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Covid-19 Exposes Prosperity Gospel Doctrine as False

Updated on April 27, 2020

2020 the Year of Clear Vision and Double Blessing

My Facebook newsfeed was filled with posts in January saying 2020 was the year of clear visions and double blessings. There were a number of prophetic people who said this was not true and that God was going to allow some bad things to take place. 2020 vision would have revealed that the Lord is not pleased with the state of the body of Christ, yet preachers continued to say this was the year of due season. While it is true that some people may not experience extreme loss, or get the coronavirus, this has not been true across the board for Christians. Believers in Christ have succumbed to the pandemic or watched their loved ones die. Business have shut down, schools closed and medical personnel are overwhelmed. The complete opposite of what was prophesied took place and yet there are many who still don't get it. There may be someone whose finances take a turn and they end up with double what they had earlier in the year but this is not going to happen to everyone.

Exalting the preacher

In certain denominations within the Christian church, there is an extreme emphasis on exalting the spiritual leaders. This is especially true regarding Bishops. Many church members are taught that when a Bishop walks into room to stand up. I heard one pastor say you should never give a Bishop a card unless money is in it. I have listened to people get excited and exclaim that they no longer have a pastor, but a Bishop. This gives the impression that there is some type of power within the title. Unfortunately, what we are seeing during the Covid-19 pandemic is that a lot of pastors, specifically Bishops are dying from coronavirus. One article said that 30 pastors and Bishops within the Church of God in Christ denomination had passed away because of coronavirus. This is very sad and my prayers are with the grieving who are left behind but it reveals something serious. If gaining titles indicated that a minister was walking closer to the Lord and had more of His power, favor, grace protection and mercy, then the title would be protecting these individuals but it is not. This is why we exalt Jesus and not preachers or their titles because Covid-19 is not respecting titles. It is taking out spiritual leaders and the greater point is that God is allowing it. I have been in churches where you are told that your leader is your link to the Lord and people almost seem to worship their pastors. Prosperity teachers emphasize that giving money to your pastor will please the Lord and He will bless you financially. Christians are told to exalt preachers yet the Lord is allowing them to perish.

Christ is our covering

The fact that the pastors and Bishops are dying from the pandemic brings up another issue. Prosperity preachers say you must be in the right church with the right spiritual covering in order to be aligned for prosperity. They say that you cannot go where your pastor has not gone first. This is to manipulate the people to give extra and make the pastor a millionaire so that the anointing for prosperity will come upon those who give. If indeed a pastor is necessary before one can get where they need to be with the Lord, then why do churches and their members survive when preachers die? My husband and I both grew up in Baptist churches with older pastors. Both of these men of God died in their 80's and both churches were left without a shepherd for about two years. During that time the members continued to hold services and no tragedies took place. If a pastor was necessary for God to protect you then every church that has been without a shepherd would be in trouble. Christ is our covering and we connect to Him through His Holy Spirit. Again no disrespect or judgment is intended but only to expose misinformation. If the titles mattered, the preachers who perished would still be here and Christians without a shepherd would be dying.

Tithing is not a cure all

The blessings and curses of Malachai chapter 3:8-10 was directed at the priest who were not doing right with the people's tithes. Prosperity preachers emphasize this scripture and guarantee that tithers will be blessed even when others suffer. If there is anyone that believed this, the pandemic is showing it is not true. Tithers lost jobs just like everyone else if they worked for a company affected by COVID-19. Tithers are trying to feed their families, pay their bills, filing for unemployment, and going to food pantries just like others. God is not supernaturally sending manna from heaven and supplying every need. In the midst, there are preachers asking church members to donate their stimulus checks so that music ministers can get paid and church needs will be met. They teach that tithing will ensure every need is met but now they are begging for help. If the Lord was blessing as they promise then all tithers would have abundance and the church should have money in reserve to pay any staff during the sheltering in place.

Your job is your source

Prosperity preachers teach that your job is seed money and that God is your source. If this were true, then anyone who lost a job would have another source of income immediately to continue to live as they have been accustomed. A doctor who is an atheist will always make more money than a spirit-filled, tongue talking tithing nurse assistant. Your job is your source of income and some jobs pay better than others. It has nothing to do with faith. People are hurting right now and wondering why they are struggling. Many are probably wondering what they did wrong to keep the "blessings" from flowing. You have done nothing wrong except believe a false message. The Lord did not send the coronavirus but He allowed it and through it is revealing the misconceptions that are being taught in many churches.

Believers should thank the Lord for everything but if you say the income from your job is God blessing you will you say He is cruising you should you be laid off and lose a home or vehicle? Many American Christians believed they had favor because they had good jobs, but now are unemployed. They are seeing first hand what others have always known.


Those who know the truth should be like John the Baptist and cry loud and spare not so others can be informed. Let us recap what has been promised and what has taken place.

1. Tithers are exempt from what happens to others

Tithers are dying of Covid-19 and losing their jobs.

2. You need a shepherd to cover you so God will protect you

The shepherds are dying and cant protect themselves

3.Your job is not your source

People losing jobs are not seeing money fall from heaven

4. Exalt the preacher/Bishop to get a blessing from heaven

Churches survive without pastors and members are not cursed.

5. 2020 vision double blessings

The people did not see the pandemic coming and the entire world is experiencing a financial crisis.

He is speaking through this pandemic and I pray many are listening. We all are in our personal seasons and some are doing good right now. I know a homeless man who just got an apartment and purchased a new vehicle. There is no one size fits all and everybody about to get their blessing,

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston


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