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Connections, Healings, and Blessings. Part 3: the Spirit and the spirit

Updated on January 22, 2014

Part Three of Series.

This part of three of a series. I highly recommend reading parts one and two in succession before reading this Hub. This series follows a train of thought.

Part One:

Part Two:

Multiple Spirit Images

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit
Spirit and the 4 Elements
Spirit and the 4 Elements
The Great Spirit
The Great Spirit

The Divine Spirit

There have been many names throughout history for the Divine Spirit which is innately eternal. Christians call it the Holy Spirit. Pagans call it the top point of the pentagram of the elements. Native Americans call it the Great Spirit. I cannot name all the names in this Hub. Suffice it to say, the possibility of names is as infinite as the Creator.

The Spirit is endless: omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. It is open to humanity always. It has never been closed to the many peoples of the planet earth.

The earth plane is foundational, humanity's grounding point for strength, energy and renewing life force, as well as terribly perceptual.

The earth and Spirit are One. There is no division between them. Only humanity creates a division between them. Humanity does this because the mind divides and separates, categorizes and names to comprehend.

Religions are no more than systems of thought joined to the human spirit. The human ego is the creature within the limbic part of the brain. This is the repitillian component of the human brain. Reptiles are cold-blooded and they are designed to survive. The ego must grow up into humanity's highest selves (the inner Divine Self) but the growing up is a process that is as different as the individuals that house the separate egos and the individuated God selves.

The Spirit is energy. It has a vibrational frequency like all energies have frequencies. The Spirit is Divine Love, the highest vibrational frequency that exists. There may be an infinite amount of Divine Love frequencies, however. It is conceivable so I must state that clearly before moving forward in this Hub. I know from a healing perspective, that Divine Love is the highest most transformative frequency known to humanity at this time in history. As a former Christian, I think of this frequency as God or Christ Jesus. But I do not expect others to think likewise. I am okay with calling this frequency 100% Love as well. Nevertheless, I trust that others can experience the frequency as whatever they perceive it to Be.

Changing frequencies.

Healing Sound Frequency

The "finite" spirit. The little spirit.

East and West discovered the human spirit using distinctly different spiritual paths. The East mastered inner work. The West mastered the interchange between the macrocosm and microcosm: As above, so below.

The human spirit was never dissolved from Spirit. There was a time period where humanity was cloaked in darkness and shrouded in Illusion through its material aspects which caused confusion about how to reach the Divine. In fact, within some frameworks, there was even a Divine war at play that placed "the best and brightest" fallen angel as the devil over mankind. It is interesting that not all peoples subscribe to this story.

This blows Christianity to bits and helped to create its overriding MISSIONS statement.

The Christian religion that subscribes to the only begotten Son of the Divine, Jesus, who hung on the most God-forsaken cross and then descended into hell for three days in order to remove all inequity between mankind (and I stress the "man" in that word) and that God HAS to believe that its belief is the only right and perfect belief. If you ask me, it sounds like that religion was designed by a broken man (men) who was leaning on his own understanding rather than leaning on an all-loving Divinity that said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do," right before the Divinity breathed Its last breath.

But the East, too, had its masters. I was a Christian for 34 years. I believe in Jesus as the Son of God. The Christ empowers me daily. But, I don't think Christianity has ever truly owned their God in all His Glory. I believe this is because they strap themselves fearfully to their Old Testament and they refuse to accept the responsibility of learning what love really is---an experience free of judgement. Love is simple but far from easy. When the law is seen as something outside of the Christ, the task is endless and horribly daunting to overcome it. It is also very painful for the people the Christians project their "law before love" mentality onto.

I did this. Many! Many! Many times! I purposefully carry the regret with me as a memory that motivates me to humble myself before the Ascended One in my mind every day. This moves me to forgo the ego and take up my Love---rather than the wooden cross my Love once hung on. I fail, of course, but I always reconcile with love in the end. I don't think this is the case with all Christians. I have witnessed too many damaged people in the name of Christ. I, also, know too many people who said Jesus' name to avoid hell, purgatory, and/or peer pressure.

I do believe some Christians love deeply because of Jesus and then they act out of love. But, I have yet to meet any Christian that completely grasps the Divine healing that mingles with humanity as the most high vibrational frequency on the earth plane. Why? Because Christianity carries fear-based thinking in its bowels. It holds to the Illusion. It never truly embraces the total power of the cross and the Passion of Christ. It waits for the Second Coming as the Jews waited(wait) for their Messiah. Ironic!

I write this to deflect the Christian arguement against New Age or Pagan or Eastern knowledge regarding healing.

The human spirit has never been finite. It has always been infinite. Humanity has always been mortal to physical death and then life goes on in the spiritual. I believe time and space will end one day as they are constructs of humanity. I believe the body will be made whole through energy transformation alone. This means I believe physical death is slowly dissipating along with the great material Illusion. I believe this because I have been a part of the energy and healing community for nearly 12 years.


Spiritual  journey
Spiritual journey

Is the body truly finite???

No. I do not believe so. As a neophyte healer, I have first-hand experience involving the reparation of a human energy field (HEF). I have, also, had a great deal of healing work done on my bodymind. The physical body is just one part of the HEF. There are multiple aspects. Barbara Anne Brennan, a former NASA physicist, calls the aspects: the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, the etheric template body, the celestial body, the causal (ketheric template) body, and the cosmic body. Different schools of belief may refer to the aspects differently than these names.

