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Inspirational, Uplifting and Encouraging Bible Verses: John Chapter 17: Finding Truth, Seek and You Will Find

Updated on December 8, 2013

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17NIV

Jesus praying for His disciples, as He prepares to leave planet earth. He has known since time eternal what He came to do and according to what timeline. “your word is truth”: A lot hanging on that phrase; quite a bit of meaning given it is comprised of only 4 words.

First, we see God the Son praying to God the Father. In this instance, they are seen as separate. In John Chapter 1, God is described in two of three persons, Father and Son. One in the same yet separate, the deity.

Second, God’s word is deemed truth. A tenant of Christian theology. A necessity in order for the Gospel to stand.

For those afforded access to scripture, there are different takes on what it is and from whence it came. If we had to construct a scale, I suppose there would be two ends:

1. Absolute and authoritative truth from cover to cover. Inspired by God, God breathed.

2. A story.

Many, many interpretations fall in between the two. Whether it actually turns out to be #1 or #2 above, or in between, scripture itself is certainly true in one sense: The claim within that man has been afforded free will, and the choice regarding its status is his.


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