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Compare God Possibilities

Updated on June 2, 2017

About God existence possibilities

Some people believe that a real God may not exist at all, as we all know the atheists say that. So it may stand to reason that in the beginning man created God, just because they needed God to look after them for various reasons.
Some people believe that a real God may not exist at all, as we all know the atheists say that. So it may stand to reason that in the beginning man created God, just because they needed God to look after them for various reasons. | Source

Let us compare God existence possibilities

Welcome to our article (95), compare God possibilities

May God guide and help me to say the right things, in this difficult spiritual issue?

Let us compare God possibilities

In this article, we want to talk about and ask ourselves, if God exists, and what sort of God is more likely to exist. Frankly dear readers, we must admit that a benevolent God, the way that we would like God to be, might not exist, because if this benevolent God existed, then what is happening in the world today would not happen.

Therefore, dear readers, we would like to talk about, what we have learned from our religious studies. Because we would like to state, what we think the possibilities of the existence of God are. We are going to state them in a mathematical way, if possible, to give them the proper value that we think they deserve, because must consider whether God exist or does not exist, and then, how important and powerful this God is, also whether all spiritual being or things exist or they don’t exist. Because we might have invented God, therefore everything has come from our human imagination, which has got also a good chance to be true.

But for a start, let us give ourselves the benefit of doubt, so, let us talk about God and the rest of the spiritual world as well, because they could exist, we are talking about this issue, since people would like to know, what we have found out from our religious studies that we have done for years; so, here-under we are going to say what we believe now; some of these beliefs are going to be expressed in percentage, because that would be the best way to express, what we believe the possibilities are about the existence of God, and also the possibilities of the spiritual world; as you know we have already written some articles, that express our opinion that God as we know him today, might not exist, since there is no evidence of God’s existence; because, it has been now thousands of year that God has not been seen or reported to have done anything on earth. So, one can even start wondering, whether what has been written in the Bible has really happened, or it has been all a vivid imagination of the people of those times.

So, if we start thinking that God might not exist, it is because God never seems to show up in any ways at all, just a simple sign of his existence would get the people to believe in God for good. Here again we would like to point out, that there are people that believe and say that God does not exist, which could be based mainly on the absence of God ever showing up on earth; so, these atheists are telling us that we are doing more harm than good, when we teach this lie to our children about God and religions. On the other hand, there are people that believe in God and religion so much, that they even kill for their religion, as we know and we are going to write it here under.

God must be blind when the innocent are killed in his name

An innocent man is about to be killed in the name of Allah god of the Islamic State. These happenings are really beyond all human understanding, as there is no real reason to kill that particular man.
An innocent man is about to be killed in the name of Allah god of the Islamic State. These happenings are really beyond all human understanding, as there is no real reason to kill that particular man. | Source

What is happening today?

Now let us talk about, what is happening in the world today, because of these extreme religious beliefs. As you know, some religious fanatics are killings many innocent people, these killings are so terrible, that most of the Christian world would be praying for God to show up and do something about it, perhaps by killing the killer on the spot by lightning or anything at all, as long as he gets killed, before he is about to strike his own mortal blow to the innocent victim, but nothing happens and the killer kills his innocent victim; so, if we say that God might not exist or does not exist, or perhaps he does not care at all about us people, it would be the truth.

Having witnessed this terrible outcome several times, we start asking ourselves again and again, whether there is a God or any divine justice for that matter. Some people would like to believe, that this divine justice happens after we die and the killers also die, well most of us would like to think that the killers will be punished when he dies; but the killer madman thinks that he not only kills the innocent people, but he is going to be rewarded for doing that when he dies. But by logic reasoning, how could that be ever possible, in the eyes of God and humanity, the only justice that one can think of and make sense, is that the killer will be punished severely; you see, he has destroyed some of God’s life, therefore, he cannot be any good in the eyes of God, that is if we assume that God exists and is benevolent God.

