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Compatibility in Astrology

Updated on July 28, 2014

Astrology is more than just finding out your lucky days in a newspaper column. In fact, predicting upcoming events by the positions of the stars is really only one small part of this ancient art. It's a more potent tool when you are judging the personality of a person. The stars imprint us with their influence at the moment of birth, and that is reflected in our personality traits throughout our lives. Our signs say a lot about us.

The trick of using astrology to find someone compatible with you isn't about finding a person with the same sign as yourself, as some people think. In fact, most signs do poorly when paired up with themselves because their traits don't actually mesh. Two people who like to be in control are going to butt heads far too often, and a better pairing would be a leader and someone who doesn't mind being a follower.

If you're trying to assess a potential partner's compatibility, check out this handy chart. Of course, you can't squeeze the entire realm of astrology into one page, but this can give you a concise guide to which signs go well with which others. Find your sign and see who you're best paired with.

Your Compatibility Guide

Aries - gemini, sagittarius, pisces

Taurus - taurus, cancer, capricorn, scorpio

Gemini - aries, gemini, leo, aquarius

Cancer - taurus, leo, virgo, scorpio, pisces

Leo - aries, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius

Virgo - cancer, leo, virgo, capricorn, pisces

Libra - gemini, leo, aquarius

Scorpio - cancer, leo, capricorn, pisces

Sagittarius - aries, leo, aquarius

Capricorn - taurus, virgo, scorpio, pisces

Aquarius - gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius

Pisces - aries, cancer, virgo, scorpio, capricorn


And of course, this is only a guide. Your relationship isn't going to just up and fall apart because your signs are wrong.

The reasons why these pairings work are varied. Sometimes it's an "opposites attract" sort of deal, and sometimes it's not. Our personalities are pretty complex, and how they related to others can be confusing.

If you are getting to know someone whose stars don't match up, the best thing would be to figure out what traits are in conflict and work from there. Astrology websites like Lunar Cafe have very detailed zodiac profiles so you can see what you're dealing with for each sign.

Then see which traits are the problem, and see if its something you can tweak a little. Are you just too talkative for your quiet partner? Then try to do a little more listening when you are together. If you prefer to stay at home but your potential partner is more of a party-animal, then you can try to be more outgoing to keep them happy.

Of course, you can only make so many changes before you start trying to be someone you're not. It's up to you where to draw the line about how you want to change your actions and behaviour.

And then again, you or your mate may not exhibit the classic traits for your signs and you'll just have to muddle through a relationship to see where it all goes.

What About You?

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