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Covering Old Town With Prayer

Updated on July 7, 2015
God loves Old Town and he also loves your city.
God loves Old Town and he also loves your city.

I’m going to do something that Hubpages recommends that we don’t do. That is write about something that I have started today and plan to do for the summer. I’m planning on prayer walking every street in the City of Old Town, Maine. I’m doing this because I want revival to come to Old Town. Why Old Town? Because that is where I live.

We as Christians get our marching orders from Jesus himself. I'd like to point your attention to Acts 1:8. We are told to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Samaria, Judea, and to the ends of the world. When I think of it in my context, I’m called to be a witness in Old Town, Maine; the rest of Maine; the United States; and around the world. Since I know that every major revival and mission movement started with prayer, I’m going to pray for revival first here in Old Town, than Maine, New England, etc. My hope is that others will join me in prayer for this.

Praying for Maine, then New England, than the world

Let’s talk about some of those prayer movements that preceded revivals and mission movements:

  • New York Revival: Jeremiah Lanphier started a weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 1857 for business men in the city. Every week, the attendance increased. They felt the need to have the meetings daily and even more started to come. The next thing they knew were people came because they felt conviction for their sins. These meetings saw over 10,000 people coming, many being saved, and this was by November of that year. This was repeated in many places around the country, starting the second great awakening.

  • The Welsh Revival: In 1904 Evan Roberts was woken up by God at 1:00am and Evan would pray until 5:00am. This lead to many people coming to prayer meetings and 100,000 people being saved.

  • Haystack Prayer Meeting: Back in August 1806 five Williams College students got to together to talk about the spiritual welfare of the people of Asia and they started to pray. Four years later, a board was formed and they sent missionaries around Asia. Schools and hospitals were built and the Bible translated into native languages. Some organizations that claim a link to this prayer meeting are InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Student Volunteer Movement, United Church of Christ, the Luke 18 project, and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

  • 100 Year Prayer Meeting: The Moravian Community started round the clock praying in 1727. This lasted over 100 years. After 65 years, they had sent 300 missionaries around the world. What an answer to prayer!

  • Bangor, Ireland: This prayer meeting started in AD 555 and went on for several hundred years. This was a jumping off point for missionary activity across Europe. A third of the town would be praying at a time, including throughout the night. The only thing that stopped this prayer movement was the Vikings wiping out the town. (Aside note, Bangor, Maine is named after this city).

  • Acts: While the disciples waited for the Holy Spirit to come, they prayed. On the day of Pentecost,3,000 became believers.

  • What are prayer movements that you know of that started a revival or a missions movement?

So, why am I sharing all of this? My hope with this blog will encourage you to get out there and "in there", pressing in to your private prayer closet and and ask God to bring revival again, first to you and then to this country. My prayer walking of the streets in Old Town is my attempt to start a prayer movement. I might even share my thoughts and impressions about how to start a prayer movement along the way. Assuming that Hubpages will allow it. :)

As an Old Jesus Freak has said many times to me, get out there and pray, pray, and pray! Especially pray for revival and start your own prayer movement.

Will you join me in praying for revival?

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How will you start praying for revival?

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