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Conversations with a Spirit Guide - Understanding Judgment

Updated on June 29, 2014

It is important to understand that Judgment is a spiritual burden that you place on yourself. Much like other spiritual burdens, such as hatred and deceit, Judgment separates us and we are here to support each other.

If young people would listen to their Intuitive Voice and believe in the remarkable potential that lies within each of them, they would achieve the confidence necessary to eliminate judgmental thoughts and embrace who they are, as well as those around them.

Why we Judge others

We judge others for the same reason that we judge ourselves: insecurity. Insecurity is a manifestation of fear that can present itself in two types of judging behavior: self-judgment and the judgment of others.

When you choose to embrace your insecurities, you are choosing to stifle your Intuitive Voice, your Spiritual Self, and any chance of spiritual growth, which is your main reason for incarnating. Why on earth would you impose such hardship on yourself?

You can only accurately judge someone if you know their whole truth, and you cannot possibly know the full truth about someone else unless you can magically become them and walk in their shoes. And since that is impossible, your judgment is based on assumption, and therefore invalid. So before you judge someone based on their actions and words (or far worse – hearsay) consider this: you have no idea what life experiences that person has encountered, nor can you be privy to any emotional or spiritual struggle they may be dealing with. So do not demean your Spiritual Self or inflict your own insecurities on others, which is a far worse spiritual offense.

A conversation with my spirit guide

If you would like to connect with your Spirit Guide, follow the instructions in my hub: Connecting with your Spirit Guide. My comments are in boldface type.

[begin session] Judging others is the largest challenge that young people face. They need to feel confident in who they are. They need to embrace who they are as well as those around them.

When you fail to accept others, you choose to embrace rejection, which is a crime against your spirit as well as the spirit you are rejecting. Especially if it is a stranger.

Why is it worse to reject a stranger versus someone you know?

Because the stranger could not possibly have offended you. Often your insecurities lead you to look for reasons to reject others. This way you do not have to open yourself up to ridicule. You do not have to prove to another person that you are worthy of their acceptance or praise. But when you do this, you are assuming that they are going to form a negative opinion of you. This is your insecurity ruling your life.

What makes us (humans) insecure?

Life, your inability to handle the challenges life presents you with. As you struggle, you self-judge and reevaluate your self-worth. Once you diminish how you see yourself, you often become that diminished person. Once you find the strength to reject that opinion you will reclaim your true self and become the person you were born to be.

How can we avoid it?

Reflect back on the challenging event and see what lessons you can take from the experience. When you do this, your spirit becomes stronger and wiser, which makes it more difficult for you to diminish yourself in your own eyes because your Intuitive Voice will fight your negative thoughts.

What is pettiness to you?

Not caring about others and how your words and actions affect them. Living your life for yourself and wrapping your emotions and values around your insecurities. It is a controlling aspect of living a fearful life. Fearful people are petty people, who are actually weaker souls who need help understanding the true blessings in life.

There is conflict in their core because they are not embracing their full spiritual potential. This is constant turmoil for them, which increases their level of self-doubt and even self-loathing. The easiest way to comfort themselves is to disgrace others. Each allegation or character assault is soothing to them. It feeds their emptiness inside.

The longer they do this, the further they move away from who they were born to be and become trapped in a cycle of abuse towards others as well as themselves. Many do not realize what they have done, and those who do have no idea how to escape. Write that and you will help many people.

Okay, how do they escape?

Face their fears. Acknowledge that they have strayed from their path and start opening communication with what you call their Spiritual Self. It still resides within them, and even though it is dormant, it will easily awaken. Like a Kundalini awakening, reconnecting with your Spiritual Self can be a profound experience. Some humans weep uncontrollably once the joy of self-appreciation and the love associated with it comes flooding into their core and out through their chakras.

Should they meditate?

Meditation is too much to expect from a soul in this condition. They should let the joy and bliss of their spirit fill them up. Mentorship can be a valuable tool during this time so clergy or a spiritual advisor would be beneficial, but if that is not a possibility, the reassurance of friends and loved ones can work wonders, because the positive energy from those exchanges will help to heal the core and rejuvenate the spirit.

Once someone overcomes their fears of being accepted or judged, they become free to live a spiritual life. Those who have the spiritual strength to withstand the judgment of others and maintain a clear focus on their spiritual worth, growth, and Life Mission are advanced souls. Most souls stumble and fall, but if they believe in their spiritual truth and acknowledge who they were designed to be, they will rise up and embrace the world around them and inspire others to do the same.

These are the true leaders of the world. Those who cannot be knocked down and stay down. Your true spiritual leaders will rise up to inspire again because their souls will not allow them to do anything else.

Some people may not know that they are being petty, how can they evaluate their “petty factor”?

Ask yourself, “When was the last time that I did something for someone that I did not want to do, and not resent it afterwards?” If you felt joy after helping someone, you are not being petty. If you resent helping others or struggle to rejoice over the happiness or accomplishments of others, or criticize others for anything, you are being petty.

You are all born to inspire one another, and your ability to inspire others is a gift that you bring into every incarnation. But when people become damaged, they hold on to the hurt and allow it to diminish their spiritual glow. This is sad because it is unnecessary and they are denying the world their beauty as well as their ability to fully recognize and be inspired by the world around them.

We have done a very good job of giving mankind everything that they need to nourish and heal their bodies, and inspire and rejuvenate their mind and spirit. We do not understand why so many of you turn away from the gifts we have provided to you. [end session]

Understanding judgmental people

If you are dealing with a judgmental person in your life, it is important that you acknowledge that Judgmental people are damaged who most-likely created the damage themselves through their own self-judgment and insecurity. They usually place a high expectation on themselves as achievers and are very hard on themselves when they fall short of their expectations.

Judgmental people assume the worst of others and then allow their internal process of judgment to make it a reality in their mind, therefore validating their need to judge others in order to soothe their internal struggles.

Your Spiritual Self would never put someone down, because your Spiritual Self is designed to lift people up and help whenever and wherever you can, so when you choose to judge someone you are choosing to disrespect your Spiritual Self, and that is a crime against the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

Rise up

Embrace who you are as well as those around you. Everyone is born with a purpose. We all come here to achieve spiritual growth and that can only happen through extending ourselves to others in a benevolent nature.

We are all equal and deserving of the same opportunity and respect. Some of us choose to take a harder path to our Life Mission than others because we want to achieve a deeper respect for the blessings in life, as presented through the Polarity of Life.

Be who you were born to be, and never let the harsh words of other influence how you see yourself, for if you allow this to happen, only you will suffer. Respect the beautiful soul that you were born to be. Let that opinion and beauty guide your life, and dismiss the judgment of others, who do not – and cannot – possibly know who you are inside, because only you can visit your core - where your true essence lives.

Live a life true to your Spiritual Self and you will never feel the need to judge others. You will never need to lift yourself up by putting others down because your Spiritual Self will keep you lifted up so that judgment is replaced with compassion and understanding, and you will reap the rewards of positive Karma as you share your beauty with those around you.


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