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Conspiracy..? II by Merwin

Updated on December 10, 2011

Aside from the theatrics that make them an easy target, Conspiracy Theorists (nutcases) should at least be heard by you and me.

There were those among the German public that spoke out against the rising Nazi regime and the official networks for information did their best to make them sound like nut cases, fringe lunatics... whackos. Why? Well, the rising Third Reich was making life better for their post WWI, severely depressed economy. People were working again, the economy was on the upswing and largely due to the benefits wrought through Nazi (Hitler) Party policies.

But the broadcasts and the publications that made these voices of reason, these watchmen on the wall, fall increasingly silent, were only partly because of the growing economy. Mostly it was due to the mainstream media who made these courageous voices seem like conspiracy nuts, and, because they were told to do so by the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Eventually every conspiracy theorist was silenced one way or another, and it was all done legally, through the new laws the Nazi party managed to pass...

The thing to bear in mind is the atrocities that every "civilized" society was/is able to get away with, was/is done so LEGALLY.

Rome's butchering of innocent men, women, and children, for entertainment in the Colosseum, Catholic Spanish Inquisitions, Protestant Inquisition of Catholics in Anglican England, Soviet murdering their own populace by the tens of millions under Stalin, Hitler in Germany, Chinese oppression and murder of tens of million of their own people, after they came to power under Mao... all these and more, were all done legally.

We Americans, like to think that this cannot happen in our country. We look back at our treatment of LEGAL slavery (pre- 1865), and poo poo it saying, "...that was ancient history". We turn a blind eye from our current treatment of Native Americans, mostly because we don't like to consider that we have been, and still are, oppressing them, LEGALLY.

We Americans were raised to believe in "Fair Play" and a certain spirit of generosity. We appropriately cry out against the obvious atrocities of the Soviets, the Nazis, etc. and never really consider that their public VOTED, albeit unknowingly, to put the Nazis in power. We Americans do not like to view these "foreign" possibilities as being possible here, but they are.

The point is, that the great American Experiment is about to conclude, and not in a happy, bloodless manner.

It is easy for us to not recognize its conclusion or the methods used to bring down the American Dream. After all, we do not have a Hitler to point to and say... "Aha... there, there is the Villain! Sound the Alarm... everyone to the ballot boxes! We will never allow the same thing here!"

No... our freedoms are being lost LEGALLY, mostly unseen and not according to anyone specifically. It has happened over long periods and through orchestrated efforts, with our Heroes du jour... signing on the dotting lines again and again. A little here, a big chunk there barely noticed by the masses. Because they that have cried out from the watch wall have been silenced and portrayed by the powerful as fringe conspiracy nutcases. And after everything is said and done... we do not wish to go down in history as one of those Conspiracy Nuts... do we..? And so, do we let those we elect, incrementally destroy our safeguard, the U.S. Constitution? Do we succumb with barely a whimper as we, and our loved ones are violated?

So, who is the genius behind this concerted effort to subjugate our global masses? Why would he/they be doing this over hundreds if not a thousand or so years? Where and how may we stop this murderous nonsense..? Short answer... we cannot stop it, it may be possible to slow it, but not stop it.

More to come in "Conspiracy..? III "


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    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 gregas...

      Thank you for your kind words and insights, I like it when folks drop by and thereby leave me a reminder to visit their Hubs... thanks again.

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 6 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi you two, point well expressed and well taken here. Yes, we have been loosing our freedoms, and that is not a conspiricy theory. Yes, things are looking grimm for many and with so many out of work, there are more that have time and are willing to rebel, as seen in the Wall Street crap. I have been able to see good points and bad points in everything that has been happening. People have to open their eyes, their brains AND their hearts to allow themselves to see what is happening, not only in this country, but in the world. Because, like it or not, what happens in the rest of the world DOES affect US. A very good and well written hub. Greg