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Constant changes have transformed humanity to a great extent!

Updated on February 26, 2017

We are powerful.

A writer may be biased...

A writer may be biased sometime. Each individual has a separate opinion on many things. Our opinions tend to be biased since we don’t view things on other people’s view point. Opinions and judgements arise in the mind of people based on their fundamental character. Yes, due to many sufferings undergone in early life, one tends to become stubborn, hate society and public without any reason or rhyme! Jealousy is one pest for which there is no antidote except through spiritual path. People become jealous of others due to varieties of reasons. Even children develop jealousy when their peers excel in studies, games and other activities. A fair complexion is enough to kindle jealousy in others. Jobs are another reason for jealousy. Some people do not get any job even after trying in several venues. Yet some others are absorbed in prominent companies with fat salaries. The IT field has generated lot of heartburn amongst students of other streams. In the initial phases, IT industries were the most sought after by job seekers since the emoluments were far better than other disciplines. There are cases of Doctors opting for IT jobs after getting trained up in ‘Software technology”. But the sheen is fading nowadays. Due to global stagnation consequent to “Brexit and US policies on H1B visas and not allowing several countries to enter US, the charm is fading away. Those who are already working in Western countries are in dilemma, how the prevalent conditions will change their fortune?

charles Darwin

The initial Euphoria of jobs in US and Gulf countries!

It is like the initial euphoria of employment in Gulf countries. In those days, Gulf economy was flush with ‘oil reserves’ and hence they offered opportunities to many educated, technical people from other countries. The oil prices were riding high and those economies flourished beyond expectations. Many countries were establishing many companies as per the needs of the time. Of course laborers from all south Asian countries migrated to oil rich countries and earned well. Due to the lowering of oil prices, the governments there are finding it very difficult to manage the budgets which were fully based on oil exports. Oil prices have touched rock bottom. Hence many people were sent away. Also there is heavy demand for employment of local people. This naturally created lot of troubles for migrant workers. Same case is with US, after new President took over! Several drastic rules are framed to prevent outsourcing of jobs to other places. Actually India was a major benefiter in the business process outsourcing. Many companies based in major cities of India reaped profit in BPOs. Hence information technology and software engineering offered lot of chances to IT students. But the trend is slowly coming down due to the changes in global policies. Hence the companies who are working in IT field need to diversify their portfolios as per the needs now. Due to monetization, mobile payment platforms are gaining ground. Hence it would be wise to focus on mobile wallet platforms for the time being. Security is a great concern in online finance platforms. Once the holes in securities are patched up with strong encryption, Mobile wallets will gain!


Changes and destruction caused by natural forces!

Why this preface? There are philosophical truths governing human life on earth. Everything is tend to change is the basic premise on which philosophy develops. We can discern this truth from the history of world and the human life thereon. Continents may change, yes, once a monolithic land mass bifurcated into seven continents due to forces of nature like earthquake, volcanoes and other factors. The existence of monster animals such as Dinosaurs, are proved through the skeleton remains that were excavated during anthropological expeditions. It is estimated that the great Dinosaurs existed around 65 million years ago! How there is no trace of the species now? Researches have revealed that some huge meteorite which has fallen from the space might have destroyed the entire species. In the same way, some natural calamity might have buried the entire Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations. It may be torrential rain causing heavy floods that might have washed away the entire population of those two ancient civilizations. The Greek and Roman Empires are indicated by the broken monuments which stand tall amid the modern cities. From the cave dwelling humans to the modern technological scientist, the journey might have taken millions of years. But changes have brought about the transformation in human thinking and perceptions. The cave man invented certain tools out of sheer necessity. This is how humanity has evolved from Stone Age to Iron Age and then to copper age.

We are powerful creators.

Monumental strides in innovations!

No doubt, the computer and internet are the monumental inventions which changed the life style of majority of educated people. Now nothing is a secret. Anyone can access any information about anything sitting from his home anywhere on the earth. Communication technology has leapfrogged to amazing speed. The gadget we used six months ago has now become obsolete. Gone are the days of desktops, laptops tablets and smartphones. Everyday newer varieties of gadgets are occupying the show rooms of major players. We can select and choose among thousands of varieties sitting in the comforts of home and paying online! Is it not a giant step by software engineers and computer technologists? Today all the space programs are made possible through the intricate software systems that monitor the flight of rockets and position the various satellites in their locations! Now Indian space scientists have made us proud by sending 103 pay loads in one flight which is a world record! How India could achieve this? This is the vision of many leaders like Dr.Abdul Kalam, Dr.Satish Dawan, Dr. Homi Baba and others.

The future India depends on honest leaders both in political and other fields. Transformation through changes in thinking and aiming high for the welfare of the entire world is the most essential task ahead!

Changes and evolution of human life.

Do you believe that development of thinking capacity has augured well for humans?

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