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Conversations with God by Neale Walsh

Updated on October 5, 2015

Have you ever spoken to God?

Have you ever spoken to God? And then receive an answer back? Neale Donald Walshe experienced just that. He angrily asked God what this life is all about and why it's so hard and astonishingly received a reply back. Not just a one sentence reply, but a 6 year long reply (intermittently over 6 years). He wrote all the questions and answers down as they were spoken to him on pages and pages of yellow legal pad notebooks.

In 1995, Neale Donald Walshe turned these legal pads into 3 best selling books. It is an honor to read the revelations and discussion between Mr. Walshe and God. Free audio tapes of the books are available currently on youtube.

A Course in Miracles

For those of you who have heard of A Course in Miracles, this is similar but a more easily understandable discourse with God. Conversations with God is more applicable to our society and to our world today. I have picked up A Course in Miracles numerous times and would get discouraged with the vagueness and intensity of the words. I had a very difficult time understanding the message relayed by A Course in Miracles.

Conversations with God is quite the opposite! It is easily relatable and spoken in plain, clear English.

Conversations With God Overview

1. Show gratitude and appreciation

2. Do not supplicate

3. Your underlying thoughts and true intentions for supplications are interpreted by god

4. All thoughts are heard by God

5. God is everywhere

6. We are spirit children, we are all a seed or part of the whole.

Purpose of Life

Purpose is to recreate who you are. Purpose is creation and to experience glory.

Purpose of life is to know itSelf

(Hide and Seek)

1. We are born without memory of who we are purposely so we can create
2. Create
3. Discover who we are. Discover your true Self
4. Share the discovery

Goal of soul: To realize itself in the body, to realize through you, to know God experientially.

The world exists as it exists by design.

There is no coincidence.
There are no accidents.

Free Spirit

First thought (original thought) is the original sin. The first thought is in error.

Remove judgments and then the pain disappears.

The spirit is here to free you from mistakes.

Do what represents you.

Do what feels right to you.

Seek to change.

Bless All

Bless all.
All is the creation of god.
Create and experience the Truth.

Spirit allows for free will.

Do's and Don'ts are a mockery of free will (and so a mockery of God).

What is Hell?

Hell is thoughts that deny God.
It is the opposite of joy.
It is the experience (not a place) of when you reject who and what you are.

"Being less" is Hell.

There is no such thing as wrong thought but those wrong thoughts lead you to anxiety and fear and loss of joy (which essentially takes you away from god).

God's Greatest Gift and Promise

God's greatest gift- unconditional love.

God's greatest promise- unlimited potential.

A soul does not choose the life or handicaps ahead of time.

You may choose the people, the options, the events, conditions and circumstances you will face in your current life.

Bless every condition.

There is no such thing as coincidence.

Your life is like a snowflake.

Why does God allow suffering?

Why does God allow suffering? Because there is perfection in the process
All life arises out of choice
Don't question choice
It is inappropriate to condemn choice
Don't judge choice - it is perfect for them now

Should we offer to help souls?

Should we offer to help souls? No, because we would all be done with creating. There would be no game to continue if no solving of problems left. How does little me know what is right?
It is a game. Life is a game.
There would be nothing left to do if we solve all problems.

What can we do to help God?

Give dignity to poor, feed hungry, help others to see the wonder of life, grant opportunities.

Save yourself from the oblivion from non-realization.

Universal Laws


1. You can be, do, have what you imagine.
2. You attract what you fear.

Thought is pure energy that never dies, it extends forever.

Like energy attracts like energy.

Fear draws to you like a magnet.

Love is the ultimate reality.

What is God?

God is : I Am

God is: All that is

LOVE is the answer.

There are no coincidences in the world!!

There is perfection in everything. Be still and know that herein lies the peace of God.

God, the father, is Thought. You are the creator of your reality. You think it into being.

© 2013 harmony155


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      harmony....As many times as I have thought about reading these books, I just never seemed to get around to it. Thank you for this wonderful hub that gives such an insight into their messages. You have inspired me to make it a point now, to read them. Great job!....UP+++