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Communion By Whitley Strieber Review

Updated on April 26, 2011

The Good

·         Fantastically Written

·         Did his Research

·         Well Laid Out

·         Presented several hypnosis sessions

·         New Preface insightful

The Bad

·         Too much opinion


·         Constantly gives his opinions and even shares his philosophy

·         Book Written by a man coming to terms with what has happened to him


The Good

Fantastically Written

They way this book is written really shows the quality to which Strieber is capable. It is a delightful and smooth read with a nice choice of wording. Occasionally there will be a word you will have to look up but the book is not crammed with them, no instead the book is easily access able to the interested reader.

Did His Research

Strieber clearly has done his research on UFOs for the book and it comes across nicely. Of the many things presented is abductees opinions on their own circumstances, historical UFO incidents involving mysterious Airships and the people were burned at the stake after the fact of being abducted. The book will surprise you with some of the facts that have been compiled and presented and that is always a good thing.

The Bad

Too Much opinion

While the opinions themselves and his philosophy are neutral the fact is that he constantly gives his opinion on various things based on his own suppositions.

The Neutral

Constantly gives his opinions and philosophy

I’m not saying hearing Strieber’s philosophy and opinions is neccisarily a bad thing and to the right people it will come across as down right entertaining but if you are not going into the book expecting or even wanting to hear his thoughts which can prattle on, especially at the end of chapter 8.

The man is smart, intelligent, and in my opinion being honest but if you don’t agree with some of his “assessments” it will come across as annoying for they are not passively mentions but are given front stage in several sections of the book, the longest taking up several pages. In other words they are not easy to ignore.

Written by a man coming to Terms

This downright boarders bad, I am not going to make an illusion to the fact that it doesn’t. Yet this reflects the truthfulness in his story. Whitley is clearly an intellectual and was an unbeliever in the whole UFO experience up until he could hide it from himself no longer. Throughout the book this is reflected in his opinions which border on the absurd but in the 80s when the book was written with knowing less than we do now these opinions might have had more validity in the time.

Final Thoughts

Communion wasn’t what I expected in both the good and bad sense. While giving way to much of his own opinion and philosophy which I will have to politely disagree with, the author also presented facts and perspective that are extremely insightful.

Not only that the book was a smooth read and had an interesting arrangement too it. Instead of telling a story from start to finish Strieber instead opts to tell it how it was revealed to himself, giving us insights into his journey. The New Preface also reflects the suffering the man has endured more at the hands of humanity than at the hands of the visitors.

All these combine this is an excellent book to have in your collection if you are interested in the subject of UFOlogy.

Referenced in book but no longer on the cover this is the alien from the original cover.
Referenced in book but no longer on the cover this is the alien from the original cover.


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