Now, let us talk a bit more about this issue about these human killers, because I am pretty sure that if there is God and an afterlife, the killers of innocent people cannot be rewarded, because they can only be punished, according to the horrible crimes they have committed, because to kill innocent people must be the greatest crime of them all, then it follows that the killer will be punished with the greatest punishment of them all, this can only be the destruction forever of their own souls, so, that they cannot return to live again, as they are too dangerous to let them come back to life again; they will be sent to the boundary of no return and thrown into the abyss of the universe, where their souls will be destroyed forever, just as they have destroyed the innocent people lives, these are our beliefs, and this is a link that links to our article, where we have written about the boundary of no return. Lucifer domains circle

Here we could say, that this punishment that we have written above, it is just another one of our human hopes, as it could be an invention of our mind, because we would like to see some divine justice take place, since we have not been able to defend the innocent victims; now if this is an invention of our mind, at the same time also the existence of God could be just an invention of our human mind, since we might have invented God just because, sometimes God is hope for those that need hope most, and for many other reasons that we think could help us.

Now, before we conclude this first section of our article, I would like to point out that most possibilities that we have talked about, they may or may not exist, so God may or may not exist, but let us assume that God exists and make this observation about God Allah the god of the killers; if Allah exists and wants his people to kill innocent people, this God Allah must be a devilish God or the devil himself, because no real God that created life or helped to create life, would order the destruction of his own life that he has created.

We could say more, about these terrible things that happen in the world, and the religious link that seem to exist between them, but let us consider another aspect of life, that could also help us understand God’s existence, and the part that this plays in our daily lives, in fact, here-under I am going to talk about my own life experiences, and what this has taught me and it is still teaching me.


About God and me

Here we are debating about the existence of God, and what are the chances that God really exists. Because most of us have different beliefs, we need to state what our beliefs are; talking about myself I have to say that I am a believer, if I was not a believer I would not be writing these religious writings; but, sometimes even I start thinking that there might be no God, or there is no God, but then I know that man needs God, because in our hours of needs we would like to pray God for help, what else could we do, when there are problems beyond our capacity to solve them in our own human ways? I believe that we all turn to God and pray, in the hope that God somehow would hear our prayers, and somehow help us to overcome our difficulties. To explain that I am going to tell you some of the difficulties I have had in the past, and I am still having these days.

There is a saying that says, that only God and the person that goes through the suffering can understand how bad the situation is; I know that probably that is not the way that the saying goes, but more or less that is what it means, so, to clarify that let me tell about the way I have suffered during my life, so, that you would understand why I start to believe that there is no God, or, at least there is not a benevolent God that hears my prayers and answers them in a positive way.

Now let me describe myself first; here I should say that during my life, I have suffered more than my share, I don’t know why this has happened to me including my family, but it has happened and it is still happening, so, most times I pray God to help me, in the hope that I could find a solution to the trouble I happen to be in. You might ask, what sort of prayers you pray to God; I pray with some of the existing prayers that everybody prays, I pray also with my personal prayers, some of which I have also written in my religious writings, and I pray in many other ways, I believe that even all my religious writings could be considered as a prayer to God Almighty, because this is also one of the reasons why I am writing them, but all my prayers seem to have no effect at all, because the situation remains the same, so, what else can I do to improve my situation, I do not know, except that I continue to pray God, just because that is the only thing left that I can do, even knowing that it is very unlikely that God would answer my prayers in a positive way; but still I continue to pray.

I believe that I do not deserve all these negative happenings, which are making my life hard to live, because I believe that I am a good person, for a start I have not killed anyone, which is the worst thing that anyone could do, also about other sins I believe that I am better than the average person, I know that we all are sinners, but minor sins should not count much, so, I don’t know why this is happening to me, even when I pray God every day of my life. I feel like that I want to tell you all the suffering that I have gone through, in my life, and that I am still going through these days, so, I am going to write them here-under in a very shortened version.

My life pains and prayers

As I have said, I would like to tell you most of my suffering, so, you would be able to see for yourself what I mean in a nutshell, I need to be brief otherwise it could be a long story; I would like to do this, not only to tell you my life story and my suffering, but also to compare the possibilities of God existence, because I have been praying God and still I pray, but God does not seem to answer my prayers, but let me tell you my life story first.

