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Controversy in the Pope arriving in

Updated on August 22, 2011

I read something in the news that I found very controversial and interesting. For those of you who are not aware of this, there is a gathering of the young Catholics around the world in Spain called the JMJ. Obviously, for such an important and big gathering for Catholics, all the important Catholic figures are present for the event. Also, if you are not aware of this, Spain and many countries in Europe are going into an economic crisis that is getting a lot of people fired and prices on everything increased. This has resulted on strikes and other violent events. We can conclude that people are angry because they have no source of income and under many economic problems.

OK, now that you are aware of that we can continue with the news. Since such a big event such as the JMJ is taking place, people such as the Pope and other catholic figures are gathered to talk to these kids and to "guide them in the path of God". Of course, these people have expenses... actually, they live like kings. And somebody has to pay all the expenses and luxuries that these "important" figures HAVE to have. Of course the one paying all of this is the Spanish government. And the money that the Spanish government uses comes from the taxes that Spanish citizens pay. The same people that are losing jobs, falling in debt and starving that still have to pay taxes.

So this is very interesting to me because I am not a Catholic follower, but I believe that since they are not hurting anybody and in some cases making people take good decisions, I respect and like Catholics. However, in a situation when a man claimed ONLY by the religion, and not by every Spanish citizen, as a important figure feeds of from the money of many that might not even believe in him; i find that irrational and very very stupid.

If we analyze the situation Benedicto XVI does not bring any source of income, or does he?; does not do any kind of labor, or does he? Which means that he is not helping any of the people in crisis in any other than some in a moral way. And he takes every luxury he wants, and he gets a private jet, he gets security, he gets food, etc. from people that are struggling economically, from people that are running out of ways to feed their children, from people that maybe even thanks to him, are falling into poverty. That is what I do not find acceptable. And I believe that Jesus did not come to earth to teach us that. I believe it is not fair for the people that struggle day by day to find a way to survive.

If you do find this fair and acceptable, please tell me why. Because this man should be treated as any other citizen is treated because of the crisis. Instead this man gets to keep his luxuries while thousands are fired from their jobs. Is that really the way things should be done?


Do you believe that the situation in Spain with the Pope and JMJ is fair and justifiable?

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