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Conversation With God 7-8-2011

Updated on May 31, 2012

Beyond Imagination!

  • Holy Spirit: I will tell you why you hear me. Many people have no idea the wonders of God! They think that life is all of what they see and hear, but it isn't. They think that life is what they think and feel, but it isn't. There is a whole part of life that is unseen and not felt right beyond their sight, right beyond the veil of physical death. Not even that, it is beyond imagination! As a child, a person has somewhat of an imagination but they begin to loose it as they are exposed to life more and more and the realities of life drown the ability of the mind to imagine things. It is very rare for someone to retain that part of life when the mind was young and full of imagination.
  • Take for example how children play with toys and use them to act out what is really in their imagination. If you notice some children act out something they have seen in real life. Some will act out something that they have made up, and some will act out their feelings that they are feeling. That is their imagination being used and experienced. As you grow older you loose that ability, or put it in a closet in your mind somewhere. In doing so, you loose a part of your life in the world of imagination.


  • As time goes on you actually shut the door to imagination permanently. People create from their imagination. In the dream world you still have your imagination, but you do not have control over it. Its as if you stuck you imagination in the closet where the dream world is. It no longer functions in the real world or present. But my child, you have kept the door of imagination open. Therefore, you hear the small voice coming through that opening that others don't even realize they have closed for good. That does not mean you are imagining that you hear me. It just means, that is the means by which you hear me.
  • How can anyone expect to hear a voice if they are not looking and expecting to hear it? The noises alone of todays world are one of satans instruments to drown out the ability of the world to hear the Lord and the Holy Spirit teach and speak to His people. It's very difficult to be connected to God if you are not trying to get connected. When you take the time to go to your place of quiet, then and only then will you be able to hear His voice.
  • That is why you can hear the Holy Spirit speak to you, because you desire to hear the voice of God, and it pleases Him so.

Balm of Love

  • God is always with those who love Him and want to hear Him. There is a balm that comes with that kind of closeness to God. You are as like a small child and He is there carressing you when it hurts. He loves to give you that attention. He knows when your heart hurts, He wants you to know that all you have to do is call upon Him and He will be there, and most people do not even know that He is hoping and longing that people will open that small door of imagination like what you my dear have never closed, and He will be there for them. Yes, the Holy Spirit works in the 4th Dimension. The Dimension of dreams and imagination. Until a person realizes it and begins to search, they will not know or discover that the voice of God is hidden somewhere in their imagination or in the dream closet, like yours.


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with the Holy Spirit. It is always a joy to have a conversation with Him. Please remember to leave a message if you enjoyed it and want to hear more. Thank you!


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