change. White can become an uncomfortable experience though without the use of other colours. To change emotional and mental patterns it is thought that using flower essences such as Star of Bethlehem, stitchwort, daisy and snowdrop, is very effective. Clear and white crystals will also be as useful and are great energy transmitters.

To increase or balance the white energy in your life wear white clothing with another colour of your choice. Fasting for twenty-four hours, drinking only water, will also reinforce white energy. Using and wearing white and clear crystals such as clear quartz, moonstone, opal and diamond will help, as will white flower essences like cherry laurel, apple and nettle and the flower essences mentioned above.


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    • GJ56 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hey Mrs. J. B., ill check out thebluestar, thanks : ) and thankyou Abie, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub : )

    • Abie Taylor profile image

      Abie Taylor 

      7 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      Great hub I loved it! My favourite colour is red and orange because I have an easy life. Very intereasting and formal. Will check out your other hubs. Rated up...

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Such vibrant colors that are so soothing.. I am going to introduce another hubber to you! thebluestar.. My big sis in Ireland.. I am trying the pendulum but I think my hand is unsteady...

    • GJ56 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi Mrs. J. B., thankyou for such lovely comments! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it..and I'm a big lover of purple and amethyst too : )

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      What a fabulous hub. I love love love it.... Bookmarked of course. Well written, explained in good ol' Dick and Jane terms and so interesting. My colors are Black, White, Purple , Green and Blue... Gems Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Amethysts and my oil Patchouli... I am going to read it again later this evening when everyone is asleep...

    • GJ56 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi thougtforce, thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it : )

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 

      7 years ago from Sweden

      Very interesting hub and you have put a lot of effort into it. Great information and excellent hub! I enjoyed to read and I will think about what colour I have around me:)

    • GJ56 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hey, that's great, Im glad you enjoyed the hub! Remember the gems you're most attracted to will be most beneficial to you : )

    • Beberlee profile image


      7 years ago from Philadelphia

      This is awesome I have gems. I like them. :)

    • GJ56 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi Michael, thanks for your comment, I'm glad you found it interesting! Colours are something I guess we all take for granted, like numbers, and tend not to really think too much about, or don't realise our connection to them. But colours, numbers, crystals etc are all energy sources, and effect our everyday lives whether we know it or not! But if you are aware of these things you can use them to your advantage and use what colours are best for you at any given time. Im waffling now : D Glad you enjoyed it and hope you can take something from it : )

    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 

      7 years ago from Scotland

      Hi GJ56, Really interesting Hub. It's not something i would have thought about much before but reading this i can think of colours i feel comfortable with and others less so and realise there maybe a lot of reasons for it all.

      Cheers. Michael.


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