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Comfort from beyond

Updated on July 12, 2016

Loss of loved ones

It is never easy losing a loved one. The grieving process takes time and never truly ends. We mourn our departed and slowly learn how to move forward with life. Moving forward does not mean forgetting or "getting over it", it just means that our lives must continue. We carry the memories of loved ones in our hearts and in this way, they are never very far away.

Sometimes a person has a particularly rough time moving forward after the passing of a loved one. The grief can be overwhelming and even somewhat debilitating. It is during those times that some people believe they were visited by the spirit of their loved one. This is not all that surprising considering many cultures and various religions believe in an afterlife of some kind.

The question is, do spirits really visit? Are they trying to offer some measure of comfort to the living?


Ghost or grief

A natural response to the death of a loved one is to want to see them one last time. The desire to see that loved one laughing once more or doing something they normally did, is often so strong that it is unbearable. Can this desire, coupled with grief, be enough to make someone experience the presence of their departed loved one?


Sometimes, a mourner may experience the presence of their departed loved one through a dream or while in a dream-like state. Some people might say this is the brain's way of helping the mourner cope with the loss. Seeing and talking to the deceased in the dream may ease the mourner's mind a little bit and offer at least temporary comfort.

Sometimes, through these types of dreams, the mourner is given the chance for closure. For example the deceased may let the mourner know he/she is happy now and no longer suffering. This dream message comforts the mourner and makes acceptance of the passing a little bit easier to process. Again, this could be the brain trying to cope with the loss. In the dream, the mourner might be able to say the things he/she did not get to say while the loved one was alive.


Accounts of ghost sightings can be found throughout history and are reported even today. Very little is known about the existence of ghosts and spirits. The thought of being visited by a departed friend or family member is comforting to some people. The experience allows for closure or at least to see the loved one for a final time.

The spirit may be unable to move on to the next level while his/her loved one(s) are in such deep mourning. Perhaps the spirit wants to give peace of mind and ease the heartache of the living. This is only speculation since actual proof of spirits is virtually non-existent. All that is known is that many people believe they have been visited by the spirits of their loved ones.

To some people, both of these theories make sense and are acceptable explanations for experiencing the presence of the deceased. Culture, religious beliefs and even society, all play a roll in how one perceives a visit from the deceased.


From the beyond

People debate over whether ghosts and spirits exist or not. When it comes to down to it, neither side can prove their case definitively. Perhaps some of us are willing to believe in the spirit realm is because we need to know that there is something after death. Death seems so final, and some want to believe that our spirits live on.

There are countless documented cases of ghosts, guardian angels and unexplained phenomena. It is rather difficult to deny the possibility that they could be real. Believing that the spirit of your deceased relative/friend came to you and offered you comfort does not make you crazy, it makes you human. We all want relief from the pain of loss and if a spirit can offer that, then why judge or scrutinize it?

That comfort could come in the form of a familiar scent, a warm hug or a soft whisper. Just because the source of these things may not always be seen, doesn't make them any less comforting to an aching heart.

The truth

In the end, does it really matter if closure and comfort come from our own minds or from spirits? The important thing is finding a way to cope with the loss and being able to move forward in life. The universe has a special way of helping people and maybe, just maybe, that help comes from beyond.

No one knows what happens to the essence of a person when they die. Therefore no one can say, with certainty, that ghosts and spirits do not exist. As for some of us, the visits we receive from dearly missed relatives is all the proof and peace of mind we need.

Time to weigh in!

Do you believe we can reach out to loved ones after death?

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Your thoughts

I am interested in knowing about your thoughts and experiences with regard to comfort and closure from spirits of departed loved ones. Feel free to share in the comment section below.

© 2014 Tammy Cramblett


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    • profile image

      Diana Banks 2 years ago

      My daughter was killed by a smart bus November 25th,2014 and l am a diabetic and l checked my glucose and it was 77 and my carb intake today was 77and the year my daughter was born was 1977.all 77 today.that is something else.

    • Tammy Cramblett profile image

      Tammy Cramblett 3 years ago from United States

      Hello WiccanSage. Thank you for your kind comments. I think that personal faith is what matters, not proof or hard evidence. As you said, as long as it is real to the person. Faith is a powerful thing and can give people a positive reason to face each new day. It doesn't matter if that faith is in ghosts, Gods or pixies. As long as that faith has a positive effect on the person then so be it :) It is tough losing a loved one and sometimes it is faith that gets us through it.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Interesting hub, and I like the way you remain objective. I feel the same way about a lot of things in life, from spirits, Gods, spirit guides, spirituality, etc.-- I don't claim to know 100% if it's all in my head or all objectively real, and I don't think it matters. As long as it's real to me, it impacts my life. If it's impacting my life positively, I don't care if it can be proven or quantified. It's real enough to me. A great read, thanks.