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Constructive Core Beliefs and the Healing Affirmations

Updated on February 28, 2019

My last discussion was about destructive core beliefs that are embedded in the structure of the soul and that these are like cobwebs of a monstrous spider that creates a stable habitat and expands to create clans if left unattended. Can you imagine your soul in such a condition, the habitat of a dreaded monstrous creator of bad lucks in your life?

Like I said destructive core beliefs are bad lucks that we drug along as we journey on in life. They are so powerful that they can camouflage like angels of light yet they actually block you in your pursuit for a good life in all areas and you will one day realize that you are in a great despair. These destructive core beliefs attack the person anytime and in any area of his life.

Before going to the constructive core beliefs let’s talk about how we were able to possess these core beliefs in the first place.

Newborn babies are all innocent in the sense that their soul is pure and unblemished from any influences in the material world, physically, mentally and emotionally. Although there is a new study which theorizes that babies inside the womb can sense the emotional state of the mother and that it could affect its personality, but then when it comes to core beliefs we deal with the active participation of the baby with its physical environment. That sense of the baby inside the womb is a passive one where he is not involved in using his will; we are talking here about the active and willful involvement of the baby for him to start formulating a certain core belief within him as the case may be. These beliefs begin with observation, active or passive, observation comes from seeing, hearing and sense feeling.

The five senses are the gateways to the soul and as the baby grows, he learns many things from the environment through the use of all its senses. He will learn which taste to prefer, what sound and sight to enjoy or to dread. It is through this learning process that humans start to accumulate the core beliefs that go straight to the soul hence it is impossible for us to know every core belief that thrive in our soul.

Given this premise that it is impossible to know or be aware of all those destructive core beliefs within us then we don’t need to know the unknown unless you are professionally trained along that line, but lucky for us we have a soul that knows everything and all we can do is to trust our souls, have faith in that major part of our being who is all-knowing of all that we are, past present and future.

To trust our all-knowing soul will then be our greatest goal if we want to heal ourselves or to unburden ourselves from the loads of bad luck that we are carrying all the while.

Taking some of the examples of destructive core beliefs n my previous article “Two Major Types of Core Beliefs; Destructive and Constructive”, in the following I will use them as the bases for the healing affirmations:

Destructive core beliefs:

  1. I don’t really want to be rich, that is impossible for me.

Note: Many people have this kind of core belief although secretly they wish they were rich and yet they cannot believe that they can be rich. When they start to think of getting rich many clatters in their mind would start to attack them such as “stupid, you are not going to get rich, you don’t know how unless you win the lottery jackpot but even that is close to impossible.” In this case there is a conflict between your wish and your core belief, they don’t agree so you will justify yourself by saying I don’t really want to be rich, that is just impossible for me.”

The question then is how to heal this kind of core belief so that the wish will win over the belief?

This is one example of diagnosing your one particular destructive core belief. You have to acknowledge that you have this sort of belief within you. You also have to acknowledge your wish or desire. Honor your desire, uphold it because that is really what you want. Enumerate all the good things you experience when you are rich enjoy them in your mind. Each of us has a definition for rich, what is your definition, make it clear in your mind saying “because I am rich, I have cash balance to my name of the amount, say $5M. The point is empowering your wish so that the destructive core belief will die a natural death, you won’t hear it clattering in your mind anymore.

But this is easier said than done. Your belief has been living within you and has been influencing your way of thinking and behavior since time immemorial so you have to do a lot of effort that emanates from within. The mind works effectively in opposites, antonyms, positive versus negative. So, in this destructive core belief which says “I don’t really want to be rich, that is impossible for me.” Say the opposite “I really want to be rich, everything is possible for me.” Then change it into an affirmation form which is the present. “I am now rich, everything is possible for me.” If you can believe in this statement you will be rich eventually according to your definition.

The problem here is you cannot really believe it to happen. Then if you cannot believe, don’t force yourself do some very effective technique so that eventually without you even realizing it you already had believed in the statement but then you are already rich when that day comes.

What you do here is develop the faith in that statement. Write it down in the spirit of fun twenty times a day for 28 days in first, second, and third person such as this: Let’s say your name is Jenny write it this way;

First person: I, Jenny, am now rich, everything is possible for me.

Second person: You, Jenny are now rich, everything is possible for you.

Third person: She, Jenny, is now rich everything is possible for her.

I know this sounds crazy but try that crazy part of you, that’s how it works miracles in your lives. You can also do the same process in any of your wishes and desires in areas of education, relationship, career and just about anything that matters to you. Let your soul do magic for you.


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Eric Dierker,

      Thank you for dropping by again. I appreciate your encouraging comment.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Really well done. That hard core self speech gets so ingrained. And then you "work" quite hard to redirect and then you have to make sure you get up on Tuesday and do it again. Worth the effort.

      Thank you for your wisdom.


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