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Communism in Christian America

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 03/30/11

  I'm not stating this writing as "fact", but instead something to give serious consideration to. As I've written about truth vs tradition in many areas, it may apply here as well. Some things we just "get used to" and accept, never looking at what it truly means. I know that many fear the percieved potential of the USA becoming "socialized", and on it's way to communism. However, I'd venture to say that a form of communism has been here for quite some time. Follow me on this if you will and see what you think.

 Back at Americas founding, we were a nation of trades & crafts, often operated by family and local community. Just about everything was regional or at most handled at the stae level. Children were side by side with their parents gaining their trade and craft education as well as their basic learning. There were some "bigger businesses" that might employ a few folks from the community, but nothing "huge" a rare exception might have been the railroad or the pony express. Some communities had small "school-houses' for basic education and it was governed locally.

 Along came industrialization (ah advancement & progress) and the great depression. Lets start here with social security, presented as a retirement fund for our citizens, yet, it requires you to register your child with the state upon birth so that the Gov't can assign your child a number. Once your child reaches adulthood this number allows the Gov't to know where you live, work and how much money you make, if you "opt out" of this system, it's considered illegal as you have to have that numer to work and pay taxes, which if you don't do, you go to jail. Oddly, people are up in arms these days about the thought of a national ID card, some feel it may be a "mark of the beast" sort of thing. I've often wondered if some thought the same thing back when Social Security numbers began getting issued, I mean were "numbered", tracked and registered. If you want to buy, sell or trade you have to use that number (credit report's) which tells everyone what your buying, selling or trading. Biblically, 6 is mans number - some speculate that the 666 is an extreme of "man's" power, just a thought... but could it mean a "big number"? Like say 9 digits? However i'm looking at this from an American perception and not a worldwide.

  In addition to Social Security, we get "public schools", this under the guise of a free & advanced education. Schools run by the Gov't to teach and train our children, what they'll be taught, set by the Gov't. Kids likely were taught enough to operate and calibrate machinery as we industrialized. This is accomplished by an educational "model" (or box!) which was determined and set, then applied to pretty much all kids - one size fits all so to speak. Everyone would come out of the same "drone" mode. Followers were being educated, not so much leaders. Those who were "outside the box" were labeled as troubled (these were likely potentila leaders). These poor kids labeled as foolish, never to amount to much (do to a lack of conformity) fall in the same description as Einstein & Edison by many of their educators. The creativity side of most school kids is still stiffled today, it's the part that isn't harvested in most of the public school "model".

 Out of need - ingenuity is born, a possible alternative? Private Schools! This seems like a great answer initially, and it's certianly a better option than the public schools, but even the private schools have to meet Gov't regulation, criteria & mandates. Granted they have some freedom to go beyond that, but the basic "box" is still there. Very little about basic school structure prepares a student to be a business owner / operator, it trains employees for the most part. In addition to all of this the child(ren) are no longer in the full time care &  interaction of their family and community, no longer learning the crafts and trades of their fore-fathers (which are all but gone now), nor are the parents around full time to instill their values and beliefs upon their children. IF the schools stuck with the basic education and didn't get involved in agendas that would be even better, some things are up to the parents to instruct their kids in, such as right, wrong and religion. I do believe that the pledge of allegiance should still be said in school everyday, however I think Prayer time should be "open" not controlled, let the athiest lay their head down and nap, and let each person have their own Prayer to themselves and their God.

 Now lets look at business (if one of these kids can mange to open one after their out of school), the Gov't once again, regulates, mandates all business activity and commerce - even to the point of controlling pay (minimum wage?) and surely it's only a matter of time till we have a maximum wage as well. Regional communities have been broken up for industrial areas, national companies & corporations transfer people across the land, breaking regional & family ties. Oddly conquering nations (empires) often did this to the people of the lands they conquered, displacing most of the people away to other areas & communities to avoid an uprising reaction of unity. Spread them all over and rebellion sure is difficult.

 Lastly, homeschooling is an alternative, if you can do it, please do. Yes, you'll still have to meet certain criteria to please big brother, and your kids will have to pass the same tests that public and private school kids do, but you can go far beyond the required "box" and you can control what "agendas" your kids are privy to. If homeschooling isn't an option, make the time to counter balance what your kids "take in" during the school day.

As I said at the outset, I'm not claiming this as "fact", but it resonates pretty hard for me. Something to consider, just know that we are registered, regulated, mandated and controlled at all levels from cradle to grave in a supposed "free" country. Mandatory baby & child vaccines?


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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