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Conversation With God 8-7-2010

Updated on July 22, 2012
He is a Mesianic Jewish Rabbi and a Doctor of Medicine, Opera Singer and a singer for God.
He is a Mesianic Jewish Rabbi and a Doctor of Medicine, Opera Singer and a singer for God. | Source

Praising God

  1. God: There was a time when I told Samuel awhile back, that he was to praise me all the time, do you remember that?
  2. Bonita: Yes I do Lord.
  3. God: Well, I am going to tell him something about that! His constant praises, my child, have been heard over and over, and they have been like the sweetest honey, and the most beautiful melody to my ears. His praises have been non stop and, therefore, he will be surprised to find out, that even though he is my child, he is a gift to the world! That is, his music is a gift to the world. It goes straight to the soul and fills all the places that have been full of pain and hurt and it purges that pain until it all comes out, so I can fill it with love through his songs and thru the words that flow from his lips with the love that I filled him with. He is like a vase that is filled over and over and each time he sings he pours it out into the hurting souls that need to be filled with love. Love is the only thing in the world that heals a hurting heart. It has to be spoken and it has to be shown, and Samuel my son, my instrument sent to deliver the healing balm of Gillead. Through this balm the people receive a healing. Samuel is unique. He is the only one that I have given this gift to, yes, I said only one. Look around the world! No one, and I mean, no one, has the voice or the tone or the personality, nor the experiences that he has gone through, and still stands up for me!

Prayer is Needed

  1. Bonita: Lord how is it that Satan has such power over many people?
  2. God: If a person is not a child of God, it is more difficult to control their thoughts. You see the mind is the playground of Satans. The evil one works in the thoughts of mankind and can control the people. Prayer is the only thing that can save humanity, not anything else. Organize yourself a group of people to have prayer around the clock. Prayer is the instrument that is heard in the heavens not any other words. Prayer is what God hears and answers. Prayer is what God pays attention too. Prayer is what moves evil thoughts to the bottomless pit. Prayer will change circumstances, prayer will drive Satan's warriors away, prayer will open the heavens. My child do not weep, it is about to begin, be strong now, that is why I have chosen you and Samuel for the last days. Both you and Samuel are strong in your love for me and you need to know that so you can take action. I don't want you to say one day that I did not warn you. I love you and you are my children of the light and you need to be strong.
  3. God: I do not want that you were not warned to get prepared for what is about to take place. Be strong and vigilant, the younger ones will think that you are foolish, but the Lord God Almighty knows that the largest per cent of the youth of today is lost in the evil world that has stolen them away and now He has to warn the ones who do love Him to be prepared so they are not lost when the time comes to take them off the face of the earth in order to save them in the last hour. ( the Rapture) You must now be wise not all will believe you, if you were to tell them this. Be wise like Noah. Read about Noah again and again to see what he did. Noah loved me just like many today do. Pray and then pray again. I love you both, YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.

The Millennial 6-14-2012

  1. Bonita: Lord is there something catastrophic coming when we are ushered into the Millennial Age, or what they call the Golden Age?
  2. God: I will tell you something that most people have not the internal fortitude or the courage to ask, for fear of knowing!
  3. God: One day you will all wake up to the day that the sky blackens, that the stars will fall and that the birds no longer fly. The oceans will cough up all that is in it. The stench will be so unbelievable. Mankind and all that is upon the face of the earth will no longer have the beautiful earth that God so miraculously made. He, God, will destroy those who have had control over the earth and have brought it to this point in time. Man's wisdom will have brought him to this. Remember what God said, "Man's wisdom is but foolishness to God". Do not worry though, many will be taken off the earth just in time. Their safety is in God's hands. He has a plan for them. He has always had a plan for them!
  4. God: All that is happening and will happen, is His great plan for the future. That is why it is important to know and trust God. He has never let the ones who love Him down. The ones in the end time have been blessed mightily. For they have been shown much and told much about God's plan. That is the reason why it is a blessing for those who are a part of the end time. Plus the fact that they will not feel the sting of death and will be raised up.
  5. Bonita: Lord what exactly is the New Age or Millennial Age?
  6. God: It is a time of change. Change that you have not or could not even imagine. It is about control, living by rules and regulations. God and the church will become less important. A ruler who dictates to the masses. Your freedom to be who you are will be sacrificed. That is why God cannot allow it to continue and why He will remove the ones who love Him. So that He can do something about it before the rulers of the world get too carried away with their plans. This plan will not be the same after the Millennium starts. Man has too many weapons and can destroy the earth, but God will not and must not let Mankind destroy it. This is why He, (Christ) is coming soon to get His loved ones, to bring them into safety before all hell breaks loose. Yes, my child, He knows exactly what He is doing. Have no fear or doubt, God is totally in control and knows who are his sheep! Now is the time to read His Words and stay confident that He hears your prayers.
  7. Bonita: Lord is there anything else you would have us prepare for?
  8. God: Yes, my child, be ready.
  9. Bonita: How?
  10. God: That is, be expecting any moment that Jesus Christ the son of God, will be appearing. The trumpets will usher Him into His appearing. Everyone will hear the trumpets and everyone will see Him. Many people will be shocked at His appearance. At that moment many will fall to their knees, and face. Fear will overcome many others who did not believe. They will try to run and hide. Many will try to give their life at the last moment to Christ by pleading and weeping. Many will stand and try to profess at that moment that they loved Him and did his work. He will tell them, "I know you not, get thee from me". Take heed my child. It will all happen in due time.
  11. God: This is the moment when Jesus begins the rapture of those who love Him. All He will do is call out to his faithful ones and they will all begin to rise at his command. They will meet Him in the sky and when all of them are risen they will no longer be seen by those left behind. It will be as if they never were. There will not be any chance for the ones left behind until the tribulation on earth has passed.
  12. God: If they have come to God in the tribulation and profess to believe in Him then they will be saved. From that time on many will experience many hard trials without their loved ones who left with Christ. There will be constant chaos and bloodshed. The streets will not be safe.
  13. God: Many of your movies were warnings of what is to come. They were many of the signs and warnings that God has used to try and reveal to mankind as to what was coming. It is a shame that those who have watched them never wised up to that fact. Maybe had more people realized that the movies were a warning in many ways as to what was coming, it could have changed the way mankind on the whole, acted and thought, and then this future that you have would have taken a differen't course. Mankind's plan has not been in the best interest of his fellow man, and because of that it has put the earth and all that is on it in a precarious situation.
  14. Bonita: Is there anything else you want to say?
  15. God: Yes, there are also others living there on earth and in it. They too are very concerned about destroying the natural habitat that is needed for the life of others. Everything has its place and is needed to balance nature. But there are those ones who want to tear down and destroy just to gain a high financial situation for themselves and others.

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