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Complicity with the Enemy

Updated on June 2, 2010

"church hurt"

It has been said that there is no pain and no feeling of discouragement like the one borne as a result of lies, innuendos and jealousy of your own brother or sister partaking in the religious order to which you both belong. In fact to put it bluntly, there is no hurt like a “Church Hurt”.

While a physical hurt may affect your emotions and your physical body, a “church hurt” goes further and affects your spiritual man or your inner man. It’s a hurt that only the sovereign God can heal and depending on the extent of the wound, some times “reconstructive surgery” may or may not be sufficient to get that brother functioning again as a viable unit.

So we must realize that in complicity with the enemy against one’s brother, one is in effect saying to him, “Your life means nothing to me and I will comply with the enemy because you are standing in my way”. Complicity is saying, “I know what I know and I am not interested in what you have to say because it does not interest me. I am into my kingdom called “Self” and you are standing in the way of my progress.”

It was King David who wrote that his own familiar friends have lifted up their heels against me.

This same David had done all he could for King Saul including defeating Goliath. This brought back esteem to the armies of Israel and Saul and Israel rejoiced greatly.

But this would not be for long for each time they went out to battle the men were inspired by David’s bravery. This inspiration caused the Israelites to go from victory to victory, so much so, that on their return from battle the women would sing, “Saul hath slain his thousands and David his ten thousands”.

The bible said that this saying displeased Saul and jealousy and resentment so took over Saul’s life that on different occasions he tried to kill David. On two occasions, David was entertaining him with the harp; suddenly, Saul threw his javelin across the room in an attempt to impale David against the wall.

Saul had so increased in hostility that it was Jonathan, Saul’s son who told David, “Find a secret place and hide thyself and as you hide yourself, begin to converse with the Lord. Have you ever been in a situation where only God can help you? Man may try to help but his solution is a mere glazing and so the need persist and your heart is still fragmented.

Jonathan gave David good advice and that’s the advice that I will give to everyone who is going through “church hurt”.

In 1Samuel chapter 20:1 David asked Jonathan, “What have I done? What is mine iniquity? And what is my sin before thy father, that he seeketh my life?

“David” had not sinned, no iniquity was in his life but he had purpose.

You see Saul had lost his purpose for God had stripped him, but David’s purpose was just dawning. David was coming into the dawn of a new day. Saul was merely sitting on the throne but the anointed of God was David. The enemy will always attempt to keep the king from ascending the throne and will put up his strongest fight as battle draws to a close but the battle is not ours it is the Lord’s and God always win.

So find a secret place and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Hide yourself in God; in prayer and intercession.

In a few moments you will see what the enemy wanted you to miss if you had grappled and traded places with your familiar friends.

Friend, your purpose is well on its way to discovering what the Eternal God has stored up for you.

And finally, it was God who had sent the evil spirit upon Saul to make sure that when David got to the throne he would not be a punk but that he would know how to deal wisely. Don’t worry, “Slewfoot” is defeated and his entire reporting to God will come to naught!


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