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Common Qualities Of Empaths & Lightworkers

Updated on October 13, 2015
The Empath or Light Worker embarks on a journey of healing, assisting and teaching others.
The Empath or Light Worker embarks on a journey of healing, assisting and teaching others.

Common Qualities Possessed By Empaths & Light Workers

The terms, Empath and Light Worker (or Lightworker) are often used and interchanged. By definition, the Empath is someone who possesses the unique quality of a very strong intuition combined with other gifts such as the ability to sense the feelings and emotions of others. Light Workers are souls, typically Empaths, who possess the unique ability to heal, teach, guide and raise the Universal Vibration by helping others. In most cases, Light Workers happen to be empathic, and Empaths often opt to embark on the journey of assisting others, thus becoming a Light Worker. Below, is a list of the common qualities and traits that these unique souls possess.

- Likely very well experienced in enduring abusive situations and relationships, but you'll rarely, if ever, hear them discuss it -let alone mention their sad pasts.

- Open-mindedness and non-judgmental are their middle names.

- They're quick, alert and keen listeners.

- They find beauty in ... everything. Even negative situations, to them, have a positive spin.

- They never talk about themselves, unless giving an analogy. It's often like pulling teeth getting them to talk about "self" unless I'm giving them a reading, then they are okay with talking.

- They love intensely and unconditionally - everyone.

- They donate so much time to others, they forget to take care of themselves.

- Looking into their eyes, you see great wisdom, joy from many lifetimes and the knowledge carried over from life lessons learned from this and previous lives.

- ESP "extra sensory perception" is putting it mildly.

- They can raise their own (and your) vibration and frequency just by thinking of you, or smiling at you.

- They seem "all knowing" because most are about many things.

- They're less interested in outward appearances regarding themselves and others. They tune-in to everyone and everything. They'll find an old antique more attractive than a shiny new item..and they'll form an attachment.

- They form strong attachment to emotion but not to situations, so capturing the heart of an empath isn't so easy sometimes.

- Animals will sense the empathy and either draw close and become affectionate or some may flee in fear, as the animal can sense such a strong presence. Example: Animals that see spirits or ghost entities will bark or his.

- They tend to have strong core values. And again, listening without judgment is always an attribute.

- They invest wisely. They don't spend money on things to "show off," as they're uninterested in what others think of their appearances.

- You'll see a sense of calm peace around them -unless they're in a hurry.

- They're the opposite of picky.

- They are so worried about everyone else and everyone else's happiness, they always have a great sense of fulfillment in the fact that they helped someone else.

- They are GENUINE and always authentic and are wonderful people, a pleasure to be around.

- They are usually in excellent positions in life due to their wisdom. They often have happy, well-adjusted children as well.

- Some are financially wealthy due to the wisdom they've brought into this lifetime.

- They're VERY talented but you'll rarely hear them speak of their talents due to modesty.

- Most are slightly introverted and shy, but some are outgoing.

- They compartmentalize emotion well. They'll often assist others long before addressing any of their own personal stresses.

- They have vivid ideas and dreams (goals) which they see come to fruition easily.

- They attract others easily. This can be dangerous for the empath/lightworker because unlike narcissists or sociopaths who also attract people easily, the empath and lightworker does not have an agenda. His or her only "agenda" is only to help others. So, the empath/lightworker can fall victim to others easily -- however, the wisdom they carry from many lifetimes helps protect them.

- The empath/lightworker works too much. They're workaholics much of the time. This is because they receive a sense of fulfillment in whatever career they choose, and this again comes from their wisdom from previous lives.

- The empath/lightworker is extremely frugal and thrifty. Everything has use and they don't throw much away -hoping to reuse it again.

- They're bookworms and study constantly. Many have multiple degrees.

- Many are born with learning disabilities, but quickly discover they can succeed and do very well educationally. They learn constantly.

- They do not become bored easily. Getting drunk or partying isn't so interesting to them. They do have a tendency to be the "downer" at parties because of their refusal to "just have a drink already." They'd prefer to sometimes just stay home and read.

- They like chocolate. They seem to eat it constantly. And fresh fruits. But they always seem to eat low sugar.

- They're extremely healthy. They dislike processed foods. Because of their diets, most are extremely healthy and often skinny. While issues such as Veganism and vegetarianism are not uncommon, they will choose (most, anyway) to eat a balanced diet. I know one who is Vegetarian but she'll eat the free range chickens that her boyfriend catches and feeds her.

- While some suffer from chemical imbalances, most do not suffer any mental or emotional disorders/illness/addictions, especially once Ascension is complete.

- They practically never raise an opinion. Rather, they listen then advise (when asked.)

- They love travel. Not os much because they want to see the world, but because they desire to return to the places they subconsciously recall from previous lives.

- They are located literally everywhere, across the globe. There is not one particular area..they are your neighbors, family, friends. Look around you. You'll see them.

Do you have the qualities of an Empath or Light Worker? Or, do you know of any other attributes that Empaths and Light Workers happen to share in common?


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