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Master The Art Of Christian Warfare with these 5Tips

Updated on July 20, 2016

Conquering the Darkness

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

The weapons of God's kingdom are given to the saints to overcome the kingdom of darkness. This book"The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom" equips the believer for every aspect of spiritual warfare.


Empowered to Take Command

The biggest mistake that Christians can make is to minimize their warriorship and assume that they are powerless against the trials and tribulations of this world. Millions of uninformed and unprepared Christians (about 90%) fall prey to the pressure of negative conditions and circumstances, constantly keeping the world in bondage. However, it is a mistake to believe that the world and its intimidations are a match against the five divine weapons of the Christian warrior. No boundaries exist that can withstand the invincible power of these magnificent weapons. As an ordain minister, I have discovered that the impact of these five, divinely empowering weapons are many thousands times greater (and even more) than anyone can imagine. In order to be take divine charge of this world, every Christian must promote these weapons within their lives and affairs.

His Name

The name of Christ can be denied, neither on earth nor in heaven. Everything in heaven as well as in the earth must kneel before this name. There is no escape. Angels and demons alike must bow to this name. When we trust in the power of His name, we are delivered out of every situation of impending danger or chaos. Just calling on His name paralyzes darkness in its tracks. Apostle Peter called on the name of Christ and was delivered from the mouth of the sea. Shad rack, Meshach and Abednego trusting the name of the Lord and was delivered from the violence of fire. Daniel trusted in the name of the Lord and was delivered from the mouth of the lions. Effectively using His magnificent name in times of emergencies will get you through all sorts of threatening situation and circumstances. You must use His name with authority when confronting the demons that are about to consume your life. They will have no choice but to flee. Go forward.

The Word

The word of God is God. The word of God is a creative power ready to take command of any situation, no matter how impossible its elimination may appear. Because the word of God resides within you, you can take authority over all sickness and diseases of body, soul and spirit. No situation that you can ever face, no matter how dire and seemingly impossible to overcome, can stand up against those who are skilled in using the knowledge of the sword: God’s Word. Therefore, as a Christian soldier, you must soak up as much of the word of God that you can handle. The more you internalize His word within your daily lifestyle, the more embolden you will become. You will begin to see through God’s eyes and operate with His mind. Do not neglect such as great weapon when the world needs a great miracle. Effectively using His Word will allow the course of history to be changed through you.

The Blood

The most powerful weapon so far, as far as the redemption of humanity is concerned. Without the Blood of Christ, the existence of mankind and the entire world would have ended in the Garden of Eden. The shedding of Christ Blood has given all of humanity a second chance. Whenever fear, guilt and unbelief threaten to overtake your mind and body, you must plead the Blood of Christ. The proclamation of the Blood has the power to purify all defilements of mind, soul and body. This includes sickness, diseases, psychology pains and old wounds that have tormented your life since childhood. Pleading the Blood of Christ will cleanse your heart of fear and shame in any situation. Your redemption from all inner and outer prisons was executed over 2000 years ago. As a Christian soldier, plead the Blood daily in order to clarify freedom. Fearful and shameful thoughts are always attempting to cast us into a roaring sea of confusion and failure. We must not allow it under any circumstances.

The Angels

Believe it or not, you have been given the power to command angels. Angels are there to do your bidding. Use them to the uttermost. The power of angels is much higher than any power ordinary man can provoke. As a Christian soldier, you are surrounded by angels who are ordained to obey your commands. Apostle Paul and Peter were well acquainted with the angels of God. Both of these Christian warriors were delivered out of prison without opening a single door or gate. The power of their angels was so great that they could walk through walls, as the apostles discovered. You have angels around you that are ready to perform miracles in you life, your work, your neighborhood, your community as well as your world. You world is filled with invisible beings just willing to obey your command. Use them to help you move mountains.

The Holy Spirit

Become engulfed in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is none other than the Kingdom of God enthroned man. On earth, there is no other weapon as precious. His name, His word, the Blood and the angels are all influenced by the power of the Holy Ghost. When we as Christian solders walk in the Spirit, we are no longer human. The new man is manifested in his full glory. The influence of the old man, the flesh, the unredeemed conscious is all annihilated when Christians surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit. With this weapon, there is no end to the miraculous and the performance of great exploits. A Christian with the knowledge of the Holy Ghost cannot be defeated. Such man or woman is invincible against all darkness and evil. Demons flew by the thousands when the nature of the Spirit is fully understood. Even death has no power over such a Christian warrior. Such knowledge allowed Enoch to translate without submitted to death. Therefore, we must give ourselves completely to this power until our humanhood is non existence. If we do this, no impossibilities exist. No possibilities.

Moving Forward

As Christians we must take these weapons and go forward in order to deliver our neighbors from the darkness that is descending upon this world every day. We possess the weapons to powerfully impact every aspect of humanity. The government is on our shoulders. We must not fail. Our divine weapons are a testimony that nothing can stand in our way. We must not waste our Christian days and the tremendous authority and power which God has placed upon our shoulders. We must rely on neither man nor government. The power is with us and within us. Go forward.


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