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Could Aliens and UFOs be Nothing More Than Our Future?

Updated on October 3, 2011

Campfire conversations last night centered on the possible existence of UFOs and aliens.  I sat back petting my dog, Charlie and listened to the arguments presented.  I’d like to have added to the conversation but I have never to my knowledge seen UFOs or met an alien from some far off distant planet.

Dave and Jeannie had just arrived to the RV Park traveling west from Florida.  Both were in their early seventies.  Janet was a full timer, like me who lived in an older motorhome and earned money following craft shows around the country and selling her oil paintings.   Smitty and Paul; significants, were traveling in a rented RV headed to California for a life changing experience according to Smitty.   

The more I listened, the more I wondered how much the alcohol that was being consumed was contributing to the observations and conversations.  Since I no longer partook, it was easier to see the effects of alcohol on other people. 

The common consensus was that aliens and UFOs do indeed exist.  Just sitting in the darkness lit only by the glowing campfire embers, the stars above were brilliant and shone with intensity like I’ve never seen before.  I thought about that tree deep in a forest that fell making men of science inquire if it made a noise.  Is there really life on another planet in another galaxy light years away? 

Dave was a scientist.  He presented some interesting facts and figures—true or not—against the group’s overall consensus.  Basing his ideology on other astrophysical studies he said that there were hundreds of unverified alien encounters every year since the beginning of WWII.  Perhaps the numbers are higher, perhaps not.  Using his figures, people have reported seeing an alien over 20,000 times in the last 67 or 68 years.

He continued with this observation, “How intelligent would an alien life form be that needed 20,000 visits to Earth to conclude its scientific exploration?”  And he made a good point.  We certainly don’t have any reason to return to the moon and we have rovers and satellites collecting data instead of risking human life in that chore.  Why would an intelligent being from another solar system be any less productive?

I glanced over at Smitty who looked perturbed.  I think he really wanted to believe in aliens.  He was different, had always been different.  I guess he was hoping for something more different to make him more comfortable with his personal lifestyle he was still learning to accept.  He spoke up in his timid voice and said, “Explain how unopened tombs and pyramids were found to have drawings of aircraft drawn on the walls apparently by people who existed hundreds of years before DaVinci’s theory of flight.”

Dave said that was a different subject altogether and tried to take back the conversation.  Janet was the one that spoke up and offered her two cents worth.  She believes aliens are us.  She compared the common alien sighting to the evolution of man.  Most of the reports state encounters with aliens reveal them to be very similar to humans…two arms, two legs, two eyes.  Their heads are larger she continued because of the advancement of intelligence and the need for more headroom so to speak.  I think she was on to something.  Or she was on something.

As the night began to cool and the embers began to wane, I excused myself.  Walking back in the night air with Charlie at my side, I looked to the heavens and watched a shooting star disappear into black.  Could it be possible?  Could it be we would someday look like those grey bodied aliens like the ones in the Roswell, NM UFO museum?  That would explain a lot, I guess…if we also had discovered a way to go back in time.

But if that were the case, how come no one from the future has come to warn us about the stupid things we’ve done to our planet?  No one has warned us about what’s to come?  I looked back to see the group still by the glowing embers laughing and having a good old time.  I went into my motorhome and contemplated my future.


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