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Conversation With God 11-15-1988

Updated on June 7, 2012
Picture Taken by Bonitaanna
Picture Taken by Bonitaanna | Source

Learn to Think Positive

  • Lord: Dear Child, Please sit and take up a pen and paper, I would like to talk to you!
  • In the future you will see and know many truths that the Father will reveal to you.There will be others you can share them with and there will be ones that you cannot share them with. After you are married there will be many times Sam will be away from home. There will be many weeks apart in your lives that you will be alone and you will find refuge in your Fathers arms and thoughts. It is then that you will be shown many things.
  • Bonita: What about now Lord? Why not now?
  • Lord: Because you have not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit yet.
  • Bonita: Do I have to have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to be able to be shown many things?
  • Lord: Not for somethings but in receiving the Baptism you will be chosen. It is so complicated and hard to explain to you, soon you will know the truth about it, when the times comes. Chosen means, a chosen one of God. Your thinking has to be right with God in order to receive the gift.
  • Bonita: How do you mean my dear Lord?
  • Lord: You have to get rid of all negative thoughts and deeds. Think in the positive realm at all times, throw out all the negative. Know that Samuel will come to you. Know that he will receive the contract. Know that God will bless you both greatly in all things coming to you from God. Know then, let no negative thoughts enter your mind about anything or anyone. Everything good is coming to you, that is how you attract it. Through your positive thoughts.
  • Bonita: Wow! What a revelation!
  • Lord: Yes, most people do not know that this is the means by which they receive all good things. Samuel practices it by faith but doesn't realize that it is how he attracts all the good things to him. Sometimes he becomes negative and then it stops the good things coming his way. It is when you think and believe in all the positive side of things, that what you ask for, comes to you. When you stop feeling that positive feeling and negativity creeps in, all the good things coming your way are discontinued. Remember that! That is your first lesson. There will be many more to come, Now straighten up and think right!

Learn to think Positive

  • Lord: Do not be upset with Samuel for doing what he feels is right. You see mankind must do what he feels is right accordiing to how he thinks and feels. What you feel is right, may not be the samething he feels is right. The Father does not condem man for what he feels right or wrong. He condems man for what he harbors in his heart, for out of the mouth speaketh the heart.
  • Lord: There are many men in prison, my dear one, who belong there, but there are also those who have reformed. God does not hold the ones who have reformed guilty if they have accepted Christ, yet man does. It is not right for man to inflict punishment upon man, yet it goes on. God will deal with that when the time comes. There are many innocent people who have great trials in life, they shall be rewarded for the ordeals that they endure, but not always in this lifetime. Many bring upon themselves their problems by not following the laws of God. Yet many try to follow the laws of God, and do and even still have terrible trials. There is no end to them here on earth. It is only when you leave this plane will you understand the why and why nots.

Lessons to Learn

  • Lord: There are many lessons here for mankind to learn, and some people are working on as many as ten lessons at a time. There are lessons in love, lessons in death, living in presecution, living in denial, living in rejection, living in fame and fortune, living in dicipline, living in promiscuity, living in poverty, living in loneliness or aloneness, there are lessons in fear, lesson in faith and hope. There are just so many lessons, I could name many, many more. Are you beginning to learn what some of your lessons are my dear one? The major one for you is total Rejection. You have experienced it all the way through your life, haven't you?

Bonita: Yes, I have!

  • Lord: Now, at this time in your life, deal with it!
  • Bonita: What do you mean my Lord?
  • Lord: I will show you as soon as you face REJECTION itself!
  • Bonita: How am I suppose to face it Lord?
  • Lord: Pray about it and you will find the answer.

So I prayed about it, and asked how I could face "Total Rejection", and a voice said, "With love My Dear One, with total love like Jesus did. Is that all? I said.

Lord: Yes, It is that simple! Now, when someone rejects you, send them love. Your mother is still rejecting you, send her love, so is your father, send him love. Send out nothing but love for them and see what happens! Send everyone you can think of, even your brothers and sister That is all!

Bonitaanna took this Picture
Bonitaanna took this Picture | Source

Receiving the Baptism

It was not long after this that Sam and I flew to Alabama State Prison to sing for the prisoners in the Chapel. It was there that I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the Chapel right there in front of the prisoners. I began to speak in a language. When they heard me, many of them also wanted it for themselves. I was so happy that God used me to put His love in their hearts and many were changed by it.

Please leave a note, I would like to hear what you have to share.


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    • Bonitaanna profile image

      Bonitaanna 5 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Thank you for your very nice comment. God Bless you and your family!

    • glmclendon profile image

      glmclendon 5 years ago

      Good hub. Check your typos. You have a strong message and I thankyou for it. We all learn from each other.

      Stay Well