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Conversations with God - How Best May I Serve

Updated on May 19, 2014

There is beauty all around us

Automatic Typing 19th May 2014

In the ‘Seven Ways’ God would like us to relate (Neale Donald Walsch’s Friendship with God) one is to help. How can I help God? I would have thought that God who is everything would need no help.


You’re wrong, Tom. God does need your help. You’re a part of Him and He wants to be completely whole in all of His creations. Your body and mind are His and your creations because you are a smaller part of Him. He wants to be completely reunited with you and yet at the same time have you bring back your experiences of being lesser than Him. That adds to a total of knowing.


I still don’t get it but I’ll take your word for it.

You are a part of God in your essence


Good. Then I will go on to tell you this. You are a part of God in your essence. But you have created more than what you are. You, as a god, have brought into existence a world or worlds that are completely of your own making. Outside, the world you see is of your own making too, albeit much as has been created by the Earth and the Sun and all of the gods which participate in the making the area of the universe within which you and they live. They, too, are part of the Great Whole and the Great Creator which is God. And God has given them what you have – creative power. But God experiences what is going on in the realm of creation through the consciousness of His Creators, a lesser part of The Whole.

Both far and near

Do not underplay your part in the Creative Process

Do not under play the strength and significance of your own part in this creative process, Tom. The Infinite is just that. You can, for convenience’s sake, divide it into parts which are easier to understand but there is, in fact, no boundaries. To draw an analogy:

Imagine that you are the sea. This sea is different. It has no bottom and no surface. It has no boundaries. It therefore really has no point from which it is not the centre, yet there is no centre. If you were a water molecule your nearest neighbors would be other water molecules. They would be exactly the same as you. Yet they would also be different. Their molecular spacing of the sub-atomic particles within them would be of different relativity to one another. They would not make up exactly the same geometric patterns; angles of influence. So these would be like other humans in relationship to you.

You have this amazing power within you

Around the groups of molecules that you know would be more, but you would not know of them except perhaps in theory, if you had been told of their existence. But they would be there. They would be unlimited. They would be linked and related to you. A change in you from water into something else would change those molecules around you. They, too, would change those around them. And they too would do this until the whole of the infinite ocean is changed into something different. You have this amazing power within you to change not only your own self and your own immediate environment but the Whole of Creation. You have this sort of power. We all do. But we know it not. We can be told of it, but until we have accepted it and practiced it, we have not really changed at that level where we can use this power to create.

In the midst of winter

Change the mind from doubt to faith and from faith to trust

You need to know that you can create. You need to know by experience that you are infinitely creative. In order to take the first steps in this you need firstly to trust The Creator within you – your own creative spark – to create what you want. Doubt is the thing which holds any of us back. Doubt is a thing of the mind. Change the mind from doubt to trust and from trust to faith and from faith to knowing and it will change from wanting to doing and it will be done. It cannot not be done, for this is the Law of the Universe.

You are a spark of God

What I am telling you here, Tom, is the truth. You are a creator. You are a spark of God. You have no lesser importance than any other spark of god. Use your creativity to bring to you all that you wish for yourself and for others. This is your gift to yourself. All have it; so few have heard of it. Even less believe it. And very, very few know it. Be one of those who know it. And be one of those who let others know it. This is a grand meaning. This is a wonderful purpose. This pursuit will bring you all the joy, all the satisfaction, all the everything that you have ever wanted. So…it is up to you, Tom Ware. It is up to you.

And even in the sunset of our lives

You cannot willingly serve unless you're doing something you enjoy doing

Automatic Typing 20th May 2014

How best may I serve?


You can’t serve willingly unless you’re doing something you enjoy doing. Sacrificing your own happiness in order to serve others is not the way to go about bringing more happiness into your world, Tom. So in order for you to serve – and anyone else for that matter – and to enjoy doing the tasks that need to be done whilst serving, you need to do something which provides at least a modicum of satisfaction.