The process of healing can be instanteous, arduous, or incarnational. I do not believe that heaven is a space that comes through salvation during one lifetime. I believe it is an energetic experience. I have read of reincarnation cases involving Christians, Jews and Muslims. Some Catholic Jesuits believe in reincarnation.

"'To paraphrase the mystic Teilhard de Chardin: ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’ Our bodies are temporary. We are souls. We are immortal; we are eternal. We never die; we merely transform to a heightened state of consciousness, no longer needing a physical body. We are always loved. We are never alone, and we can never be harmed, not at this level.'

How comforting that is. We are souls. It’s that simple. If you believe that souls are energy, then even Einstein had it right when he hypothesized that energy never dissipates; it simply changes into a different form.

Interestingly, when we look briefly at Teilhard de Chardin’s experience, he was criticized by the Catholic Church (he was a Jesuit Priest) for his belief in the evolution of man towards co-consciousness with God, yet Dr. Brian Weiss states that reincarnation was originally accepted and referenced in the Old and New Testaments, until all such references were deleted by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in A.D. 325."

I will say that some groups talk about a Rapture. I am open to considering that Christians could be a collective soul group that gets pulled to a separate dimension while the rest of the peoples on the planet continue soul work on the planet without the interference of the Christian beliefs; but I think it is highly unlikely. But what the heck...anything is truly possible. In the end though, I believe there will only be One Love with multiple expressions.

The earth plane is where humanity FEELS separate from its Source. It is Love that heals that schism. Healing must take place on the earth plane. The spiritual plane is for rest and education. It is for Divine peace.

There are spiritual disorders but they are within the human spirit that experiences itself as a part of the Illusion. Most of the disorders occur from religious concepts gone awry within the human bodymind. I cannot say this implicitly. But I would suppose it to be the case based on my knowledge-base and my experience level.

Because I believe in One Love, I believe that any disorder/chaos is for an eternally fruitful purpose. I believe the Christian passage that says God makes even the bad for a greater good. I do strongly warn about believing in Damning entities. What you believe, you call to yourself. This can mean serious pain, confusion and suffering.

The energetic bodymind.

Energy Healing
Energy Healing

How energy heals the bodymind...

The bottom line is that the HEF is made whole through Divine Love, the highest energetic vibration on the earth plane. A healer is merely a conduit, a channel, for the vibration. Healers can do nothing without the Divine Love.

However, let me be clear, this is very different from what I was taught during my seven years as a Charismatic Christian. During that phase of my life I was taught to work with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Specifically, I was taught some very poor practices that damaged my bodymind and spirit. Number one, I was taught to lodge myself in my sixth and seventh chakras at the expense of my physical being. I was taught to do this during praise and worship and during prayer. Of course, as Christians, the church I belonged to did not even know about chakras and if the church did, it believed that the chakras were evil and tools of the devil, Satan. Second, I was taught to lay hands on people and shift the Spirit into the person's bodymind and spirit. Third, because I did not think the earth or the body was especially important, I failed to ground myself ever and all sorts of frequencies could enter and exit me---that included the person's negative stuff. Fourth, I believed that psychic and energetic work should only be a part of a church life. I believed a church service was the primary location for such work unless I was on the mission field or witnessing for Christ Jesus. Fifth, I believed the bodymind was only to be used for holy endeavors which meant I had to marry and submit myself to a man before engaging in carnal pleasures. I believed that if I did not marry, I must remain celibate and I must submit my very life over to God daily until I died. Sixth, though I was called a temple of God, I was told I was of sin and thus a sinner. What a challenging schism that kept me engaging in self-deprecating contexts---especially in terms of a chronic illness that I had.

Getting Whole


Learning about Energy, the Chakras and the Bodymind

In order for healing to occur, right practices must be observed. First, if you must be a Christian first, last and always, be a learned one. Ground yourself daily in the Word---as a study not just a hobby. Learn what Christian history has done to the Word. Educate yourself liberally with God's eternal and perfect love before you dare begin to practice executing the Word. Know that Jesus Christ was 33 years of age before he went on his Passionate journey to Ascension. Know the power of the Ascension. Get far beyond the cross-bearing. Jesus was and is and has always been the perfect, unconditional Love of the Divine---the highest vibration on the earth plane.

Second, recognize that if you truly practice God's undefiled Word, you will reach healing as a Christian. You need not explore Eastern ways. But, this is a rigorous path as it initiates people into the Body of Christ. The salvation is free Grace. The pathwork to discipleship as laid out in the New Covenant is deep and quite the high road.

Third, recognize that you need not become a disciple of the old world Jesus ways if you accept that Jesus Christ is Divine, Perfect Love---the highest energy vibration and former matter of the earth plane.

The chakras are an energetic rainbow bridge that connects the UEF (Universal Energy Field) and the HEF. It is necessary to learn proper practices to ground the bodymind to the earth and the UEF (the Body of Christ). If a bodymind is not grounded daily, any number of diseases, disorders and negativities can afflict that bodymind. It is imperative to connect the physical/spiritual bodymind to its two sources: Mother Earth and Father Sky.

© 2014 Joan Elizabeth


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