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Could I be Psychic?

Updated on November 19, 2014

Have you ever asked yourself, "Could I be Psychic?" I have. Since I was a little girl. I remember always feeling different, being able to look at myself in the mirror and realize "I am not my face, nor my freckles, nor my body. I am energy" I had that thought when I was 9 years old. I will never forget that moment, while staring at my face in my Grandmothers bathroom.

When I was a little girl, we lived in a house in Puerto Rico, by a river. My parents told me that I had an imaginary friend with whom I would go out and play with, always at the same time. One day, my dad asked me, "What is your friend's name?" he said I looked at him and answered, "Pepe, his name is Pepe". My dad said that he froze. I was 4 years old at the time, so I did not realize that I had never met my Grandfather, who's nickname was Pepe, and died when my dad was 8 years old. I didn't know anything about him at that time, not even his name. All I knew is that he was a fun person to play with and he would meet me in the same spot, every afternoon, around the same time.

One day my mom brought a family friend, who was a psychic, to see if she sensed anything. My mom has always been a believer in the paranormal, because she has had experiences, but my dad, as a journalist, was a very skeptical person. Until this day.She confirmed, without knowing anything about my dads family history, that I was in fact playing with a family member that had passed on, years before.

So many different Psychic Categories

After this, I have never experienced anything as clear as that. but I do experience rare things here and there. For example, I know as soon as I meet someone, if I like them or not, because I sense what I like to call their vibes. Sometimes, I can walk into a place, and feel someone there, and many times, I get a name in my mind, but I stay quiet, because I don't want anyone thinking I am crazy. Its little things like that, that make me wonder.

I have read a lot of books, and articles about this gift, and I cant seem to fit in any "category". For example, I am not clairvoyant because I cant read minds. I cant read the future, but I know how to use the tarot cards with myself and people that I am close with, and always get the same "how did you do that?" reaction.

I have gotten more curious

I have gotten more curious as I have gotten older, but now that I have children, I am drawn to it, but keep my distance, because I don't want to dabble. One thing Is certain, I believe that we are all born with incredible senses and special gifts, some of us grow out of them, some of us become more knowledgeable, and some of us remain curious, still feeling them, like me, always wondering, Am I psychic??


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