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Coming Darkness-Deception Dreams & Visions

Updated on May 26, 2013

We are warned about darkness and how it will cover the earth- To seek Jesus while it is light and do what Jesus commissioned us to do "Go out into all the world and share the Gospel of Jesus,which is how you become part of the Kingdom of God- Our Salvation.

In the bible we are told to come out of the darkness, to also shine our light into the darkness- that the people in the darkness saw a great light.Also we are told that some that saw the light did not understand it. Did not understand that Jesus is light, life, love, mercy, grace - The one who gave his all to save us from how our rebellion caused a breach in our relationship with God. Jesus just didn't die like a normal person who had been crucified- he actually took unto him all of our sins. Sin wages are death- our sins actually killed him, even though he was crucified. During this taking place he was separated from His Father God- this caused Jesus the most pain as he did ask God before dying "why did you forsake me"? Than his soul left his body because he died right after being separated from God. This is what sin does to us unless we accept Jesus.

Jesus died and went to hell- and fought satan and took the keys to hell- meaning that the victory has been won- he raised from the dead 3 days later. Makes you wonder did they fight for the whole 3 dys or not? Will just have to find that out later.

So Jesus went to hell for us- giving us all no matter what sin we have committed, no matter what life style we are living, no matter how evil we have actually become- A WAY TO STILL BE ABLE TO KNOW GOD! To know God's love is so strong that instead of continuing the blood sacrifice of animals- but paid the price for all sins. This allows us to be free from it in Jesus- God doesn't want us to be bound,trapped, and in the misery of sin reaping the death, rebellion, and finding out at the end that the life you thought you wanted to live your way-not seeking God is the very thing- The biggest thing you regret not doing with your life.

We know that Jesus is the light, he causes us to walk in the light- to be filled with the light.The Light of the WORLD!This is what causes God's love to shine into our heart- Jesus lights up the darkness and all the walls that our rebellion builds are knocked down!

Hey, here's some visions & dreams for the coming darkness.There are many commonalities in these visions from God, as there are also with the others. These are very important-please take heed & seek God-accept Jesus as your Lord. Call on Jesus for he is the only one that can save us.

I Saw Darkness Covering The Earth

I Saw Coming Darkness, Tribulation, And Persecution

The end times Deception

My Vision Of Darkness Falling

Something wicked this way comes!A dream and a Word from the Lord!

Dream... Don't Stay In The Dark!

Warning: Coming Deception

vision of dark armies, turn off your computers

They're Coming! Do not be deceived! Dream revealed!

Dream of A Coming Killer

A Message Jesus Gave Me To Tell You!! LISTEN!!!!!!

For the sake of needing to write more so my page remains published I continue.... :)

Let no one deceive you- This is what God has warned us to not do- so we can live. He said he has laid out and showed the difference through His word what is right and wrong, What leads to death and that which leads to life. He even said choose life- what a hint another showing of his love towards us.

Just like a Father tells his child- choose to do what is right because you will have success and be a good citizen- resulting too in living longer. Be wise, press toward a goal, don't follow the crowd amongst many other sound advice to leading a good life.

Well a lot of what we want for our children is actually what God wants from us too- and in this world we do it for love and in Heaven God as our Father is trying to do the same thing-Yet he is God and has all power and only desires, longing so deeply for us to choose the right path, the one that has all we ever needed, To understand his plans for us are good, his promises to keep us and deliver us are true- his word is true and declares to us the need to seek his will, trust his promises, cling to him like a child to father- look to him for wisdom and understand that a Father's love never dies.

Even if the child chooses to be rebellious causing harm to self- and that rebellion kills so many people, children, all because they were not taught to be humble before God and submit yourself to authority, don't lead a dangerous and reckless life! Lead a godly life at the same time. God gave us the help and instructions for this life and if we will just call out to Jesus, God will open our eyes and we will discover the greatest love in this world, he is able to save you from any place, his arm is not to short, he is mighty in power and delivers, forgives all who call on Jesus, the ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE THEM.


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