I was born just before WW2, when I was a child I caught the whooping cough, and although I survived it, I was left with this defect of coughing all my life, coughing is one of those defects that makes the people around you, to look at you as if you are going to infect them, so, it is not a nice thing to have. When I was about 5-year-old, we lost our father from a lighting strike, so, we had no father, and things were not that good, since in those times everybody had to look after themselves, it was not like these days, since the government would help who has nothing, therefore, we had to look after ourselves the best way we could.

Because of the loss of our father, I started to work in our small family farm when I was about ten years old, and I worked there for about twelve years the hard and boring life of those days. We were Christian catholic, as most Italians are and we prayed our own prayers and went to church when we could, while praying God to help us in one way or another; but there was no God’s help to be seen, but still we believed and prayed.

Then one day, I migrated to Australia, and lived the hard and honest life of any emigrant that works hard to earn his living, for about thirteen years I have lived in Australia dreaming of better things, dreaming of a woman love as most young people do, but not getting any, so, one day I went back to Italy and I got married there, you see, it was a bit easier for me to get married over there, because of the language barrier and the way of life that we usually have. But getting married over there has been a big problem all my life, because when we came to Australia, my wife did not like it much, so, even today after more than 40 years she still blames me for everything, just because in her own understanding things are this bad because we are in Australia. This sometime is so frustrating, that I wish I had married an Australian girl instead, but as I have said I had no chance, for one reason or another.

But these are not all my troubles, because there are a lot more to come, and this is going to make me ask if there is a God, that helps those people that deserve help, so, if I sometimes say that there is no God at all, I hope you would understand me.

You see in our family we were three children, I (Frank), my bother (Michael) and my sister (Carmela) all three of us have had a hard life, I believe a lot harder and unlucky than what normal life should be like: My sister Carmela died about forty from an heart attack after being sick for several years, from this heart defect that she got earlier in life, she had two children still living and I believe are well; My brother Michael has three children, one of which is retarded, so, needs to be looked after all his life, the other two are just living the best way they can, because of this harsh situation. I have had three children they are okay but they could have done a lot better, when I think of all the study they have done, as they have all university degrees, but life sometimes is very hard and things don’t turn the way you plan, so, today my family situation is thus: I have a sick wife and I have a sick daughter that I am the care of, because of their mental state, so, there are many things to worry about presently, and also many things that look like could turn for the worse, as if what I am going through now is not enough pains. So, I am praying God to help me, even knowing that God very likely will not answer my prayer, the way that I would like my prayer to be answered, but still I pray. So, when I say that there is no God, I hope you could understand me.

I have written about my life pains and prayers, to highlight the possibility that there is no God at all, since I am praying God every day of my life, but there is no evidence of God’s existence, since God does not answer my prayers. You see even at this very moment one could say that I am praying God, because these religious articles that I am writing, I am writing them as a dedication to God, in the hope that by doing this work, God would hear my prayers and help me; but as far as I can see, God does not answer me. Perhaps God does not exist at all that is the question?

Now let us leave behind my painful life, let us be more philosophic and look at God’s existence possibilities, where we are going to discuss, how we see this God’s situation.

God is not there to answer us

God is invisible and most likely is a spiritual life force that exists in the universe; so, when we look at part of the universe, we may as well say that we are looking at God as well.
God is invisible and most likely is a spiritual life force that exists in the universe; so, when we look at part of the universe, we may as well say that we are looking at God as well. | Source

God’s existence possibilities

We should start by saying this; looking at what we have written above, it is obvious that there is no benevolent God, who hears and answers our prayers. So, what sort of God could exist, other than this God that we are praying to? Since we wish God would be there to answer our prayers, exactly as we want him to answer them; the answer to that is less than 1% because there is no God that does exactly what we want him to do, but let us talk about other God possibilities.

Dear readers, we must admit that there is life, because we are living, and therefore, there must be a force or a god that made life possible on earth; or has helped and helps to make life possible on earth. To do that, we should believe that all the existing things that exist in the universe and earth, worked together and somehow life was started on earth; this could be possible because the universe has always existed. We know that there are always changes occurring in the universe, and everywhere else for that matter; now, since the universe has always existed, the time factor for anything to happen would be infinite, so, everything could be possible to happen soon or later; therefore, life could have started spontaneously during this infinite time, with or without God being involved. If we accept that this could be the most possible way for life to start; then, whatever force that influenced life to exist could be called God, even though this is very different from the God we have been taught to exists, Like Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah of the western religions, or other God of the other religions, like Brahman, Vishnu, Shiver and other gods.