Is there anything else you wish to know?

In your case, Tom, you’ve a penchant for creative writing. That’s why you’ve written so much to Me and received so much from Me via this automatic way of communication. So writing is one thing you do enjoy. The other is teaching to groups and telling stories to groups. You are an entertainer as well as a teacher, so it is in these areas you would find your greatest satisfaction.

But you know this already. You’re really only asking me to approve of or ratify what you know to be true for you and I do so here. Now, is there anything else you wish to know at this time?

Self: Yes. My practice of Vipassana Meditation - can you tell me what it is doing for me, please?

There is no beginning and no end

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation


Yes. Your practice of Vipassana has become a twice daily routine and it has been very good for you since the start. It might seem that you’re not making much progress and that things have stayed pretty much the same since you began but that is not so. The progress you have made is immeasurable. I cannot emphasize enough the advancements you have made. But these seem to have remained unknown to you so I will explain a little about them now.

Your body is made up of many layers

Your body is made up of many layers. It is in the emotional layers that the sankaras which you mention so much in your writings is undergoing change. It might not seem like it but you have ‘uplifted’ a great many of these. Certainly what you’ve been doing is staving off at lot of angst which would have sooner or later arisen into areas of your body where you would have been subject to all manner of ailments you have not got – and will not get – now.

You have become far lighter. Your aura, which can be seen by your spiritual guides, has become markedly brighter and purer. Your ability to take messages from your spiritual guidance has been enhanced. You will note now that it is almost immediate and comes to you intuitively if you just stop for a moment to listen for it.

There are infinite universes all contained in the Now Moment

Do not expect anything. Accept the results

So you have made great progress. But you are wondering where it is taking you and whether the sensations that your feel in Vipassana – which have been unpleasant in the main for many years now – will relent and become easier to put up with.

Yes, they will. But don’t put a measurement on it. Do not ask when. Do not expect anything. As Goenka said, “Leave the results to Dharma.”

They will be good results, Tom. You are gradually becoming free of those ego-generated things which cause so many to suffer, be it in the mind or the body or both.

So the Vipassana is definitely good for you. Keep it up.

Any other questions?

Everything is as it is supposed to be - and always is


My ambition, my thoughts of what to do, for many years now has been to present to large audiences some of the knowledge garnered from my own spiritual journey. I’ve imagined bringing such subject matter to big audiences in the United States of America (because there seems to be more opportunity there, perhaps?) Now, I know I cannot really ask you if that will definitely come about. That would be up to me. But is it the correct thing to think about…or should I just now let things unfold as they will. For, as I wrote on a writing pad only yesterday:

“Everything is as it is supposed to be – and always is.” I’d like your views on what I’ve stated above regarding my speaking ambitions.

And it is all as it should be

Opportunities cannot not present themselves


Hold on there, Tom! We’ve spoken about this at length in other communications. Yes, you can let things go and see what happens. Yes, opportunities will present themselves. They cannot not present themselves given the intensity and longevity in which you’ve held these dreams – if I might use this word, dreams.

You are going to ‘take the world by storm’ with your speeches and even your writings if you just ‘follow the intuitive prompts’ that are being continually presented to you. Stay aware! Stay focused on being the best speaker you can be in the fields that you are familiar with. And yes, that of course includes Spirituality. There aren’t a lot like you about yet, and there is a real demand from people to learn more about themselves. It has become a worldwide trend.

Let it all unfold for you

Many who are nowhere near as qualified as you are, are trying their hand at bringing the teachings of the masters to the many. Be one of these. Let it all unfold for you. It is happening, Tom. We said be patient. We did not say, ‘forget about it.’ We did not say it would not happen in your present lifetime. We cannot make it happen. But we can help you to make it happen.

That will do for now, Tom. Take a rest. We love you and wish you to succeed. After all, you are furthering the cause of making human beings happier, and that is what we all want.


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