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Contentment is the way to happiness! Never be greedy!

Updated on September 29, 2015

About greed!

Do your duty, leave the rest to God!

Human life is full of expectations! But, all expectations end up in sorrow and anxiety. Very rarely, one meets success in his expectations. Lord Krishna, in his famous Bagawath Geetha songs, during the Kurukshethra war around 5000 years ago, has clearly told the warrior Arjuna, “Fight, since it is your legitimate duty but never hanker for any results in the process. Do your duty and leave the results to me! How far, this concept could be adopted in our life in the present materialistic age? Yes, the clamor for money is heard in every nook and corner of the world.

Money, no doubt has become an essential requirement for life. Without that, none can lead a care free life. From basic necessities to luxuries, money has become the essential element. None will oblige us with what we need without exchanging money. Every little thing in this world has a rate tag. Pay it and possess it. The richest billionaires in the world hoard around 80% of wealth whereas the poor people who accounts for majority of world population have to satisfy with the remaining 20%. Yes, we can count the richest people easily and their number is not that much. Why there is so much of social disparity in the world? Who is responsible for the pathetic state?

The main culprit is ‘greed’ and selfishness. These two pests enter into the tender heart of human beings and create havoc in their life. This greed and selfishness manifest in many shapes and forms among the people. Some people are so crooked that they adopt myriads of ways to hoard money. Cheating, black-marketing, adopting other criminal methods using the technology to peep into the personal accounts of innocents and siphoning their holdings…..the list is endless. They never care for the sorrow caused to other people by their nefarious acts. No law enforcing agency anywhere in the world can eliminate human greed. Everyone has to adopt consciously moral values in life.

When the leaders themselves have become greedy and corrupt, how can we blame the citizens? In fact, corruption is socialized in many third world countries! The goal of the rulers should be to bring social equality of all citizens but the leaders of today ensure conduits in the bureaucracy to meet their ends. When such corrupt money passes hands, it is the natural for the middle agents to gain in such nefarious activities. Otherwise, the leaders will be caught red-handed by the media and public. To day, most of the corrupt leaders are caught since there is bitterness in sharing the booty. Also the media adopt many innovative ways to catch them unnoticed by some hidden pen camera, button cameras and other implanted gadgets. Fearing such innovative gadgets, many top officials engage middle agents to pass the corrupt money.

This again requires that the agents are kept in good humor during their life time. Many retired bureaucrats who have relinquished their offices start writing autobiographies which again exposes many top political leaders and their retinue. Hence we often read about the catching stories in the print and visual media. Every country is credited with such notorious figures. Hence the sages of yore advice people to practice contentment as a great virtue. Live within your means. If you are a daily wage earner, see that your basic essential requirements are met within the meager money. Also, today people lower their esteem by comparing with the well to do and rich in society. We are not aware whether they earned their money through honest toil or otherwise. But there are several cases of paupers become rich millionaires by hard work, earnestness, initiatives and applying their knowledge gained by experience in innovative ways.

We have many such people in the world like Bill Gates, Fords and other people. Hence hard work and intelligence will take us to great heights. The best example is Abraham Lincoln, the President who exuded humanness in all his activities. Hence work hard and come up. Do not bother about short cuts to riches!

Contentment quotes!


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