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Red Coral: The Gemstone of Valour and Victory

Updated on June 13, 2016

Red Coral: An Introduction

Red Coral (Moonga) is a very strong gemstone that infuses in its wearer attributes like courage, strength, energy, discipline, muscle power, and lots of action. This can prove to be life changing to those, who are into professions like military, police, sports, martial arts, body building, and even those who have an unknown fear from the enemies or even evil spirits. This is good for those also who are into real estate business or construction work.

Red Coral
Red Coral | Source

Who Can Wear a Coral

Red Coral is the birthstone of Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Vrishchik) sun signs, however natives of other sun signs can also wear it depending on the recommendation of an expert astrologer. No matter whatsoever is your sun sign but if you are feeling down due to the lack of soldierly abilities or sportsman spirit, it would be a wise decision for you to ask your astrologer if you could be benefited from Red Coral. If it suits you, it will change your life.

Mars is known to the be Military General (Senapati) of all planets and as Red Coral strengthens the positive traits of Mars in a native, it makes one successful in ventures that require soldierly qualities and sportsmen spirit.

If we call Ruby as the "King of Gemstones" then it won't be wrong to call Red Coral as the "General of Gems."

Mars (Mangal) is also known as the "patron of land" (bhoomi karak) hence it is of immense value for those who are into the profession of real estate and construction. It is also good for those who are undergoing any land related disputes.

Medically it is good for blood related functions of the body. It controls diseases like blood pressure, hemoglobin disorders, piles, and menstruation disorders.

Which Red Coral Should You Wear

For astrological purpose, Red Italian Corals are considered to be the best. You should wear 1 carat of coral for every 12 Kg of your body weight. For example if your body weight is 72 Kg you should wear 6 cart of coral. It should be orange to deep red in colour. It should be free from stains, spots. They should not have undergone any kind of chemical or heat treatment.

How to Wear a Red Coral

One should wear a Red Coral on a Tuesday of waxing moon (Shukla paksha) before 11 AM. It is best to wear it in a silver ring. Alternately it can be worn in gold or panchdhatu (five metals) also. Right handed people should wear it in the ring finger of their right hand and left handed people should wear it in the ring finger of their left hand.

Substitute of Red Coral

If you can not wear Red Coral due to financial or any other reasons then you can wear Red Carnelian. This will also give good results and elevate you to a position where you can afford a Red Coral.

What if You Are Already Wearing a Coral And it is Not Working

If you are already wearing a coral and it is not giving good results then following may the causes;

1. You have not worn it after consulting with an expert astrologer.

2. Your Red Coral is not authentic.

3. A very interesting reason is that if you are wearing a Red Coral and meanwhile you are wearing red shoes or socks or any garment of red colour in the lower half of your body, your Red Coral will give either partial results or no results at all. This is like pulling a bullock cart from two sides in two opposite directions. Red is the colour of Mars as well as lord Hanuman and thus red colour is considered to be a very revered colour in astrology. Even if you are not wearing a Red Coral, you must abstain yourself of wearing red colour in the lower half of your body.

4. If you are wearing a Red Coral and Meanwhile using rugs or carpets of red colour in youe house or workplace, again your Red Coral will not give appropriate results.

5. And one more interesting reason is that if you are wearing a Red Coral and meanwhile having a water source in the south direction of your house, your red coral will give partial results only. This is because astrologically the direction of Mars is South and Mars manifests Fire element. So in case you are having a water source in the south direction of your house then it will minimize the effects of Fire element. If this is the case then you should try and correct the situation. If it is not possible due to architectural or other reasons then you can apply following remedies:

a. Decorate the south interiors of your house in red colour.

b. Place a red bulb on the south side of your house.

c. Place Red Carnelian Stones in the south side of your house.

Check out above points and apply the necessary remedies, your Red Coral will start giving results as desired.

How to Purchase an Authentic Red Coral

It is always advisable to purchase a Red Coral from a leading vendor who can give you proper "Certificate of Authenticity." Meanwhile there are some leading Vendors who give you a money back guarantee for any authenticity related issues. So take utmost care about authenticity while purchasing a Red Coral. Usually the big and leading brands in the industry take proper care about the authenticity of Gemstones to maintain their reputation and goodwill in the market.

Hope this gives you a good insight into the subject, even if you have any queries, you are welcome to put forward the same through the comment box, it would be my pleasure to answer your queries.


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