So, what we conclude in this first part is that there could be a sort of god, but this God is not the creator of everything; this sort of God could be just a force or perhaps life force that exists in the universe, which together with other things as Mother Nature has helped to make life possible on earth.

This is the only format of God that has the greatest chance of existence; perhaps one could say 99 % of existence would be possible.

Let us make a list about the possibilities of the existence of God:

God No: 1

When we think about our ideal God, we mean how we wish God would be, this sort of God does not exist; so, let us talk here about what are the chances that God exists? If we accept that God exists what sort of God is most likely to exist; I am pretty sure that my ideal God does not exist because: when I pray God, God always seems to ignore my prayers, so, my God does not exist and if he exists, then he is not the God that I wish existed, because I need a God that hears my prayers and answer them by granting my earthly requests, so, there is no God that grants my earthly requests, and also other people requests; the conclusion here is that there is very little chance that such a God exists, perhaps this ideal God has 1 % possibilities to exist. Here we have talked about my own personal God, but what about God that interests all humanity, this is our God No: 2

God No: 2

God No: 2 is the God that everybody wishes to exist, because this God would be doing just what we would like him to do; but a God like that is a god that is very convenient, except that he could not and does not exist for obvious reasons, take for instance what is happening in the world today, a god that wants his people to kill other people, how could this god exist? We have reasons to believe that a God that is really God does not want to kill other people, because people are part of his own life energies of the universe, so, any entity that wants to destroy and kill, belongs to the negative energies of the universe, so, this God is more a devilish or the devil himself and not a God

Concluding and explaining the list:

We have reasons to believe that God exists in the form of spiritual life and earthly life, this has a 99% chance that this type of God exists, but this God is not like the God written in the Bible that we believe in today.

The Gods that we believe in today may have only a 50% chance that they exist; but they are not the way that we believe they are, because they are a lot less powerful than the way they have been described to be, in fact they are part of the spiritual life force of God of the universe, so, they are not the creators of everything.

Yahweh also known as Jehovah I believe exists or could exist, but he is not the creator of the entire world and the universe, because the entire universe and the existing life forces of God have always existed.

Allah, god of the Muslim might exist, only because it says in the Koran that he is the same God of Abraham and the same God that helped Moses cross the Red Sea, and other things, but the way that the Koran describe him one may wonder whether Allah is a God or a devil, because of the violence that the believers of the Koran understand from this religious book; this religious book seems to have been written to control the people, and to control the people a lot more than how the Bible want to control them; it has been written from man and for man only, because it always wants to gratify man’s sexual desires, even when man dies if he has done special deeds, he will find that Allah will give him 12 virgins that he can play with and make love to them in the other world, what a load of rubbish that has got to be.

From this 12 virgin issue, one may only conclude that Allah did not promise all this things, and that some over sexed maniac man wrote all this stuff, knowing their countryman are mostly all sex driven to the point of forgetting everything else, as long as they gratify their sexual desires.

So, one has got to use common sense, and try to see what could be the real Koran from the angel of God, if there was one? And then, what the other men who have written the Koran have added for their own advantages. So, we have reasons to believe, that those Islamic people that go out to kill other people in their God’s name are completely nuts. So, let us try to explain, how could a God that says that he is the same God of Abraham and therefore Yahweh God of the Jews and of the Christian faithful say to his follower to go out and kill them, it does not make sense at all, there is something wrong there.

Therefore, it would be better to follow the atheist beliefs, where god does not exist, than to follow the Muslim that go out to kill in their God’s name.

There are a lot more things that one could say, but we have to try to close this article, because it is becoming too long, but the main discussion here is that God may or may not exist; so, it could be more likely that God is a life force within the universe that links all existing life and makes life possible to exist.

These discussions about the existence of God could go on forever, so, I better stop, see you next time when I can think of something else to write, even if I must start from a different angle, or go back to write like a believer.

May God bless us all?



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