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Deck of Cards Can Tell Your Future, Just like the Gypsies Did

Updated on August 18, 2016

Is there truth to it or is it all for fun?

I was very curious about telling the future and how to do so with a deck of cards. This is what I found out after a little bit of research. There are some parallels between the two, and I will do my best to point them out to you.

There are four suits in a deck of cards, on a calendar, what also has four?

The seasons, correct.

There are 52 cards in a deck, what calendar parallel is there to this?

There are 52 weeks in a year.

Correct, and if we apply a value to each card, beginning with an Ace equals 1, 2 equals 2 and so on until we get to Jack which we will say equals eleven, queen equals twelve, King equals thirteen. If you add all the cards together by their assigned values, what do we come up with?

We come up with 364.

And giving the Joker the value of 1, we then have a complete calendar year of 365 days in a year.

Looking Up Some Meanings

As I researched further, I found a chart that shows the meaning, approximately of the four suits of cards.

Hearts can represent the desire for love, marriage, family, spiritual love, charm, the power of love, social commitments, and many other variations of the possibilities of love, connections, and powers that love has or represents within the family, between couples, or within groups of people, as well as the different meanings love can have within these same groups.

Clubs can represent the desire for knowledge, birth of a new project, arguing ideas, creativity, strength of mind or stubbornness, a move, letting go of negative thought patterns, success in mental fields, success through creativity, mental mastery, and success through authority.

Diamonds represents the desire for money, new money ideas, business deals, having good values, money changing hands, business trips, repayment of money owed, financial loss, coming into a large sum of money, a spending spree, shopping trip, or becoming a master in business or finances.

Spades represents a desire for work, death and rebirth, working together, cooperation, working two jobs at once, recovering to good health or work problems, a change of work or health, Karmic payback, spiritual work or experiences, accomplishments through hard work, a new philosophy or your life, mental mastery in any desired areas.

After looking through the charts and meanings of various subjects, and the placing of the gravitational pulls of the different planets (of which there are seven) that can be seen by the naked eye in the sky, it seems like it is more than just coincidence that makes these things fall into place.

I will give you just one example, and that was the one I looked up for myself. I looked up my birthday and found my birth card to be the Jack of clubs, and my planetary ruling card, which is what planet was in the sky at the moment of my birth which was the two of clubs. Looking up the meaning of these two cards I found that the Jack tells us about someone who has and uses creative ability in the communication area, and does so very successfully. It represents someone who craves information and knowledge, and that I will achieve success as a writer.

The two of clubs represents communication, sharing ideas. It also may make you discover an inner conflict between my desire to be alone and to be with others. It means that I am able to communicate clearly and effectively, but am also learning to face my deepest fears.

These meanings are too close to what I am doing with my life right now, for I am completing my book, and am in the process of having it edited, and just signed a contract to have it sold. It looks like genuine success in this area, and as far a my desire to me alone and to be with others, there is a definite conflict in my life regarding this concern.

As I go on studying this topic, I will continue to write hubs in this area, as long as I feel it is relevant, and portrays truths.


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