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Consciousness: Expanding and Contracting

Updated on September 13, 2012

Collective Thought Processes and Forms

The United States of America has often been called a melting pot. Americans rarely realize to what degree this statement is true. The most profound level it is realized at is our ever blending consciousnesses. Most foreign countries are quite homogenized. The US is not.

Tonight, I was reading about a recent incident in which one of America's embassies was attacked and prominent people were killed in Libya. Then a corresponding incident took place outside of Cairo in Egypt. What came from these two incidents was a discussion about freedom of speech and the international view which often lacks any experience in such delicacies of freedom.

On a grand scale these are the growing pains the earth has to face and deal with. Our overall collective conscious is moving toward infinite, perfect, unconditional love. Nevertheless, we as a world are far from grasping this state of being mentally let alone manifesting it physically.

For at least 8 years I have been aware that thoughts are things and that we each co-create our existence with the Divine. This is often easier said than done. We inherent our family's thought patterns. We have to make constant and consistent decisions to override these patterns---or we can engage in energy work to shift our realities quicker and at a deeper level, minimizing the everyday aches and pains of thought transformation.

But let me take one concept and work on developing it: Thought forms. Thought forms are an en-massed reality of thought. One example from my perspective is Satan. Christianity---at least a large percentage of the religion---believes in an entity that negatively manipulates the human race and ultimately causes destruction. Yet, there is a whole other world that does not define itself in terms of the devil...or Satan. And, there is the entire passion of the Christ that supersedes such a negative entity. The concept of Satan within Christianity is far more than an idea. It is a living, breathing, manipulating and destroying being. In Christianity, the entity is alive and powerful. How can this be? Because there are varying levels of consciousness and thus varying levels of experience.

Historically speaking, I believe Satan stemmed from the fallen Lucifer. However, I also believe that said Satan lost all power when Christ died on the cross and was resurrected three days later. Christians and their Scriptures perpetuate Satan as POWER via their cumulative thought processes. They form him in their hearts and minds. They empower him with their beliefs.

I get this like few others. I lived overseas. I did missionary work. I spoke Ephesians daily to overcome spiritual warfare. And I wound up in a quagmire of pain and suffering that was laced in a spiritual context. Years later I would realize I brought desecration to my "doorstep" and jumped all over it. I created very powerful en-massed and repetitive thoughts that took a life of their own.

Well Satan is just one major example of Collective thoughts that become forms. Everyday, we en-mass thoughts. That is why we must be deliberate with our thoughts. We have a responsibility to do so. When we review foreign relations, we must understand and review where our thoughts originate and what we are doing with them. The United States is one country among many. Similar to the chaos that ensued at the Biblical Tower of Babel, communication easily lends itself to conflict and misunderstanding. But we must work at dissolving such conflict. We must grow in our consciousness to bring forth love and peace, kindness and compassion. It is always possible but the real plausibility comes from effort and commitment. We must believe and create thoughts of love...daily.


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