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Cosmic Ordering Made Easy

Updated on February 1, 2013

Vision Board

Vision Board
Vision Board

believing in you

The question has occurred to me recently - Why is it easier for people to cosmically order things or objects instead of money? I have also read that in the future we will need to learn to live in different ways, so cosmic ordering will become quicker and easier for everyone as the knowledge of how to ask becomes more widely available. So basically, many more people will then understand the way it all works and manifestations will be happening thick and fast! It is also important to remember that through manifesting or attracting a new job or a new opportunity, it has a strong chance of improving our circumstances. Remember you are not your circumstances and you can literally thinking yourself out of negativity by adopting a more positive attitude as you are a unique and special soul who has both power and control over your life. You are the best person to bring abundance and joy into your life but you have to believe in you.


1. Use a journal to write down what or who you would like to cosmic order. When it comes to romance, write a detailed description of the man or woman you are looking for. Write down what is important to you not what you feel your mother would like or a friend. Be as honest and open and in reality as possible.

2. If you find it hard to get your head around cosmic ordering try something small. I have received a number of things over the years, but I wanted to see if I could do it really quickly so I challenged myself to find a second hand sewing machine in a day. It worked!

a) I firmly believed it was there and I didn't give up

b) I set a price in my mind that I wanted to pay a maximum and I didn't waiver.

c) I talked about it as if I was going to receive it. (positive expectation)

3. Manifestation works through the earth plane. Money growing on trees is symbolic of this as money and manifestation only comes along through our being rooted to the ground. Meditate, go on long walks, stamp your feet on the ground and visualise roots growing from your feet and going deep into the centre of the earth. Use grounding crystals such as haematite and boji stones, anything to keep your feet grounded.

So after making the decision I went into the local town to hunt out the second hand sewing machine. I was drawn to a charity shop that looked like it might have had the sort of thing in the window but certainly didn't have any at the time of looking. However, I did still know and believe it was there so I didn't give up but chatted to the staff instead about what I wished for. This was the first and only charity shop I had gone to as I felt very drawn there and so in a sense I was just following my intuition big time. The lady said they hadn't had any in for a while but they did sometimes get them. I went on to talk about what I wanted the machine for. She suddenly said "actually the other lady who works here who is back in a while has a sewing machine for sale. If you want to come back at the end of her lunch hour and see her she might be able to help you."

I came back to the shop an hour later to chat to her. She said "You can have the machine for £10.00 can you come and collect it tonight. It is very old and still works perfectly I was going to put it on eBay but decided not to bother.

That evening I went to collect the machine. It worked perfectly and it had all sorts of spares, a peddle and the original book. It was a dream.

My friend Caroline has manifested another food mixer exactly the same as the one which got broken. Another friend of mine Harry receives things all the time and his house is full of manifested furniture and fantastic things that have appeared from no-where some new and some second hand but nevertheless absolutely perfect. Harry gives a lot of his time for free and helps people an awful lot by not charging for his work but he certainly is rewarded in many other ways, as he never goes without! If every now and again, we give time and love to others without expecting in return you will be surprised at how things come back to us tenfold.

Use a vision board. Any board will do. One of those cheap cork notice boards are good so that you can pin up your favourite pictures of the things that you would light to order. It doesn't have to be in any particular sequence but it certainly helps to put a clear picture of our desires out to the cosmos! Cut pictures from old magazines or holiday brochures and go for it. Keep the board in a prominent place so that you can look at it and remind yourself that "it's on its way!"

Here is mine, I don't mind sharing if it helps!

Love and happy wishing:-

Has cosmic ordering worked for you?

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    • Jennifer Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Lynch 

      6 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      I wanted a sewing machine for no more than £20 as at the time that is all I had available to spend and a machine costing £10 appeared in the charity shop. My friend Caroline received these things at very little cost at some car boot or garage sale but she had intended buying them - until they appeared for her at that time. Cosmic ordering often means that you have to trust that things will come when you least expect.

    • Jennifer Lynch profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Lynch 

      6 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Hi Audrey thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, I agree with you and please share information on cosmic ordering because I feel that this is the way forward for people. We may well be living in a cashless society sometime in the future so it is essential that we change our mindset and start embracing what is possible! It does involve a huge amount of surrender and letting go which for some people is not always easy and I myself have had problems with it in the past until I started to trust the process of life.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Hi Jennifer - The first thing I would do is to completely delete the above comment. She just doesn't get it :)

      Now ~ thank you for your marvelous, positive hub on Cosmic Ordering. I haven't heard this term before but it certainly fits to a "T",

      I have manifested almost all the good in my life (and its been a long one, I'm blessed to say.) We all have the ability to do this and with the information you've provided for us it's time we all incorporate this.

      I could share so many stories of how cosmic ordering works. So glad to have met you here on hubpages and eager to read more by you.

      Voted Up, useful, awesome, beautiful and sharing.

      Walk in the light ~


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      so from I understand (reading about sewing machine and other equipment) that you can order anything, but you DO have to pay for it.

      I mean you wanted to buy a machine, not just receive it.

      so would it work if you just wanted to receive it? and your friend Caroline and her food mixer. Did she ordered it by this cosmic ordering and then went to a shop and bought it? this seems to be a completely different thing and I thought it was


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