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Continua Mysterium; The Perpetual Mystery: Bigfoot and Yeti

Updated on March 30, 2017
16th September photos taken by Rick Jacobs.
16th September photos taken by Rick Jacobs.

These abominations are NOT a thing of the past

In September 2007 the BFRO or the Bigfoot Field Research Organization received three photos taken by Rick Jacobs from a motion sensor camera set up on a tree in Allegheny National Forest near Ridgway, Pennsylvania. Rick had captured images of a Sasquatch. The sighting hit the news channels and was watched by the whole state. Many explanations were put forward bur none of them could clearly explain these images. It really was something that had never been seen on national television earlier.

The BFRO database contains 6 (4 are class B and two are class A in nature) most recent reports for the year 2014.

These abominations are said to be apelike having feet as long as 15 inches having five fingers just like humans. Its huge sized feet are the source and the reason for its name. This animal stands about eight feet tall. According to reports the Bigfoot is a strong creature with very well built and environmentally adapted body, with black bear like hair all over the body. Scientists do not believe in the existence of such creatures in modern times. According to them creatures with such description got extinct long time back (about 300,000 years). But there has been undeniable evidence, like footprints found in 1982 after a sighting of the creature in Northern Orgeon’s Blue Mountains. The impressions show some distinct characteristics about the feet that they belong to, which cannot be faked.


Rhineback, N.Y.
Scripio, Utah
Rifle, Colorado
Blackstone, Va
Distribution of the frequency of sightings on the map.
Distribution of the frequency of sightings on the map.

The most popular and by far the most controversial of the Bigfoot’s evidences is a 16mm film shot by Roger Patterson in 1967 in Bluff Creek, California. This film contains, several frames of Bigfoot walking away from a river, where it was squatting when Roger arrived. This film reveals the muscular build of the creature, with black hair all over its body. Seeing this film some believers say that it is another step in the direction of proving the existence of such creatures while skeptics completely deny it by calling it a fake. Researchers who believe in the existence of such creatures say that bigfoot and others like ‘Yeti’ or the ‘Abominable Snowman’ are the successors of ‘Gigantopithecus’ who existed in Southeast Asia in prehistoric times.

Giant footprints are common source of Bigfoot evidence.
Giant footprints are common source of Bigfoot evidence.

There are many theories which have been used to explain the existence of Bigfoot and its evidences that have been found. Some have completely denied them calling them mere speculations, while there are others who believe staunchly in them. There are still others such as serious researchers who are constantly endeavouring to find substantial evidence in order to back them. While this is one unsolved mystery, that of the Abominable snowman is another. Its existence was first discovered in 1889 by a British adventurer and explorer Colonel Waddell, in the higher Himalayas. Though expeditions have found many mutilated body parts including skulls in this area, incidents of sightings of the abominable snowman have been rare. The most popular name of the abominable snowman is perhaps ‘Yeti’ though it is called by many other names such as ‘Meti’, ‘Shookpa’, ‘Mi-go’, ‘Kong-me’ etc.

This creature’s likeness to man has puzzled scientists for many years. The first recorded sighting of Yeti took place when in 1908 an explorer saw footprints of this creature just as Colonel Waddell had. He saw a hairy creature who walked on two legs on which it carried its huge body. The first recorded attack by a snowman took place in 1948. Frostis and Thorberg were mountaineering when they saw footprints which were unbelievably large, shaped in a way that they could definitely not have belonged to any human. After following those tracks for some time they were shocked to notice that they were standing face to face with not one but two huge, hairy creatures who induced so much fear in the two mountaineers that they were paralyzed. One of them attacked and mutilated Frostis’s shoulder. Thorberg fired a round from his rifle buying some time for the two of them to save their lives. Not even realizing whether he had shot the snowman or not, both of them ran as fast as they could on the freshly fallen snow. Frostis’s shoulder bled badly but they were able to get help in time.

In 1954 a hunting expedition was started to hunt down snowmen. This expedition arranged by the Daily Mail was able to collect a lot of evidence in support of existence of the snowman but could not find one. In 1957 an American expedition discovered footprints as long as 14 inches and followed them. The footprints showed that to whomever they belonged, walked identically like a human being. This was quite strange. Another expedition’s base camp was invaded and attacked by a snowman that the expedition members did not know of. This snowman upturned their utensils and threw them on the ground. It was startled by the sounds that the utensils made and thus fled from the camp leaving its footprints all over.

Yeti footprint discovered in 1951 on a Nepalese glacier at a a height of 19000 feet
Yeti footprint discovered in 1951 on a Nepalese glacier at a a height of 19000 feet

A Nepalese monastery had kept a hand which was claimed to have belonged to a Yeti. This hand was examined by a team from the University of California by taking hair and skin samples from it. The result was soon pronounced that the hand belonged to a creature of a species that had not been recorded yet. This hand was stolen from the monastery and the thieves were never caught.

Snowmen have always been imaged as horrifying and offensive giant sized creatures. However the scientific point of view is different. Zoologists believe that some kinds of snowmen are very shy. They have divided them into three kinds. The first one is about four feet tall. The second one stands about 6 feet tall while the third is the giant sized one standing 7-9 feet tall. In spite of the size this is the one that is extremely shy. According to scientists, if at all Yeti exists; there is only one logical explanation. Yeti too is a descendant of ‘Gigantopithecus’ just like bigfoot. The evidences of existence of snowmen are many, but their sightings are few. Investigation goes on but their existence remains a mystery.

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    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 3 years ago from North Carolina

      He certainly has Gaurav. Google 'The Carolinian's Archives' and then go to the book shoppe page for my thoughts and an older video by him. Many credible backing witnesses and new info with this publication. Never mind his southern accent- that's just how we talk around here lol.

    • Gaurav Oberoi profile image

      gaurav oberoi 3 years ago

      That's really great. Has he come out with it?

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Very cool with some new info. There is a man near here in the southern Appalachians who has compelling evidence over the 20 years he's made friends of a sort with these beings, mostly by feeding them. He believes the ones in his case are Giganthropithicus.