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Conversations with a Spirit Guide - Understanding Dishonor

Updated on June 29, 2014

The act of dishonoring someone is the worst offense that you can level against another human being, and one that signifies that you have strayed away from your spiritual path.

If you criticize or make fun of any aspect of another human being that they have no control over, then you have chosen to weaken the self-esteem of another soul and devalue their worth in the world. This is the worst offense that you can level against another human being. Make no mistake, this is a form of hatred, and you created it.

Please do not take your beautiful soul down this path of spiritual shame. You were created to be the opposite of this. You are disrespecting your own soul when you choose to dishonor another person.

When you choose to privately hold yourself in higher regard than someone else, you are choosing to disrespect the soul you were created to be. And when you act on your opinion by dishonoring another soul with you words or actions, you are leaving the light and embracing dark energy, and placing your soul in danger.

Dishonor is a powerful dark energy. Perhaps to you, a flippant remark to make others laugh seems harmless, but dishonor is always at the expense of another soul, making it the darkest form of disrespect. And once you engage, you darken your own soul with that energy.

A conversation with my spirit guide

If you would like to connect with your Spirit Guide, follow the instructions in my hub: Connecting with your Spirit Guide.

My comments are in boldface type.

[begin session] Do we (humans) understand what dishonor means as a race?

No, you understand little about dishonor.

What makes someone dishonor another person?

Jealousy, ego, always a negative influence or energy.

What is dishonor to you?

It is the act of breaking down another person to cause them pain. To honor someone is to praise the goodness inside of them and to support their dreams and aspirations. To dishonor someone is an evil attempt to prevent them from ever becoming who they incarnated to be. This is a crime against that individual as well as the Universe. And when you do this, you diminish your value in the universe to the level you wished to diminish that individual. And as you prevent that person from discovering their mission, you move further away from ever discovering yours.

If you degrade someone so that they see themselves as less than they truly are, then you are responsible for the (karmic) ripple effect you set in motion by preventing that individual from reaching their goal to help or inspire others. And you incur Karmic Debt associated with others that may have chosen a kinder and more positive path had they received the help of the individual you dishonored. I am not talking about their occupation, I am talking about their heart and soul.

What happens to someone who dishonors another soul?

When you choose to dishonor another, your spirit knows that you are going against the Universe and therefore Negative Karma will attach itself to you. The more Negative Karma you carry with you in life, the harder it is for you to ever break free and achieve spiritual success. Such is the case of [name omitted] who has so much Negative Karma from her assaults against those who love her that it is unlikely that she will break free in this life.

She brought Karmic Debt into this incarnation for doing the same thing in a previous life, and she will exit this life with even more than she started with. This life was made hard to humble her but she did not listen to her inner voice and honor her soul. Instead she took the easy path of weakness, serving herself at the expense of others. If she asks for help, she will be offered re-education and her Karmic Debt will be forgiven.

What if she does not ask for re-education? What happens to her?

She will remain where she is, unable to move forward. It is much like a child being left behind in school. She will re-live the pain she caused others until she surrenders to the truth of her actions and asks for help.

Is that like Hell?

No she will remain with us, and be welcome back home, however, she will need to make amends and understand the depth of what she sewed. And she will experience all of the pain that she heaped on others, and that will be repeated to her until she understands, unless she requests re-education. Most choose not to endure the spiritual pain and humiliation of reliving their transgressions against other souls.

Is there a Hell?

No, there is only darkness. There is the light in which most of us live, then there is the darkness that houses the dark and evil energy that exists within the Universe.

Does our (human) negative energy contribute to that dark energy?

Yes. Just like positive energy combines and expands, so does negative energy. The more negative energy expelled by humans, the more powerful that source becomes. It is a constant battle. We do not willingly release souls to the darkness. They only go there when they refuse to return to us, this is when hatred takes over their soul. This is not the case with [name removed]. She is loving and kind in her heart, but she does not understand the repercussions of her words and actions on others. Her soul is weak and unwilling to do the work to grow spiritually, this is why she suffers emotionally and physically. Her body is sick because her spirit is weak and her Mental Fortitude is unable to rescue her spirit.


Your mind is the mental warrior that protects your spirit.

[end session]

Understanding Re-education

Sometimes a soul will hiccup by repeating bad behavior over several incarnations, which will lead to the need for re-education.

For example: if you fail to achieve your spiritual goals and extend Universal Benevolence toward others, or worse, your words and actions harm others and damage their core, causing them to suffer and work harder to achieve their own spiritual goals. I can assure you this: you will leave your current incarnation with Karmic Debt. For your next incarnation you will be tasked with making amends to mankind and achieving the insight that you lacked in your prior incarnation, which led to your Karmic Debt.

If a soul requests help and guidance, it shows an earnest desire to improve that soul can be offered re-education. If you are granted the privilege of re-education (not everyone is) you will be re-taught the spiritual lessons that eluded you in prior incarnations. Once your re-education is complete, your Karmic Debt is erased and your level of spiritual value in the Universe is increased.

Re-education is only the first step in making amends. You must go back to the point where you hiccupped in your spiritual evolution and begin the process of retribution against yourself. You are allowed to retain all of the lessons that you learned during incarnations that followed, however, you must make amends by correcting those ripple effects or fall out of relationships that suffered as a result of your actions. You will be presented with circumstances in your next incarnation that will help you achieve this. (Another example of how life happens for you, not to you.)

Once you complete this journey of reformation, your Karmic Debt is forgiven and you are freed. Your heart is lighter and you can move forward with your own spiritual growth and evolution.

More Conversation with my Spirit Guide

[begin session]

It seems like some people get away with treating others poorly and they seem to live a good life.

No soul “gets away” with anything. Every thought, action, and intention is recorded and reviewed.


Think of your mind, body, and spirit as a processing center, and every human encounter or experience as a package processing through, where it is registered in your soul and its contents held there for review.

But why do mean people get to live opulent lifestyles while good people struggle to feed themselves?

Different situations are presented during an incarnation to help every soul grow. Some souls incarnate into life elements that are harsh in order to experience that aspect of life. Remember that you must incarnate as man, woman, and in every walk of life to evolve (spiritually).

What about people who murder or kidnap and sell children into slavery?

These are not our souls. These are souls consumed with darkness, and we have no control over them, they have left the light for darkness.

Any act of hatred is a serious offense against your own spirit. You know that.

Yes, but what about someone who feels hatred towards someone in reaction to an offense or act of hatred shown to them?

I think you mean (to ask), is it okay to get mad at someone if they lash out at you or hurt you.

Well that’s kind of what I mean, I was leading to the consumption of a soul that is unable to break free.

That is why any act of hatred must be forgiven, and you must always remove yourself from toxic relationships or environments.

Let’s go back to: is it okay to get angry with someone.

Of course. If you do not experience anger, you cannot experience forgiveness. And forgiveness is a wonderful experience of spiritual release, development and growth.

What is the release for Dishonor?

It is making amends and asking for forgiveness. You must make amends to the Universe when you dishonor another soul. You must repair the damage done by the Karmic Ripple you set in motion. Asking for forgiveness is a show of respect for the person you offended, but until you make amends your spirit will remain in a state of unrest, and guilt will make itself present in your daily life. Guilt will clutter your thinking and effect your logic. Your Intuitive Voice will become diminished.

[end session]


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