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The Coyne Helicopter UFO Indecent - One of the Best UFO Sightings by Pilots

Updated on October 31, 2019

We all know that over the years, there have been thousands upon thousands of UFO sightings. Out of all these sightings and cases, there are a few that really stand out. But, for me, military and pilot sightings are the most interesting. There have been many military and pilot UFO cases over the years, with many of them unexplained to this day. This makes me think that governments are more interested in the UFO subject than they make out. When you have convincing military and pilot cases involving more than one witness, then they must be looking into this subject behind very closed doors.

The Coyne helicopter UFO incident happened on October 18, 1973, around 10.30 PM. The helicopter was a U1-1H of the United States Army Reserve. The flight had a crew of four. In command was Captain Lawrence J. Coyne. Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi. Sergeant John Healey, and Robert Yanacsek, Things were going well until Healey noticed a single red light off to the west, flying south. The light was strange because it was much brighter than a standard aircraft port-wing light, but he did not mention this to the others because it was not relevant traffic, or so he thought. A moment later, Yanacsek noted a single red light on the south-east horizon. Again, he did not think much of it. He watched it for a minute before telling Coyne. Coyne told Yanacsek to keep an eye on it.

Yanacsek announced that the light had turned toward the helicopter and appeared to be on a collision flight path. Now, the sighting turned from a distant light in the sky, to a light that was heading towards their helicopter. Coyne put the UH-1H into a powered descent. Coyne was not thinking about a UFO, but just trying to avoid a collision. Coyne did make radio contact with Mansfield control tower, but the radio contact failed. Now, they were on their own,

The red light was getting closer and closer, and increased greatly in intensity. All Coyne could do, was increase his rate of descent. At that moment, they all must have feared for their lives, but the unknown light halted and hovered above and in front of the helicopter. They said it was cigar shaped, and slightly domed.The colour was like a grey metallic looking structure, and was clearly visible .Yanacsek said he thought he could see windows along the top dome section. By now, they knew that this was not a normal aircraft, and they had never seen anything like this. A green beam came out of the object, and the cockpit was enveloped in green light. After a moment the object began to accelerate away. What known flying object does this? And what was the green beam? could it be that the object was scanning them? The sighting left them all in shock, but they managed to get to their destination.

What makes this case even more extraordinary, was the fact that there were ground witnesses to this event. Five people in a car were attracted to a single steady bright red light. They watched the light for a moment, until it disappeared over some trees. About five minutes later, they saw two bright lights, red and green, They said the red light seemed to be leading. Thinking that this was very strange, they decided to pull over to get a better look.The lights slowed and moved as a unit. They then became aware of another group of lights, some of these flashing. Two of the witnesses jumped from the car and saw the helicopter and the object, which they described as like a blimp, and as big as a school bus, and sort of pear shaped.The object assumed a hovering position over the helicopter. This is where the witnesses saw the green beam light up the helicopter. Not just the helicopter, but the trees, the road and also the car. When they saw this, they were all freaked out and scared, so they all got back into the car and got out of there as quickly as they could.

Everything they saw, fitted with what the crewmen saw, and this is what makes this case stand out. Now, I am not saying that this was an alien space craft, but it was defiantly something that uses technology we know little about. Could it be a secret military craft? Of course, you can not rule anything out. But you have to ask yourself, if a lot of these UFOS are government black projects, then they are hiding advanced technology that could benefit all of us.The problem is, as with most technology, its always how future technology can benefit the military first, and then how it can benefit the world later.

Now, as with a lot of UFO cases, especially the good cases, De-bunkers will come out in force and tell the witnesses what they really saw. This case, is sadly no different. UFO skeptic Philip Klass, was one of the most well known, and if I am honest, one of the worst De-bunkers of his time. Klass believed that the object was a fireball. As always, he completely ignores the witness testimony, and comes to his own conclusion.This explanation does not hold water because the duration of the sighting was more than three minutes. Also, the way the object moved and hovered and accelerated, and fireballs, of course, do not do that. Also, the shape of the object was clearly seen by the witnesses, in the helicopter, and the witnesses on the ground. The fireball theory to be honest, sounds rather silly, but some people can't admit that something is unexplained, so they will throw every explanation out there, not matter how stupid it sounds. To me, it's arrogance and ignorance.

To this day, this case has stayed unexplained. It is one of the best UFO cases out there, but just one of many military/pilot cases that remain unexplained.


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