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Compromising our Christian Faith

Updated on July 4, 2013

Attempt of 'Oneness Doctrine' to Compromise Christianity

The Christian doctrine promote salvation in 'Christ' only. It upholds the sacredness of the biblical teachings especially when it points to Christ. It promotes that 'Jesus, is the way the truth and life'. Christ himself affirmed, that, 'No man cometh unto the father but by me'. The biblical teachings not only promotes the sacredness of the Christian faith, but overwhelmingly supports and promotes the supremacy of Christ. After all the book of John affirm that Christ was in the beginning with the father and that he was God. How then can anyone tries to equate any other teachings with that of Christianity.

The apostles doctrine is that Christ is the only way to God, Christ affirm that by saying, 'he is the door'. Most other religion promotes some other sacred person or message which conflicts with the teachings of the Scriptures. The 'oneness doctrine, is about trying to put all religions on equal par which is completely and utterly wrong and its only intent is to compromise us. But also it is attempting to devalue our faith and our saviour, Christ the anointed of God. In Gods view that is unacceptable and wrong, no one is equal to Christ, and no manmade religion can be compared to the atonement of Christ. We cannot equate the things of God with false prophets, and this is a clever attempt to mix truth with falsity. Mixing cyanide in a jar and labelling it sugar extract does not neutralise its potency, it is still dangerous. Satan has always been trying to disguise himself as an angel of light, and this 'oneness doctrine' is just another attempt to capture the unguarded heart. What he did to our first parents? Disguised himself as serpent, questioned Gods, instructions, and having them feel as though God was telling them lies and he was giving them the truth. Because they listened to him, disregard Gods instructions, and took the wrong actions, mankind has been suffering the consequences ever since.

Truth cannot be dressed up, and it would do us, ''Born Again' Christians to steer clear of this dressed up falsity, the so called 'oneness doctrine' as a clever Satanic trick to compromise our faith. Satan will never be satisfied until he defeats as many as he can. He continues to fight Gods, people, continue to disguise himself into various new phase, new systems, in order to capture, or 'devour who he can'. He will stop at nothing in order to deprive us of the glory that awaits us, for him, 'its paradise loss' for us its paradise to gain. Do not compromise!

Christ is Supreme

Is Christ the only Way to God?

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