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Concept of God and the Purpose of Creating Us

Updated on February 10, 2020
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loves to write about nature, religion, interesting topics out of common things with deep thinking and logic

If you now believe in God, then the next biggest question that arises is – who then is our God – the real God and why we have been created? What is the purpose of creating us?

There is a purpose for everything. Be it a pen, or a bulb or anything that is made by man has a purpose. A bulb has a purpose to give out light and it is placed over the heads till it fulfills its purpose. When it stops functioning it is thrown into a dustbin. So, similarly when God created humans as his best creation, then there must be a reason for it. A purpose for us to be created. We should know that purpose and serve it to avoid being thrown away (maybe)…

So, what is the purpose? The answer would be found out in religion. – A True religion that is, but if I were to answer, it would be…

In short, everything in nature has been created for us to use it and benefit from it and we are created to identify our creator and to pray him.

Even a loving mother would not tolerate his son calling ‘mother’ to a neighbouring woman after what she has done for him. A God wouldn’t find it tolerable as well when we seek someone else other than him as God.

The Concept of God:

Before we begin, I would like to answer the question -How can we say how God is?

The way we understand the characteristics of an ideal gas, an ideal machine, an ideal black body, etc., we can say this the same way. This point said is just to support the answer below (Just for assurance), while the correct answer remains ‘we understand it through religion and religious scriptures’.

The concept is very simple.

  • There is only one God. Can’t be more than one. (Even a kingdom can’t be ruled by two kings. A nation can’t have two kings or rulers at a time.)
  • He is one. He is independent, free of all needs (He feeds all but doesn’t need to be fed, -He doesn’t need air to breathe, water to drink, clothes to wear )
  • He has no family (father or son, wife or daughter)
  • Nothing resembles Him, nor is anything comparable to Him
  • He possesses power over all things.
  • He is supreme, powerful, immortal, and alive. Free of everything which is unfit for God: death, pain, fear, impurity, forgetfulness, hatred, etc.
  • His life, his power, his mercy, and his blessings all are infinite. He is limitless.
  • He sees all and knows all.
  • Neither a single thing nor an atom is hidden from his knowledge.
  • Everything in the skies and the earth and all that lies in between belongs to him.
  • His control and power surround everything.
  • He is the most merciful, the most beneficent.

How does he look?

It doesn’t matter, because no one knows how he looks. Believing in unseen might be a little difficult but no one saw a complete electromagnetic spectrum. No one knows how many colours are out there which we can’t see. We can’t hear out of the permitted range of 20 - 20,000 decibels. Our capacity is limited.

If someone says ‘even god needs to follow the physical laws’. I say then what is he a God for? God is one who created the universe and set rules for everything as I‘ve told earlier. God is not bounded to the rules he made for other things (not himself) he is free of those rules.

All the Holy Scriptures have the same concept of God but we did what we misunderstood.


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