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Conservative or Liberal or Anything Else by Merwin

Updated on January 15, 2011

I posted the above link (copy and paste it to view) on Facebook without comment. Then my friend Les commented with...

Les Scott And THIS is exactly the problem. Each side has it's radicals who are willing to say anything to gain readership. Let's all blame one another for our ills instead of realizing we have a difference of opinion and try to make the best of it. Yeesh!!!

A goodly comment... and I agreed saying...

I know right..?

And - every - side becomes so absorbed in its own righteousness that the war of vilifying the "other" guy continues to escalate.

Human kind... no matter the political affiliation, is the culprit

The Tucson maniac is the worst kind of example that could be found on - any - side, a lunatic (possibly demon possessed) in search of a cause that would give him the excuse he wanted to pull his trigger.

As evidenced by Michelle Malkin's offering, the impetus that this Tucson nutcase was looking for is plentiful on either side of the liberal/conservative line.

And... no amount of politically corrected, thought police coerced, speech management would have cured the nut job of what ailed him.

Dickens wrote of the darker aspects of the French revolution accurately, just as he wrote of some of the heinous activities of orphanages and boarding schools of his own day.

Tale of Two Cities is a treatise on the murderous power play of the French revolution's self-righteous struggling with the self-righteous. Once the murderous attitude of finding "enemies of the revolution" begun, it quickly went out of any semblance of control. Robespierre one of the heroes and the figurehead of the French revolution was later murdered by his own methodology as a villain.

We... are the villains..!

Humans, want to turn whatever they become impassioned about into a reason to - force - others into the same passion.

The Power Purists... don't care about (religion or) politics, - any - politics will suit their purposes and there are too many people on the planet for them to manage easily, so the inflammatory rhetoric that inspires murderers on any side is fine by them, they hope - it - will snowball.

And... an "anti inflammatory rhetoric party" can become a new (but only one more among many) snowball for the coming avalanche, and there is only one solution for "it"... the return of Jesus..!

And, " IT " has never been about politics, "it" has been about Power and man's murderous appetite for it.



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